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  1. I have been using cakewalk products since Windows 3.1. I have always loved it ,but just recently (last couple of months) I have been experiencing fatal exception messages, random projects not opening, etc. It just grinds my gears, because these were good projects that I have already exported trial mixes of, I just want to make some minor tweaks. It also makes me skittish about recording new content, for fear that it might disappear into the black hole of "projects that open occasionally, but throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder first". I am very religious about making sure my system is clean and efficient, and like I said, this is a recent development. Windows 10, 16G RAM, processor i7, Cakewalk and OS sit on a 1 TB SSD, audio is on separate 1TB HDD(7200 rpm). Anyone else out there? I just have a suspicion that "free Cakewalk" is being neglected, and I would have jumped ship already, but I am so used to the workflow in this environment.
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