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  1. Thanks HIBI! That did the trick!
  2. My post is asking about using the AirTurn (QUAD) pedal to Start/Stop Cakewalk.
  3. What I clearly stated prior was that Start/Stop does not work from the space bar on my Surface. Right? Here is what was said: tdehan Members 2 22 posts Report post Posted May 29 tapping the space bar means I would have to tap the screen. However, with that said, should I be able to start play back from tapping the space bar? If so, it doesn't work. With that said, my question is about starting playback from a pedal...not by tapping the screen. If I am going to tap the screen I would simply reach up and press the PLAY button. Quote Edit
  4. I replied prior (if you read it) that Start /Stop does NOT work from the spacebar for me. I assume there is some edit/preference I would need in order to achieve that with that spacebar. But as I clearly stated prior... the spacebar does not start or stop Cakewalk for me...
  5. I have an AirTurn Bluetooth pedal that I would like to use to send Start/Stop commands to Cakewalk running on my Microsoft Surface Pro 6. I know this can be done but for the life of me cannot figure out how. Has anyone here done this and if so share how it is done?
  6. How do I MAP commands like START/STOP in Cakewalk?
  7. I attempted all of these suggestions with no success. Obviously it's all greek to me. Can anyone perhaps point me to a video that shows how I can add a CC7 event at a particular place in clip? thanks
  8. I am not familiar with how to do either of the 2 suggestions here. Can you please point me to a link that shows me how? Thanks
  9. I want to insert a controller 7 event in a track at a certain spot but cannot for the life of me figure how to do this. Can someone please help? Thanks
  10. Don't know what I did, but whenever I expand a track now I don't have all the info (volume, pan, patch etc) that was there prior. How do I get this back?
  11. Sonar 3 does indeed install on Windows 10 and I use it daily!
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