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  1. i increased the buffer in the mix control, but it had no effect on unfreezing the track. So it is too late, if i freezed the track with "bad settings"?
  2. very nice, did not know about extra buffer for MIDI! thanks! How about the 64 Buffer above? Should it be more? The thing is, i seted the milisecs on 750, than unchecked the fast bounce. If I now unfreeze the track, the DAW just moves it a litte bit further. But now there no missing notes! Do you have an idea, why the DAW moves the notes further by unfreezing the track? @Chuck E Baby: I did not talk about playing live, just mentioned it, because (as i know) the latency comes by playing live and not on unfreezing or freezing the track. I don't use any controller, go just directly from keyboard to Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. Tha cable is MIDI to MIDI. As VST i use the free version of Rapture Session 1
  3. Hi, my Cakewalk crashes, if i want to change the preset for the pro chanel. For example i choose "smooth & warm" vocals and want to change it later to "s type lead vocal". Than the whole program crashes. Regards pete
  4. there are some FX on it, but this is not the question of latency, some midi-notes are just missing. I know about latency problem with some dynamic EQ and other stuff. But it affects just playing live. This is the Bandlab version and the track is on midi, but together with other stuff. What do you mean with "midi buffers need to be bumped up a notch"? Do you mean the buffersize of the soundcard? That affects also just the live playing, but not this strange missing notes.
  5. Hello! I have a real weird thing here and bin rather angry about it. I make a take or two over MIDI and after some time (earlier it was after i freezed the track and refreezed it than) Cakewalk just through the notes in chaos, without any reason i can understand! So some played notes just lack, or (it was after refreezing the track) the whole track delayed. Is it a Bug?? Regards pete
  6. I've got the Tverb and its really great! Just the thing i needed, without tons of fancy stuff! Thanks for the idea!
  7. i've tried the second way, that is described in other topic (over infinite) and it seems to work, but i suppose that these are just temporate peaks and not the statistic peaks of the whole track. But maby i'm wrong abpout that.
  8. no possibility to post an image for now. by looking on the analyzer, you have the settings option above. Not the general settings on the right side, but the setting of the analyzer. Here is the topic from the KVR-Forum: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=526270&p=7418706
  9. Analyzer Settings - Graphs - activate "peaks" and then just play the track. The analyzer will show you the "bad frequenzes" (they will stay after pressing stop)... but not always.. and thats the problem I mean.
  10. @Starship Krupa thanks for the link, i did not find any restriction of peak-searching in the description of the free or non-free MEqulizer. @martins yes, i'm talking about the free version. Is it possible, that there are just no "strange peaks" on some tracks and thats why the software shows me nothing? Hmm...
  11. Hello! I want to use this great tool (MEqualizer) for the automated search for the "bad frequences" and peaks. The problem ist, in the master-bus it does great job, i also loaded it to the drum-bus, but as i wanted to do the same in the guitar-bus, it just shows me skew area after pressing stop and shows me nothing more. So no peaks and nothing else stays on the screen, just this weird skew area, going up from low to high. Does somebody know this issue? Regards pete
  12. did you compared the ones you mentioned with the one from the MfreeFXBundle?
  13. i've tried them, but i'm not sure, if they are really good and if there some much better stuff out there for free. For now i watches some tutorials about reverb and made it much better now with sub channel over send and low- & high-cut. i look after the MfreeFXBundle, thank you!
  14. ok, thanks! So far i try to manage the settings of the Breverb 2 within Cakewalk.
  15. i don't have much experience with reverbs, so i suppose, that i don't understand "what sounds good" can somebody give me an example of suitable "room" for vocals? I found under "plate" "neutral vox space" and can not find better one... but it sounds not really good enough for me.
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