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  1. Thank you; I will try that and get back to you this evening so others may also know that, if they have a similar problem, they will know what to do!
  2. I used to be able to go into a MIDI event section in Sonar X3 by simply going to the "view" pulldown and choosing MIDI EVENTS. I see that this option no longer appears in CAkewalk. Can anyone tell me how I can bring this option up in Cakewalk? Thank you so much!
  3. Than you both for your kind replies; I sincerely appreciate them. I'm sorry that I seemed to have muddled the issue quite a bit. Please allow me to put it all into a much simpler format. I own the M-Audio and I WAS able to record a PURE vocal audio track while simultaneously listening to the MIDI file generated music after just plugging my mike into the unit. NOW, when I use the same exact method BUT with the VT-4 I can only produce an audio track that ALSO contains the audio from the MUSIC tracks.
  4. I would SO sincerely appreciate someone's help. I just got a Roland VT-4 voice transformer to add some effects to my vocals. Let me tell you what I already have and what I do, and have done for many years with no problems. First I boot up my M-Audio interface, the Fast Track Pro. It has a simple pre-amp. I then choose it under preferences in Sonar and route my MIDI tracks to the basic Cakewalk soft synth. While listening to the music I lay down the vocals on some audio tracks. Then I shut off the M-Audio and go back to preferences. I choose ASIO. At THIS point I can mix the vocals on the recorded track(s) and the audio that was generated by the MIDI tracks onto a brand new audio track which forms the completed song. I have tried everything I know to do something similar with the Roland VT-4. It also has a pre-amp in it. When I try to lay down a VOCAL track while listening to the MIDI generated audio as illustrated previously, the new track (which I only want the VOCALS on) is a COMPOSITE of the vocals AND the MIDI generated music. If I shut the connection between the Cakewalk soft Synth then I only get the vocals laid down but obviously cannot hear the music! I have tried connecting the VT-4 to the M-Audio via dual 1/4 inch plugs but no dice (they just came today and I thought this would solve the problem) PLEASE tell me HOW I can listen to the MIDI generated music via the Cakewalk soft synth while recording a CLEAN vocal and NOT recording the output from the Cakewalk synth while STILL being able to LISTEN to it while I lay down the vocal. It seems like the ONLY solution is to use TWO computers, one t listen to the MIDI audio and one to record the vocal track! LOL PLEASE help me! Thank you so much! Sincerely, George
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