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  1. Thank you for your answer. But the fact is that interference occurs with off effects. You can get rid of cod and noise only by setting the buffer size to 128. But that's a bit much for me, as I play with live instrument processing and on a MIDI keyboard in real time and the delay matters to me. This is about the program itself, its interaction with the driver. Since Sonar Platinum, apparently there have been deterioration in the program on the part of the driver. If the developers do not pay attention to this problem by making changes in one of the future updates, I guess I'll have to stay on the old version of the program Sonar Platinum Version: 22.11.0 BUILD 111 [2016.11] where this problem is not, and it copes with the size of the buffer 32 samples I just want to keep up with the times and use the updated programs. I hope this feature of the behavior of the program can be corrected. Good health to All!
  2. Hello, I have a Steinberg ur44 sound card with the latest firmware version 2.12 and the latest drivers v1.10.3. There is a problem: When I turn on a project with a 32ms buffer size configured in the driver, there is noise in the program, a crackling sound. But when I use sonar platinum in the same project with the same settings, the sound plays perfectly. I want to use the latest version of CakeWalk Bandlab but I need to get rid of this problem.
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