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  1. I am suddenly getting getting the following popup error when trying to use TTS-1
  2. Ok thanks. I applied the FREEZE button to each MIDI track and now see AUDIO. Is there a way when recording a virtual instrument MIDI track that 2 tracks get created at the same time? One of just the MIDI events and the other of the instrument audio?
  3. Ok, I read and re-read the section in the Guide regarding Splitting Instrument Tracks. Greek to me!!! When I split the MIDI track, it creates another track right below it which is blank. I was expecting the audio from the MIDI track instrument to be there? How do I get the audio from the MIDI instrument tracks to show on a separate track? Thanks
  4. Correct. However, the audio track is not separated from the MIDI track. How do I move the audio track to a separate track from the MIDI track?
  5. Where is the SNAP to Grid option? I don't see it anywhere! Thanks Tim
  6. How do you accomplish this? Thanks!
  7. Hopefully I am asking this question so it's not confusing. I have a MIDI file of a jazz piece I composed many years ago on one of my Kawai hardware sequencer. I've imported the .mid file into Cakewalk to work on. I've assigned all the midi tracks to Cakewalk TTS-1 for instruments and everything plays just fine. My question however is, how do I add affects to the individual instrument tracks? I want to add some Reverb to the drums and horn section tracks however, there is no option to allow me to do this. Do I need to separate out the audio to individual tracks from the MIDI in order to do this? And if so, how? Thanks
  8. What problem are you referring to? The original MIDI sequence I am referring to is an original composition that I created many many years ago all created on the SY77. I managed as posted in another thread go get the MIDI sequence from the SY77 into Cakewalk. MIDI sequences on the SY77 are not stored as a .mid file so I needed to play the sequence from the SY77 into my Kawai Q80ex, save as a .mid file and open in Cakewalk in order to separate all the tracks. I was able to create a complete audio track of all the combined individual tracks but wanted to create separate audio tracks for each of the 16 different MIDI tracks. I accomplished this by playing the MIDI sequence from Cakewalk back into the SY77 soloing each individual MIDI track and recording just that track. Mission accomplished. So, again what problem? This had nothing to do with .vst's. This had to do with getting the actual MIDI instruments from the SY77 into a recording. And yes... I am using soft synths and other plug in instruments for all my other projects in Cakewalk. I just needed to get the actual instruments from my composition on the SY77 into a recording with separate audio tracks for each instrument of the particular sequence/composition. This is not something that is an ongoing process. I appreciate the help however, you guys are thinking WAY to much into all of this. Anyway..again as stated. Mission accomplished.
  9. Correct. I already have a stereo mix of all 16 channels. The want here is to have a separate audio track for each one of the 16 MIDI channels. And yes, do it one at a time does indeed work which is what I am in the process of doing. Thanks!
  10. That would certainly be handy however, that does not solve my current issue and is not in the plans.
  11. I could sure use some help here. I have a 16 MIDI channel sequence loaded up in Cakewalk. The MIDI out of my Digital Audio Interface is plugged into the MIDI in of my Yamaha SY77 which has all the instruments for each individual MIDI channel. The sequence already has the patch/program changes within the sequence for each MIDI channel. The SY77 has a left and right stereo output which I have coming back into my DAI into Cakewalk. I would like to play the MIDI sequence from Cakewalk into the SY77 and record each separate individual instrument from each separate MIDI channel to individual audio tracks. How would I go about accomplishing this? Thanks!
  12. I was not able to get it to work with the SY77 connected up to Cakewalk. However, I connected the SY77 to my Kawai Q80ex sequencer and was able to get it to work. So issue is now solved and I now have the files in .MID format.
  13. I have my SY77 plugged into Cakewalk through my UMC404HD audio interface and Cakewalk does see the SY77. I can see the meters moving when I start the sequencer on the SY77.
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