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  1. So, I am now back again with this question. I never got it to work prior so I just redid the MIDI track. However, now I would like to reduce the volume of just the Snare drum in a drum track. I select the drum number on the left hand side in PRV and it selects the snare only. I then play with the VEL on the left hand side which is currently set to 100%. No matter what I reduce that percentage to there is no difference in the volumne of the Snare drum. What am I missing? Thanks UPDATE: Nevermind... I figured it out.
  2. I never stated that ALL vst3's will work in Cakewalk...right?
  3. I use VST3's in Cakewalk all the time with no issue. I've been using AutoTune Artist with no issues prior. As mentioned, this was all working just fine until that message popped up out of the blue the other day. With that said...it's all working back to normal now. Have no idea what it was.
  4. I was working on a project successfully yesterday but when I try to open it today I get the following error message and Cakewalk shuts down. I tried the REPAIR feature for Auto Tune Artest and it says it was successful however, I still get the same error and cannot open my project. Auto Tune Artist.vst3: Start Error Out of place engine initialization failed -> Application terminated!
  5. I am working on a MIDI file where all the MIDI instruments are Cakewalk TTS. When I try to change a track to a different non TTS instrument it changes ALL the tracks to that instrument. When I add a new non TTS instrument track and copy the MIDI data to that track it plays just fine with the new instrument until I save it. Upon re-opening that MIDI file the track reverts back to Cakewalk TTS as the MIDI instrument even though the name of the instrument is the name of the non MIDI instrument I copied the MIDI data to. How do I get it to stop reverting back to Cakewalk TTS? Thanks
  6. Ok... that works doing it one at a time. Thanks SCOOK!
  7. Oh... that was not mentioned. I was trying to drag all 7 at one time. I will now try one at a time.
  8. I was not dragging in the browser. I was dragging 7 MIDI tracks to one new one. And no, I am not holding Ctrl, I am holding Shift.
  9. That doesn't work. it copies them again to individual tracks
  10. I have a MIDI file with all the different drum parts on a separate track. I want to blend them together into one MIDI track. Is this possible? Thanks Tim
  11. The issue is solved. All of the vocal track .wav files I was trying to import were corrupted. Once they sent me new .wav files all is working fine. Both drag and drop and import.
  12. I am trying to add some vocal tracks that my friends sent me yesterday to a project I've been working on. Typically I can drag and drop the .wav files into my project. However, that is not working now. I've tried this with a couple projects I am working on and cannot drag and drop the vocal .wav files into the project. When i go to File / Import, Audio is greyed out and I can't import from there either. This has all worked fine in the past. What is happening now?
  13. When I perform I don't typically have BandLab full screen. When it is not full screen the Transport does not show. Is there a way to make it always show? Thanks
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