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  1. Thank you very much again to you three. I guess I must have totally deleted the tracks somehow and that they have been overwritten. I couldn't get the CWAF utility to work but I used a "file finder" to look on both drives (C and ) to see if they remaindered. I didn't see them. I'm not sure that I named them yet, they were listed as track #s only on the track page of Cakewalk but I almost always name them, regardless.. I then went to the recycle bin and looked in the date range where I saw when I created the project but there were no items there, either. I guess I must have DELETED them all somehow (for the LIFE of me I can't figure out HOW, but they are gone. What I DON'T get is that when I load the project it LOOKS as though the files are actually LOADING but the nothing comes UP. THAT, I simply cannot explain. Thanks again!
  2. I wish to thank both of you. I make it a habit to store both the project and bundle files in the same folder, in the subfolder with the individual song. I have NO idea what HAPPENED this particular time. I saw that SOMEHOW, I had the SAME project listed on my C drive in addition to where I NORMALLY have my Cakewalk files on my F drive. But the files seemed to be LOADING when I opened the project but they failed to appear using EITHER drive. It's odd. I'll try the CWAF utility now and I'll come back to let you, and any others who may someday have the same problem if this provided a solutio. Thank you!
  3. I spent a CONSIDERABLE amount of time recording vocal tracks and instrument tracks in a project. When I LOAD the project the tracks are left LANK. If I go to BUNDLE mode it appears to be LOADING them but when the screen comes up they are STILL missing. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
  4. Thank you; I will try that and get back to you this evening so others may also know that, if they have a similar problem, they will know what to do!
  5. I used to be able to go into a MIDI event section in Sonar X3 by simply going to the "view" pulldown and choosing MIDI EVENTS. I see that this option no longer appears in CAkewalk. Can anyone tell me how I can bring this option up in Cakewalk? Thank you so much!
  6. Than you both for your kind replies; I sincerely appreciate them. I'm sorry that I seemed to have muddled the issue quite a bit. Please allow me to put it all into a much simpler format. I own the M-Audio and I WAS able to record a PURE vocal audio track while simultaneously listening to the MIDI file generated music after just plugging my mike into the unit. NOW, when I use the same exact method BUT with the VT-4 I can only produce an audio track that ALSO contains the audio from the MUSIC tracks.
  7. I would SO sincerely appreciate someone's help. I just got a Roland VT-4 voice transformer to add some effects to my vocals. Let me tell you what I already have and what I do, and have done for many years with no problems. First I boot up my M-Audio interface, the Fast Track Pro. It has a simple pre-amp. I then choose it under preferences in Sonar and route my MIDI tracks to the basic Cakewalk soft synth. While listening to the music I lay down the vocals on some audio tracks. Then I shut off the M-Audio and go back to preferences. I choose ASIO. At THIS point I can mix the vocals on the recorded track(s) and the audio that was generated by the MIDI tracks onto a brand new audio track which forms the completed song. I have tried everything I know to do something similar with the Roland VT-4. It also has a pre-amp in it. When I try to lay down a VOCAL track while listening to the MIDI generated audio as illustrated previously, the new track (which I only want the VOCALS on) is a COMPOSITE of the vocals AND the MIDI generated music. If I shut the connection between the Cakewalk soft Synth then I only get the vocals laid down but obviously cannot hear the music! I have tried connecting the VT-4 to the M-Audio via dual 1/4 inch plugs but no dice (they just came today and I thought this would solve the problem) PLEASE tell me HOW I can listen to the MIDI generated music via the Cakewalk soft synth while recording a CLEAN vocal and NOT recording the output from the Cakewalk synth while STILL being able to LISTEN to it while I lay down the vocal. It seems like the ONLY solution is to use TWO computers, one t listen to the MIDI audio and one to record the vocal track! LOL PLEASE help me! Thank you so much! Sincerely, George
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