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  1. I included 3 screen shots and stated that I tried all 3. And yes, both the MIDI out of the RD1000 and the XLR stereo out are going through the interface so I can hear the piano while I am playing.
  2. WEIRD!!! It's working now! Don't know what it was.
  3. The MIDI activity monitor does not show any MIDI activity. However, the MIDI input monitor on my Behringer interface does show MIDI input activity. The RD1000 is set to to transmit regular MIDI data. I've changed the MIDI transmit channel to Channel 5 still with no luck. The RD1000 cannot transmit on 2 channels at once. I am attaching a couple screenshots. I've tried All Inputs, the Behringer and None both on OMNI and Channel 5 with no luck.
  4. I am not clear what you mean by the 'Inspector'.
  5. Yes, the UMC404HD is selected as the MIDI input.
  6. This has just got me baffled! I cannot for the life of me get a MIDI signal into Cakewalk from my Roland RD1000 piano. The MIDI cables are connected to my Berringer UMC404HD interface correctly. I can see interface show that a MIDI signal is coming in as it is flashing. I have tried setting the INPUT in Cakewalk to both OMNI and to channel 16 which is what the Roland is transmitting a MIDI signal on. Any ideas? thanks
  7. Thanks Scook. I followed the steps found numerous tempo changes that went way beyond the end of the tune and fixed it. SOLVED
  8. A project I am working on with 8 MIDI tracks does not stop at the end of the song even though STOP AT PROJECT END is selected under Track Options.
  9. ah... got it. I had my midi sound module plugged in. Once I unplugged that I am able to export to Audio. Thanks! [SOLVED]
  10. I am trying to EXPORT multiple MIDI tracks to one AUDIO file however, when I select all the tracks and then select EXPORT, Audio is greyed out and I can't select it.
  11. Issue is solved. I purchased that latest Melodyne.
  12. it seems odd however considering that I've never used Melodyne prior that my 30 days limited time would have expired unless it starts from the time I've installed it. But with that said, shouldn't I be able to find Melodyne somewhere within Cakewalk? It doesn't even show up anywhere that I can find.
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