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  1. rebob7

    Cakewalk FxReverb & FxEQ

    I have many tracks where I used Cakewalk FxReverb and FxEQ which ran on 32-bit Cakewalk Sonar Platinum. They do not run on 64-bit Windows so I have kept a PC with 32-bit Windows so I can run these tracks and import wav files from my 64-bit windows Cakewalk Sonar. I seems to me that it should not be too difficult to modify these modules to run on 64-bit Windows. Has anybody tried to do that? Will anybody try? I know there are some good effects plugins for Bandlab but I would really like to keep my sound I get with the old FX plugins. Plus I could switch to 64-bit Windows on my old PC which I may need to do anyway since Microsoft is moving away from 32-bit Windows. Any Comments?
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