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  1. Hey, I've had the same experiences with nearly all other cases, but with this... if enabled - it is fatal... EDIT That was fast, since reporting, retrying the process of moving the dll around, rescanning it now loads, although I have to bypass the alert every time Cakewalk starts. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, The most recent build of Roland's TB-303 is not loading in the current build of Bandlab Cakewalk. This is unfortunately the only one of the entire Roland Cloud suite that refuses to load. I supect the issue is related to this plug in's ability to sync to MIDI clock, and it loads fine on other DAWs. Thanks!
  3. Well... It's back! Here was the issue. I must have accidentally switched insert soft synth options (fourth icon from the "+" within the Synth Rack) from "Simple Instrument Track" to "MIDI Source". One clue was the track icons visually looked different for the non responsive tracks. Once I ticked the appropriate box, everything came back to normal. Thanks to all who responded. Game on! - Dan
  4. MIDI information is getting in. I can see the lights, etc indicating that. The problem appears to be when I instantiate any VST instrument using the Synth Rack explorer. The reason I say that is in the case of Rapid, it's frozen asking for my authorization. If I try, say u-He synths, I get no audio output. In the same project, I can load up two tracks using both methods mentioned above; one works, the other does not. Not a game changer, just a very odd "bug" that I've never seen before in... 20 years?
  5. Hello, I'm inserting them as single track VST instruments. After rescanning all, I did find one third-party VST instrument that was crashing bitbridge and moved it, but the problem remains. Incidentially, Sonar Platinum which I never uninstalled does not have this issue, only the Bandlab install. - Dan
  6. Hello, It appears that since a recent update I can no longer get any audio output from any instruments when added "+" from the synth rack explorer. Some VST's like Rapid, prompt me to activate my license. My work around has been to right click in the track view and add insert instruments, midi, audio tracks that way. This is very repeatable and odd - so I figured it should get reported at least. Been using Cakewalk for decades. Thanks - Dan
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