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  1. Issue is solved. I purchased that latest Melodyne.
  2. it seems odd however considering that I've never used Melodyne prior that my 30 days limited time would have expired unless it starts from the time I've installed it. But with that said, shouldn't I be able to find Melodyne somewhere within Cakewalk? It doesn't even show up anywhere that I can find.
  3. Ok, maybe that's why it doesn't show up in Cakewalk any longer. I've never used it before and thought I would start to get familiar with it.
  4. I've now uninstalled all of BLC again and have re-installed it. Melodyne does get installed however, I can't find it anywhere within Cakewalk. Another question: Is Melodyne that comes with BLC only good for 30 days as a trial? Thanks
  5. Thanks. I' ve tried what is outlined in that post. I found and removed the registry installer entry for Melodyne and Bandlab Assistant now allows me to check the box to install. However, after doing so and telling it to install it's been sitting at Initializing for the past 45 minutes.
  6. I just uninstalled and re-installed BLC. Melodyne is greyed out in the installation and does not appear after the installation is complete.
  7. Don't I have to uninstall BLC in order to do a re-install?
  8. As I stated, it would be nice to get an email notification that there has been a response or update to any post. All of the other forums I belong to do this. Odd that this one does not. As a result, when there is no response of an update via email and I solve the issue myself, I forget most times about the post.
  9. It would be great if I received email notifications from the forum when there is a response to a post. However, as I've stated prior, I don't get a notification (and no....nothing is in my JUNK folder). With that said, yes it would be great if the 2i2 had a blend control like my other 2 interfaces do. To fix the issue, I used the DIRECT MONITOR button which allowed me to hear the bass just fine and finish the recording. Thanks for all the responses. (John and pdickens, I don't know what seems to be up you shorts....)
  10. I was trying to use Melodyne for the first time today. Bandlab Assistant says that it is installed. However, when I went to use it I got an error message saying it could not find it. I went to the path that the error message said Bandlab was looking for it it and discovered that it was not there. I then copied the the Melodyne folder from my back up computer VST3 folder and pasted it in my main computer. I then told BLC to re-scan my plugins. It's been sitting at rescanning Melodyne now for over an hour. How do I fix this? Thanks
  11. I've tried both with the INST button pressed in and without.
  12. I am using a Focusrite 2i2 3rd Gen Scarlett interface. When I plug my bass guitar in to record I can barely hear the bass when I am playing. The levels are up, I can hear the other mixed tracks just fine. But the volume of the bass when I am recording is extremely low which causes me to end up playing harder than I want. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. I've been working on a new project for a couple weeks now, as recently as yesterday. Today however, when i try to import an Audio file into ANY project it does not import. How do I fix this? Windows 10 BL
  14. Unfortunately I have no idea what you are referring to or even how to proceed with it.
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