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  1. Thanks, that is already checked, but I'll play round with other settings and see if I can reduce the stuck notes. I need to spend some time searching the forum for that too.
  2. That was the problem, thanks! The default TTS-1 synth is all I had tried so far, but I just tried a few other synths, and they seem to be fine, with the exception of notes getting stuck on more frequently than I would like. It seems like there may be something odd with how the TTS-1 synth is handling NoteOff events.
  3. No, I'm not noticing any latency at all, and I've tried playing with buffers. Is there some difference in how Cakewalk handles playback in real time from a MIDI controller vs. from a recording?
  4. I determined that if I record a track and play it back, all the notes sound fine, so it's just something to do with playback in real time...
  5. Thank you, I did try increasing that to quite high values, with no change. Also, fast sequences of notes sound fine except for the specific sequence above, so it’s as if Cakewalk isn’t allowing a note to be played if a NoteOff event for that same note was previously received within a certain timespan(?).
  6. I'm using Cakewalk for the first time, along with a MIDI controller. It is working great, with one exception: If I play one note, then a different one, and then go back to the first, all in quick succession, the final note is clipped very short. In normal passages, fast notes sound just fine, but in the above sequence, where I'm returning to the initial note after a quick gracenote on another note, the sound stops almost immediately. Is there some setting that I'm missing that is causing this to happen? Here's a MIDI dump (from another app, by the way, is there a MIDI event monitor in CakeWalk??): 11:24:45.399 [Note On] ch=0 note=71 velocity=64 11:24:47.013 [Note On] ch=0 note=69 velocity=64 11:24:47.013 [Note Off] ch=0 note=71 velocity=64 11:24:47.098 [Note On] ch=0 note=71 velocity=64 11:24:47.098 [Note Off] ch=0 note=69 velocity=64 As you can see, there is no final NoteOff event for note 71, yet the note doesn't continue playing in Cakewalk. Thanks!
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