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  1. Yes, exactly what I was looking for. I've gotten to the part where I can slow down all the recorded tracks/clips while maintaining pitch, so maybe I can finally get the three guitar parts synched up correctly. I've watched a lot of the tutorials but I see there are still a lot of features hidden away in this impressive product. Slowly getting there, thanks for the response!
  2. tleaustin

    Temporary tempo changes

    I've been reading a lot of tempo questions, but I do not see this issue - let me know if I missed it somewhere. I have recorded several acoustic guitar tracks at 90 bpm, but there are a couple tricky parts I can't get down cleanly. For the recording, I want them as perfect as possible. Is there a way to do a take (on a separate track or sound on sound) where the tempo is temporarily changed 10 percent slower but the pitch is the same, which I could then edit in at the regular speed? That is, can I slow down the tempo on all the other tracks temporarily, maintaining pitch, record the tricky parts, then speed them all back up with the new parts included? I suppose it would also work if I could slow everything down, along with the consequence of the pitch being lowered, then tune the guitar down and record it that way. Is that possible? If all else fails, I guess I could practice those parts a couple hundred more times! Again, apologies if this has already been addressed somewhere.
  3. Dragging the sample MIDI drum loops directly to the drum kit track works, that is, without recording them. I don't see how to make them loop, but I can copy a bunch of iterations and that works for now. I'll use the virtual kit like a metronome and add some synth string samples to practice changes on real instruments before I start composing. I kinda have tutorial fatigue, at some point you have to jump in and run into some problems. I'll look into Using MIDI Patterns, it will make more sense now. Thanks for the post, very helpful.
  4. Total newbie here. I'm just trying to get the virtual instruments packaged with the new Cakewalk to record, such as Drum Kit 1. I open a new project, select Basic. I select "Insert" then "Soft Synth" and Drums, and SI-Drum Kit. This adds a track and assigns a default midi port. I can bring up the kit, select a sample pattern and loop it. I hear it in my headphones, and I see sound bars in the drum and master mix channels. I arm the drum track to record, then hit the main record button (set to overwrite). There is an active sound bar in the drum track and I hear the drums, but I do not see any sound patterns on the track itself, and there is nothing after I hit the stop button and attempt the play button. Is there some setting I'm missing? I've looked at the midi port settings, tried some variations with the other soft synths such as strings. The default is the Virtual Controller assigned to Midi Omni. I've tried setting this specifically to the SI-Drum Kit 1, Midi Omni, but still nothing is recorded. I'm running on an HP laptop, 16 GB RAM, Windows 8.1, new Cakewalk installation a few days ago. Thanks for any ideas to get me out of the ditch!
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