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  1. Yeah, I just posted above saying it is a solution for what I am looking for. Not a perfect solution because I have to remember to link the clips every time I create a new one, but it is a solution that works, I would probably just have to get used to an extra step. Thanks though
  2. There is 1 potential solution I found that may work for what I need to do. Essentially, I can just link the clips I paste into each of the VSTs and then use the Event Filter to filter the velocities I don't want since for some reason the infinite sustain glitch doesn't happen when the midi track's output goes directly into the VST rather than the output of the midi track going to a virtual MIDI driver and then the VST having that midi driver as it's input like we found out (I honestly don't think it's doing what it's supposed to do, I honestly think it's a glitch in my opinion). It's not a perfect solution for me because for every new clip I make I have to remember to link it to each of the VSTs, but at least it's a solution
  3. So quick update. For some reason, the glitch where infinite sustain caused by playing a note using a midi controller with the note event selection Midi FX on also takes effect when using virtual midi drivers like LoopMIDI and Loopbe. So sadly, I do need either a fix for that issue or another solution to trigger a vst inside a certain velocity range because it means I can't use multiple VSTs and use only 1 midi track unless I want that infinite sustain (which I obviously do not want). If anyone else can chime in and help, that would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Your welcome. If anyone else has a better solution or a solution to any of our problems (either the making a sound on release when playing below min set velocity range inside Kontakt, or the infinite sustain cause by playing a note using a midi controller with the note event selection Midi FX on) then please let us know
  5. I have no idea what a "middle velocity section track" is. However, I did find out it's only an issue when I'm playing notes on my Midi controller. For some reason, it works perfectly during playback (which honestly maybe is the fault of my midi controller, which is the Akai MPK Mini MK2. Maybe using a different Midi controller would fix the issue) If it helps, here's a video showing my setup and the bug in question in action 2020-08-12 10-22-00.mp4
  6. Yeah but like I said, the problem is when I play within the set min and max velocity, it just plays that note indefinitely until I turn off the Note Event Selection or the plugin itself and hit that same note again. Playing under the set min velocity is fine though. Any way to fix this?
  7. Sadly, I can't try this since I am only using Kontakt Player and not the full version. This almost would've worked, the Velocity plugin didn't do what I wanted, however the Event Filter Plugin is exactly what I want. When I turn on the Notes Event selection to try and filter the Velocity, if I play under the set Min Velocity, it doesn't play a note at all. Perfect. However, the problem is when I play within the set min and max velocity, it just plays that note indefinitely until I turn off the Note Event Selection or the plugin itself and hit that same note again. Any idea on how to fix this?
  8. This is not what I want though. I basically want to be able to playback a note harder or softer to layer other patches within Kontakt (like if I playback a note hard, then woodwinds would come in, and even harder would bring in brass for example). Basically what this guy is doing with Kontakt 5 was EWQL libraries https://youtube.com/watch?v=vIkJjbXTCNk
  9. I just bought Nucleus Orchestral Core Lite and I was wondering about something. I want to be able to layer different multi patches and use velocity to bring in different multi patches so that I can have 1 MIDI track and potentially 1 instance Kontakt and make it sound like an entire orchestra. To do this, I want to be able to have strings come in at 1-127 velocity, woodwinds at around 64-127 velocity and brass at around 100-127 velocity (and other stuff if needed). The problem is that I can't seem to figure out a way to do this. I tried to go into the instrument settings and change the minimum velocity range, however when I am playing the note under the set minimum velocity range, the note doesn't play until I let go of the key on the keyboard in which it makes a staccato note, which is what I don't want (I want the instrument to not make a sound at all when I play the note under the set minimum velocity range). Is there a way I can make it so I can use velocity sensitivity to layer other patches (either with Kontakt or maybe done in Cakewalk independently itself someway so that I could use velocity sensitivity to layer other VSTs that cannot be loaded into Kontakt if I so wanted. I also wouldn't mind needing to use multiple instances of Kontakt to make it work), or if there no other options besides using the velocity range inside Kontakt, is there a way to fix the minimum velocity range so that when I play a note with velocity under the set minimum velocity range it doesn't make a sound at all?
  10. And that was the problem, Thanks for the help. BTW, I did manage to find a way to change the midi channel in the event viewer. Process > Find/Change > Ok > Channel (Under All Non-Special Events) > Set channel Min to channel you want > Ok I can also just set the Midi channel in Kontakt to Omni and that seems to fix the issue as well. Again, thanks for the help!
  11. Here is the link Also figured out that some MIDI tracks works, however I know this track doesn't produce any sound when playing back.
  12. Yes, I tried the same track with Ample Guitar M II Lite, and it plays perfectly fine. Same project too
  13. This does not work, thanks for the response though. I have done everything you said, still no sound when playing the song back the instrument is Shreddage 3 Jupiter, and it's the only instrument loaded in Kontakt (though any other Kontakt instrument will also produce the same effect). It is also the only Kontakt instrument in the Synth Rack. I would also like to say it's not project specific, any midi file loaded into any project, or any midi file that is opened, if I put one of the midi tracks into a Kontakt instrument, will produce no sound coming through said Kontakt instrument when playing the song back. Even if it's the only instrument in the Synth Rack. However, if I manually place the notes, it will play the notes I placed, but will not play the notes from the midi file. However, if i click on a note that was made from the midi file, no sound will play from Kontakt when playing back, but the notes I previously placed before clicking on a midi note will play and produce a sound, so I don't think it's a volume issue.
  14. Like the title says, whenever I import/open a midi file to a Kontakt Track, it doesn't play anything from the midi file. The thing is that if I were to play notes on the virtual keyboard on the software, in the Piano Roll or playing notes on a midi keyboard, it plays a sound, but when playing it back, no sound from the track with the midi file, even if the midi file plays within TTS-1 within the same project. But, if I were to click on a note from an imported/opened midi track, now the virtual keyboard in the piano roll doesn't work, even if I get a new instance of Kontakt loaded and a midi file is not a part of its track. Any tips to fix this? Thanks
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