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  1. I'm trying to install the Cakewalk AddOns and none of the 4 will install. It just sits there at installing for over an hour. I've rebooted and tried several times. I've uninstalled and re-installed Bandlab Assistant. No love... How do I get these addons to install please? Thanks
  2. Ok, looks like it is working now. I reinstalled BandLab Assistant and performed the update again and this time it worked on both computers. However,..... Now when I open a MIDI file I am getting the following error:
  3. I just received a pop up notice when I launched Cakewalk this morning up an update. I clicked on update which opened BandLab assistant. I selected Apps / Update. It has been flashing INSTALLING for the past hour. This is happening on both of my computers. What's going on with the update?
  4. Yes, I am aware of the Notification settings. It appears to be set already to send me an email notification. However, per my post, I don't receive email notifications.
  5. Oh... perhaps that is what is supposed to happen and email is not. Don't know. Can someone answer and confirm that?
  6. Ok. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "if the machine and interface can tolerate a smaller buffer"?
  7. Why do I not receive any Email notifications that there is a response to one of my posts? I always have the NOTIFY ME OF REPLIES clicked on when I post but never receive any email notifications when there are replies to my @hotmail.com email. I constantly check my JUNK folder to see if they are going there however they are not. I just don't receive them.
  8. Thanks! Are you referring to this setting to decrease the buffer size?
  9. When I attempt to add a MIDI part with my Roland PC-200 MK II Midi Controller there is an obvious delay which makes it impossible to play along with my recorded tracks. I am coming out of the Roland into my Berhinger U-Phoria UMC4040HD. Under Audio Devices I am using the UMC ASIO Driver: The Audio Driver Settings are set like this: Driver Mode is set to ASIO MIDI Devices is set to the UMC4040HD What am I missing?
  10. Thanks. That took care of the problem. However, that doesn't answer my question as to why this keeps happening?
  11. I have 2 questions about plugins: 1. Is there a specific order plugins should be applied to a track? 2. Why are some of the plugins different colors?
  12. This is happening again! When I click to Create a New Project the window is once again blank! Why is this happening?
  13. Sure, I am aware of this. However, I didn't want to uninstall, I just wanted to re-install over the top. If I uninstall it will all my plug ins go away?
  14. When I launch Cakewalk I get the following message: Because Cakewalk is already installed, when I open Bandlab Assistant there is no option to re-install as it says that it is already installed. Is there a way to do this?
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