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  1. What you describe above is way above me. However, I was successful in what I wanted to accomplish. I first deleted the Cakewalk TTS-1 track and Track 1. I was then able copy each MIDI track to a new track individually and assign a new instrument.
  2. That doesn't work. After deleting track 11 each instrument is still assigned to TTS-1. Also, deleting track 1 does nothing as well. What's also weird is that if insert a new instrument track patched to the instrument I want and copy the MIDI data from one of the other tracks assigned to TTS-1, there is no sound produced from the new track.
  3. I don't see where you are getting that. When I click in the space you mention on the track instrument that is TTS that I want to replace with another instrument that is not TTS all I get is this: Replace Synth for All Tracks Using This Synth. That is not going to work considering ALL the instrument tracks are using TTS.
  4. I've never seen either option. Where are these located?
  5. Is there a way to remove all track instrument patches at one time? I have a MIDI file that is defaulting to TTS on all channels. I want to replace all the instruments and not use TTS. Is there a way to remove TTS on all the channels, still leaving the MIDI data so I can replace each track with a different instrument? Hopefully I am explaing this well. Thanks
  6. I do see the images you posted. I don't see that on my end.
  7. I am at a loss here. I have a MIDI track that is playing on MIDI channel 1 as a piano using TTS-1. I've copied the the MIDI track to a new track and have edited to keep only certain notes that I want to play on MIDI channel 11 as a brass patch. The issue I am facing is the track that I want to play on MIDI channel 11 still plays on MIDI channel 1 instead of 11 and still plays the edited part with the TTS-1 piano patch. How do i make this happen? Thanks
  8. As of this morning, when I open any stand alone MIDI file in Cakewalk, instead of it playing through my Focusrite 2i2 it plays through the computer soundcard and speakers. This was working just fine yesterday when I was working on a MIDI file. Under Preferences it does show the device as Focusrite. The thing that escapes me is that when I open up a project I've been working that contains both .wav and .mid files they play just fine through my Focusrite as expected. Also, when I go into Windows Sound and tell it to use the Focusrite, when I play a MIDI file it does indeed play through the Focusrite however, instead of playing instruments through Cakewalk TTS, it plays through MIcrosoft GS Wavetable Synth. I'm stumpted... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I fixed the issue. After downloading 2022.11 and trying to install unsuccessfuly by clicking on INSTALL from within Cakewalk, I ran the install straight from the .exe downloaded in my DOWNLOAD folder. It installed successfully with no issues. Thanks
  10. This is happening on all 4 of my PCs with 2022.09 installed. And yes, the downloaded installed is called Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_28.11.0.013.exe. With that said, how do I fix this issue? Thanks
  11. Same as what I mentioned. 2022.9 (Build 027, 64bit). So, how do I fix this in order to install 2022.11? Or is there some issue with this version that is causing this? Thanks
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