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  1. Well Jon... I have done both. So unless you have a particular video and or part of the instructions to look at you aren't being much help. right?
  2. I open File / Import and select the .wav file to import. It places it at the bottom. When I move the volume slider on the track it affects the overall volume not just that track.
  3. The number that shows in the error is '0'.
  4. Yes, I am using the volume fader in the vocal track to change the volume. It appears the complete mix not just the vocal track. Echo is not enabled on the vocal track.
  5. I have created a MIDI file with multiple instrument tracks and want to add a vocal .wav file. I can add the .wav file successfully but cannot mix it. I would like to mix the volume of the vocal track DOWN within the overall mix. However, when I adjust the volume on the added vocal track it affects the overall volume of everything. How do I do this? Thanks!
  6. Ok, hopefully I fixed the issue. I updated the High Definition Audio Device to Realtek High Definition Audio and that appears to have fixed the issue.
  7. Both High Definition Audio Device and NVIDIA High Definition Audio are listed.
  8. This issue has never happened before. This only started after I recently and to flatten the computer and re-install Windows 10. I've never had any issues prior with Cakewalk. However, both Bandlab Cakewalk and Sonar 3 Cakewalk are throwing the same message. I've never had to do anything special with Cakewalk settings prior so don't know why this is happening now.
  9. I am trying to collaborate on a project with my guitarist. He's downloaded and installed Bandlab Cakewalk. I've sent him a MIDI file that I have multiple instrument tracks on created in Bandlab Cakewalk. However, whenever he tries to open the MIDI file in Cakewalk he gets and error that says “Audio Engine Dropout”. I have Cakewalk installed on 3 different computer and have never experienced that issue or error. What can I suggest to him to try to remedy the issue? Thanks
  10. I would really appreciate some assistance with this pop up that keeps happening since re-installing Cakewalk. Regardless of whether I click YES or NO the window continually pops up. It doesn't appear to affect anything however, i would really like to find out why this is happening and stop it as it is annoying as heckl Thanks
  11. I had to flatten and rebuild my Windows 10 PC recently. After re-installing Cakewalk I keep getting the following message when playing a MIDI file. What does this mean, and how do I fix this so it stops coming up? Thanks!
  12. Can I play a MIDI file through BandLab CakeWalk on my phone? I've copied a midi file created on my computer through Cakewalk to my phone. Is it possible to play that midi file through BandLab on my phone? Thanks!
  13. I could have sworn I saw the answer to this question before but for the life of me can't seem to find it. Question: I want to increase the volume of the bass kick drum only (CH 10) in the drum track of my midi file. I want all the other drums on the track to stay the same. I assume this is possible? Thanks so much
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