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  1. Yes, he si a great help for a newbie like me. But you were also a great help. I wrote my first version using your advices. Thanks again ! And let the bass groove ! (I heard your solo on YT... 😉 )
  2. As you do not have the same device as mine, I started a preset, with the hardware of user 1 map : rotas A1-8 rota B1-8 buttons C1-8 buttons left/right/up/down in attachement LaunchControl01.spp EDIT : finally with your valuable advices, I managed to program the remote I wanted. With even the JOG, absolute and relative. Very useful. Here is the file, if it can be useful. LaunchControl02.spp I just have one thing that cannot figure out : how can I write a command that unarms all armed track, and then arm the selected one ?
  3. I posted my needs on the AZSlow forum, I thought you were there maybe... I'd like to define my own, because I have a precise idea of what I need : - infact I do not care about mixing vol/pan/mute, etc... - I want to use the device as a recording remote when I'm recording my sax in front of the mic, and do not want to stay near PC/keyb/mouse. But remember : I have a LaunchControl "normal", not "XL". Only 2x8 rota + 8 buttons + 4 arrows So basically I need : - button1 : STOP - button 2 : PLAY - button 3: arm/unarm current selected track - button 4 : RECORD - buttons 5 -6: move time to FROM or THRU markers - button LEFT/RIGHT: UNDO/REDO - button UP/DOWN: select previous/next track - rotary1: change current selected track volume using a rotary (I don't know if you have access to the concept of "current selected track") - rotary2: move time between FROM and THRU (this one may be tricky) BTW, can you tell me where to look to see available cakewalk commands ? (like the ones I described just before)
  4. Hi Heinz, My bad, it's not the launchpad, but the LaunchControl. Here it is: https://fr.audiofanzine.com/controleur-a-pads-midi/novation/launch-control/ I precisely know what channel/controls/notes it sends for each buttons and its 8 user + 8 factory banks. You can find the MIDI guide in attachment. Waat it sends, and what it receives (to light up the buttons) If you are on the AZSlow forum, I opened a post there : https://www.azslow.com/index.php/topic,574.0.html Thanks for your help launch-control-programmers-reference-guide.pdf
  5. yes, thx, I already subscribe your forum. I'll try this tonight between 11pm and 2am 😉
  6. just for your information , while waiting for Bandlab to make a better MIDI controller, a talented guy developed a plugin that seems to be quite configurable : AZ Controller (www.azslow.com)
  7. Oh but you are the author of this plugin ! nice work man ! Hope I will manage to configure it. 😉
  8. Thanks a lot for these clarifications. I just downloaded AZ control, and will try to make a preset for my LaunchControl
  9. +1 I'd love to customize more freely the use of my Novation Launchpad... Please Bandlab, have a look at the ACT controller. 😁
  10. Hi, I have a Novation LaunchControl (small one, not XL), with 2x8 rotaries + 8 buttons and 4 arrows buttons. note : LaunchControl is a simple MIDI device that emits MIDI controllers for rotaries or MIDI notes for buttons. I did not find any predefined ACT preset, so I am building one. No problem to learn the 2x8 knobs and assign them to volume and pan of the 8 WAI selected tracks. BUT I cannot manage to do the following things : - assign the 8 buttons (under the 2x8 rotaries) to mute the corresponding 8 WAI tracks (I just found a "mute selected track" that modifies only the selected track). - program the 4 arrows buttons to do things like : - selecting next track groups (1-8, 9-16, 17-24, etc...) - switching vol/pan to send1/send2 for example. Any idea ? EDIT : It's this controller : https://fr.audiofanzine.com/controleur-a-pads-midi/novation/launch-control/
  11. Hi there, it would be nice that when exporting a clip using drag'n'drop onto the desktop, the time signature of the clip (at this moment of the track) could be exported, so that when opening it into a new project, the signature is correct. IMHO, this time signature is really part of the clip description . It is possible, because when you use "menu/file/export as midifile", this time signature is embedded in the midifile. Some software like Beatbuddy Manager (that manage a rythm box pedal) are waiting for such information. Thanks for this great software
  12. thanks it works now. I was missing the "trim" action, that is obvious now, and also a few drum note remap, because the BeatBuddy has a limited and weird drumkit. Have a nice day.
  13. yes it's working, and I can import it into my Beatbuddy. How did you do it ? From the Take5.mid file I sent you ???
  14. In complement : I tried to make a simple rythm from scratch at the mouse, starting at 1:0:0, and I exported it. This time, when reimporting, the clip starts at 1:0:0... So I do not understand what is wrong with the other file... Hidden midi messages ?
  15. CdB : very last version 2021.09 b141 x64 Do you try with a clip that starts at 1:0:0 and has no white space at its beginning ? By the way, when I drag a clip, it does not export only the clip, but also any other clip on its right... The story of this problem : - I need the Take5 special 5/4 drum pattern for my BeatBuddy pedal (a rythm box that needs midifile patterns) - I opened a midifile I found on the net (take5.mid), containing a drum track an other instruments tracks - I moved all clips on the right to make room at the beginning of the sequence - I cut the piece of the drum track I needed and moved it at 1:0:0 (the brown track on the screencopy). - Then I just selected this small clip and make a export/midifile. I also tried drag and drop the clip on the desktop, but it seems Enclosed you can find the orginal midifile and my export. Please try to extract 8 bars from the drum tracks to a midifile starting at 1:0:0 and tell me how you did it. Thanks for your help. Take5.mid Take5exp1.mid
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