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  1. I'm literally just trying to strum some chords. Theres no temp change. I'm having trouble simply strumming chords and NOT producing the scratching sounds. No tempo changes. I understand that but like I said, I was fairly happy with the sound it produces. The sound is fine when it lacks the scratching sound. Theres no reason you cant make any of those presets sound good in a mix. I sometimes use them as a starting point, sometimes I dont change a thing with them or sometimes I start from scratch and build my own sound. The problem isnt how to get the presets to sound good in my mix. They sound fine, theres simply a "glitch" if you will, that causes things to sound bad. Regarding the guitar volume, I'm unsure what exactly you mean. I'll say my volume knob on my guitar itself is all the way up, the output volume on TH3 turned down, well below clipping range and my audio interface (scarlett solo) has its gain turned down as well, below the point of clipping. I dont see an input gain knob anywhere. The amps I'm using do not have gain nobs. Thanks for the replies
  2. Hey ya'll, I have a couple of questions. First, I'm using TH3 and for a song I'm working on I'm using the "airy chords" preset which includes the digital delay and the spring reverb. The issue is that both while I'm playing and/or during playback, I get a scratch type of sound, as if the delay/reverb is kicking back in, so to speak. Almost as if I'm strumming the strings during a palm mute but the sound is far more harsh and impossible to ignore. I cant recreate it intentionally, it happens intermittently but its frequent enough to be a problem when just trying to record a single chord being strummed a few times. Single notes dont seem to be as much of an issue as I mostly notice it when chords, whether it be a full chord or 2 notes. I've tried creating a new track as I hoped TH3 was just bugged but the problem persists. Anyone have this experience or any ideas? Everything else seems to be working normally but then again I havent gone through all the presets and jammed w/ every one. Second question, is there a way to stop the sound effects immediately after recording? Or even after just playing...Delay sounds great until you stop and it just echos.....echos......echos.......echos....... and then you have to wait forever for it to stop before you can get a good listen to what you just recorded. Thanks
  3. I dont "HAVE" to upload to bandlab, I "WANT" to upload to bandlab. 1) I dont want a file of each version of a song on my phone. I also dont want to put it on there and delete it each time. 2) Using bandlab literally cuts out multiple steps that you suggested. I (normally) cant just hit export to bandlab and in a few minutes I can open up my bandlab app on my phone and its there. Generally by the time I get in my car, its already uploaded. I dont have to make an mp3, drag it to an app, drag it from that app to my phone, etc... On my bandlab app I have songs on there with like 15 versions stating from the first recording and you can go back and listen to that progress and change from when you started the project. I think thats a really cool feature. I know I can make mp3s, put them on my phone and make a youtube video (wtf?) . My point is that there is this feature in Cakewalk that clearly states "Export to bandlab" that does not seem to be working properly. A feature that I have used plenty of times but sometimes has this issue. Just like anyone else on this forum asking why this or that is not working properly. I just want to know if there is a possible fix for this that anyone knows about.
  4. So back in November of last year I had to stop playing guitar due to a wrist issue, but even then I remember this issue coming about and I have no idea why. I still cant play guitar but decided to load up cakewalk and fix a few drum parts of some songs I made, so I go in, make my drum changes (admittedly not much, but I changed the beat) and then like normal, I save and then export to bandlab. After it goes through its exporting process I get an error that pops up saying "No Project Changes Detected." It seems a little weird that I change a whole drum pattern for a section of a song and its telling me no changes were made. This happens on multiple songs with varying degrees of frequency but as of right now I cant upload anything. However Bandlab DID upload (as I loaded this project mentioned above) another song that I havent touched in over a year. I literally just updated both Bandlab and Cakewalk before loading up my project, but as I said earlier, this issue has been going on personally for me, for over a year. I am also not using any plugins. Its straight cakewalk. I love to be able to upload to bandlab, get in my car and play it through my phone to really get a feel for things so this is pretty disappointing. Also I imagine if I wanted to collaborate with someone on something this would be a huge issue. Any fixes for this?
  5. I already did that. Even looked at the manual. I import IR, loaded it from IR A like in the image above and then nothing.
  6. Hi all, I'm fairly new to to Cakewalk and DAWs in general. Ive been playing guitar VERY off and on for about 25 years. I never got into recording until now and Ive been at it a few weeks now so admittedly I'm not super familiar with everything yet Ive been able to get sound from my guitar to cakewalk (that took a lot of noodling and googling lol) and Ive since gotten myself setup with MT Powerdrums with all the buses and outputs. So I dont feel like im completely inept but I'm sure theres plenty that I'm overlooking.:) Onto my problem. I recently found out about guitar impulse responses and the loaders needed to use them. As I understand it in Cakewalk, TH3 you can use the Cabinet IR to load your IR and then like magic you have a list of killer tones to choose from and they come out sounding amazing. Well I cant get them to play. They appear to load just fine. I can locate them. Load them up (I even hear a "click" type sound when they load. Not sure if thats good or bad or expected) and then I just get my normal guitar tone. I have also downloaded other IR loaders like Poulin Lecab 2 and I get the same thing. I otherwise have no problem getting sound from TH3 fx. For the TH3 Cabinet IR I drag the cabinet to the empty space, double click to bring up the options, select the IR. I dont know if I need an amp along side or anything else but Ive tried dragging one in and it still didnt work. For Poulin LeCab2 Ive tried just the plugin itself, adding it to the Fx rack. I select my IR, it clicks, then nothing but normal guitar tone. I've downloaded amps as well and placed them before and after Lecab2 in the fx rack with no change. So I'm at a loss and unfortunately I'm not finding a whole lot on youtube or google when it comes to this problem in Cakewalk. Any help at all would be wonderful. Thanks.
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