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  1. When I perform I don't typically have BandLab full screen. When it is not full screen the Transport does not show. Is there a way to make it always show? Thanks
  2. Yup! That's exactly what I stated...
  3. I am working on some MIDI tracks and using TTS-1 for my MIDI instruments. I've created 5 different tracks assigned to different MIDI channels. When I select the patch for each track using Track Browser everything is fine. When I save and re-open the project however, none of the patch information is saved. Everything reverts to PIANO. What am I missing?
  4. I never stated that I didn't know how to open and resize windows....
  5. Is there a setting I can configure that opens Cakewalk full screen as well as the working area? Hopefully I am saying that correctly. I also want to have Console view come up as well.
  6. Whenever I click on ProChannel it does not open the ProChannel folder requiring me to search for it. I've confirmed that the Registry points to the correct folder path. This has happened prior but re-editing the Registry has always fixed the issue. But not now.
  7. I included 3 screen shots and stated that I tried all 3. And yes, both the MIDI out of the RD1000 and the XLR stereo out are going through the interface so I can hear the piano while I am playing.
  8. WEIRD!!! It's working now! Don't know what it was.
  9. The MIDI activity monitor does not show any MIDI activity. However, the MIDI input monitor on my Behringer interface does show MIDI input activity. The RD1000 is set to to transmit regular MIDI data. I've changed the MIDI transmit channel to Channel 5 still with no luck. The RD1000 cannot transmit on 2 channels at once. I am attaching a couple screenshots. I've tried All Inputs, the Behringer and None both on OMNI and Channel 5 with no luck.
  10. I am not clear what you mean by the 'Inspector'.
  11. Yes, the UMC404HD is selected as the MIDI input.
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