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  1. And that was the problem, Thanks for the help. BTW, I did manage to find a way to change the midi channel in the event viewer. Process > Find/Change > Ok > Channel (Under All Non-Special Events) > Set channel Min to channel you want > Ok I can also just set the Midi channel in Kontakt to Omni and that seems to fix the issue as well. Again, thanks for the help!
  2. Here is the link Also figured out that some MIDI tracks works, however I know this track doesn't produce any sound when playing back.
  3. Yes, I tried the same track with Ample Guitar M II Lite, and it plays perfectly fine. Same project too
  4. This does not work, thanks for the response though. I have done everything you said, still no sound when playing the song back the instrument is Shreddage 3 Jupiter, and it's the only instrument loaded in Kontakt (though any other Kontakt instrument will also produce the same effect). It is also the only Kontakt instrument in the Synth Rack. I would also like to say it's not project specific, any midi file loaded into any project, or any midi file that is opened, if I put one of the midi tracks into a Kontakt instrument, will produce no sound coming through said Kontakt instrument when playing the song back. Even if it's the only instrument in the Synth Rack. However, if I manually place the notes, it will play the notes I placed, but will not play the notes from the midi file. However, if i click on a note that was made from the midi file, no sound will play from Kontakt when playing back, but the notes I previously placed before clicking on a midi note will play and produce a sound, so I don't think it's a volume issue.
  5. Like the title says, whenever I import/open a midi file to a Kontakt Track, it doesn't play anything from the midi file. The thing is that if I were to play notes on the virtual keyboard on the software, in the Piano Roll or playing notes on a midi keyboard, it plays a sound, but when playing it back, no sound from the track with the midi file, even if the midi file plays within TTS-1 within the same project. But, if I were to click on a note from an imported/opened midi track, now the virtual keyboard in the piano roll doesn't work, even if I get a new instance of Kontakt loaded and a midi file is not a part of its track. Any tips to fix this? Thanks
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