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  1. Don't know what I did, but whenever I expand a track now I don't have all the info (volume, pan, patch etc) that was there prior. How do I get this back?
  2. Sonar 3 does indeed install on Windows 10 and I use it daily!
  3. I'm still using Sonar 3 as a result of the sound quality difference. I personally also have no idea what synth I am using, it is whatever is DEFAULT when I installed Sonar 3. How do I tell?
  4. Playing the same MIDI files in BandLab Cakewalk compared to playing them in Cakewalk Sonar 3 the instruments in BandLab Cakewalk sound cheezy! The instruments sound richer, fuller, bigger and noticeably much better in Sonar. Why is that?
  5. Ok, downloading from the URL you list updated BandLab Assistant. This is really a poor experience.
  6. I am signed in. It does nothing. And no, it's not blocked by my firewall
  7. Um... I am connected to the internet, I have started BandLab Assistant....there are no prompts to do anything! How do I renew membership?
  8. tdehan

    Demo Mode??

    Why am I getting this? When I try to save a MIDI file I get the following error about DEMO mode. What the hell is DEMO mode. This hasn't happened before! How do I get out of DEMO mode? This is nuts!
  9. I am getting the following RED error message: Membership Renewal is Required. Please login to BandLab Assistant to update activation status. How do I log into BandLab Assistant?? It says I am already logged in!!
  10. Hello Hopefully someone can help me here. I want to copy 8 measures of all tracks (from measure 18 through 26) in the middle of an existing song and insert them after measure 26 thus adding the same 8 measures and extending the song (however, in the middle of the song not at the end). Hopefully I am explaining this well. How can I do this? Thanks
  11. tapping the space bar means I would have to tap the screen. However, with that said, should I be able to start play back from tapping the space bar? If so, it doesn't work. With that said, my question is about starting playback from a pedal...not by tapping the screen. If I am going to tap the screen I would simply reach up and press the PLAY button.
  12. Perhaps I should clarify further. I use both Cakewalk on my Surface and my Q80 to play sequences in a live performance. The Q80 is not driving Cakewalk on the Surface. I want to be able to start and stop Cakewalk playback on the Surface when I am using it to play a sequence just as I do with the Q80 when it is playing the sequence.
  13. Is it possible to Start and Stop Cakewalk playback with a foot pedal? I use both a Microsoft Surface Pro with Cakewalk and a dedicated sequencer (Kawai Q80) during live performances. Is there a way to start and stop playback of a Cakewalk sequence on my Surface as I can with a foot pedal connected to the Kawai Q80? I use an AirTurn Bluetooth foot pedal to turn music pages on my Surface during a performance and am wondering if there is such a thing that will also start and stop the Cakewalk sequence?
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