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  1. And if you could get a really stripped down version of windoze with none of the totally useless bloat -then there'd be even less folks even THINKING about Linux...And even though W10Pro let's you do a lot under the hood, it is still buggy. crashy, and full of shite! I am not advocating for Linux, mind you, just saying MS really should look at light versions that serious users of PC's running audio and video work (and not worrying about games compatibility and performance, or surfing the web) can use. As they won't, then, well, users will try to find alternatives that do. They are certainly not delusional!
  2. Just lately I have been having this random issue where MIDI notes are just hanging, requiring a MIDI reset using the reset midi/audio button. I have tried it now with three different controllers and with three different VSTs. Has anyone else had this happen recently? Thanks
  3. AFAIK and as long as you have a default installation (ie the TTS is installed) if you "open" a midi file the TTS will automatically be assigned to all the parts of the MIDI file. If you purchased a commercial MIDI file then it will be setup according to all the GM (general MIDI) protocols. The TTS synth is a GM sound module, it's pretty awful but will do the job of allowing you to identify parts. Some commercial MIDI sites provide a track listing in the docs, but not all. If you import a midi file then you need to assign the TTS yourself. Then highlight all tracks hold the ctrl key and select the TTS as the "OUT" destination on one track (or you can do it one by one if you wish) this will then assign the TTS to all tracks. Personally I use things like addictive drums and Sampletank 4, however I do use the TTS initially to establish what is playing where and with what sound.
  4. TBH I gave up in the end and just reverted to the AZController using this preset http://www.azslow.com/index.php/topic,283.msg1349.html#msg1349 Only things to be aware of is that the NK2 needs be set to factory default , and to have the buttons assigned to "Toggle" and not momentary for all except the FF and RW tabs...apart from that I had to do no midi learn as all the sliders knobs and buttons worked using that preset. And interestingly enough, after a reload of Sonar all the tracks had the coloured tab??? I guess it was set somehow by the creator of that preset linked. I won't mark the thread as solved though as I still have no REAL idea of how it is done..hahaha!
  5. okay...I have now got the NK2 to work for Vol Pan mute solo etc etc, using AZController...BUT I cannot get the transport buttons to "learn" anything. There is no option for it to learn...how do you set the transport controls on the NK2 to run in Sonar under the AZController? Thanks
  6. It's the thin coloured bar that appears at the far left of the tracks pane when a controller is being used. I can get the controller to work on other tracks but the coloured bar seems to be only available on one track?? I can move this to another track but I cannot seem to get multiple tracks included
  7. thanks - yeah I tried AZController, but it just seemed way too complicated. I don't think it allows "midi learn" either. For example using the AZ I could not get Sonar to "see" the transport controls on the NK2 - and setting other parameters, using the screens provided under AZ, seemed like a "spreadsheet jungle" to me hahaha!
  8. Thanks SK - that is the one I am using. I posted a question on the thread he participated in, but no response so far. His file is good, I just need to be able to modify one knob to a CC # other than "hard wired" to PAN.
  9. thanks, but only got the one controller. I have since discovered that all the knobs are preset to PAN...so that is why the jumps. I juts now need to find a way to modify the MACKIE control .inf file but I cannot find it anywhere!
  10. Using MACKIE mode (in Sonar - I select Sonar Mode on the actual NK2 [SET+REC buttons when powering on] ) when I assign one of the knobs to the main volume slider it only jumps from -71 to -8 to +6 ?? all the knobs are the same - afaik, in MACKIE they are supposed to be full range, IE 0-127. Any ideas? EDIT: ok the knobs are auto assigned to PAN! so that explains that. Doesn't seem to be any way to assign the knob to any other CC apparently.
  11. thanks (I posted the question on the second link, hopefully I can get some answers there ) - in the interim I have managed to get it working via the MACKIE Control preset...however when I assign one of the knobs to the main volume slider it only jumps from -71 to -8 to +6 ?? all the knobs are the same - afaik, in MACKIE they are supposed to be full range, IE 0-127. Any ideas?
  12. I have tried a .spp file I found for the nano but apart from finding how to import it, not sure how to use it...if I set the nano to Mackie, some sliders work as default over all projects and some don't. Is there a way to set the nano as an ACT controller that loads automatically for any project? IE I do not have to reset the controls (or re-do "learn") each time? I know I can use the basic.cwt but I'd much rather have it as a "generic" setting. Thanks
  13. Not sure if it's been covered, but I had issues with ST crashing as well. I fixed it by taking my audio I/F off being system default, re-enabling on-board sound and assigning THAT to be system default. With sounds set to off as well. Have not had a crash since.
  14. Thanks for the image BJ, I was looking (as I have done in the past and it always worked!!) at the drop down menu just to the right of the time box in your pic...where is says custom. This is where in the past I just selected all, then saved the .cwt . That apparently does not work anymore, but the NONE in that upper right dropdown did! So thanks
  15. Nah, this is just trying to setup the "Basic" and then set that to load at startup. I can save then amended basic template, but Sonar either 1. refuses to load it or 2. is actually NOT saving it even though it says it does! Thanks anyway
  16. Actually there is no option for "none"?? All there is is ALL - CUSTOM - FX - I/O And also, I have Pro Channel view open, not closed and this also defaults back to closed, even though saved....I am starting to think something got broken in the latets update, perhaps? Ok so here's an interesting thing I just noticed, my preferred option DOES load, briefly (about 1 second) then the Sonar default workspace one over-rides it and loads?!
  17. cool, thanks Grem and BJ, I'll give that a try!
  18. Yep saving as a .cwt (as written in the op ) no, I thought setting it to ALL would suffice as it has in the past with every other version!
  19. Editing the "basic.cwt" template, but this Sonar is not saving it correctly. I am trying to have the track list as "ALL" and not "Workspace" and the console removed from the Multi-dock. However, now matter how many times I over-write and re-save the basic.cwt, those things always get loaded with basic.cwt I want it as basic as I want this to be loaded when Sonar starts, and I have that option checked in prefs as well. Version 2020.1 build 28
  20. Firstly, to confirm, to maker sure panning will work, I set the interleave to mono, or stereo? Now the issue, I am trying to create panning envelopes, which is fine, and seems to work when I create them, but when I re-open a project they don't work and everything is running centre...even using the dedicate pan control box and setting either 100% left or right makes no difference...any ideas of what I have wrong? IIRC I have tried the interleave option at both stereo and mono. Thanks UPDATE: Started the process again and this time the pan box setting worked, but the Pan envelope itself is not affecting anything...
  21. What is this green line that appears above the clips pane? When I place the cursor there it changes to a tiny S . I'd like to get rid of it as it is annoying!
  22. So after much checking etc, I finally found why - the ALLOW ARM CHANGES DURING PLAYBACK/RECORDING in Recording options was unchecked! I thought it odd that the main record button in the transport bar was not changing to red when I was pressing the R key- only just noticed it tbh...so I went looking the in project record options and then checked that box and it is now recording again. Thanks for all the input and suggestions.
  23. ok checked all of the above (including any hidden loop points) and all is clear. All is connected, the graph (LED) on the right of the track pane shows MIDI activity, it is all set to the correct channel, I can actually play the synth involved, it simply does not record!!
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