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  1. Let's say I have a track and I've set the input gain knob at -4db. Once I freeze that track, the gain knob returns back to 0db. Now imagine this happening across an entire mix. That's what I've been experiencing and no! Unfreezing the tracks doesn't return the gain knob back to my initial settings. How do I go about conquering this?
  2. I noticed that when I'm using CbB and I load up a waves plugin say for example a waves studio rack, when I try to use the search function, if for any reason I punch in a key that CbB uses as a shortcut CbB grabs the key from waves and as a result if I try to search for C1, once I press the C key while the search on waves studio rack is active, CbB's ribbon disappears and pressing it again will make it reappear. How do I stop this from happening? It's making it very stressful to use some waves plugins as I have to scroll down long lists to find the plugin I'm looking for instead of just searching for it.
  3. dePUNDIT

    Autotune issues

    I had installed on my Windows 10 PC Autotune 6 Evo (x86) VST2 , Autotune 8.1 (x64) VST3 and Autotune Pro (x64) VST3. PROBLEM 1. Cbb can only find 8.1 but when I load it, it loads with Autotune Pro UI and doesn't recall settings upon closing and reopening of project. PROBLEM 2. Haven experienced problem 1 above, I formated my computer and only installed Autotune 6 and Autotune Pro. CbB found Autotune Pro and it loaded with the correct UI but still doesn't recall settings after closing and reopening of projects. What is the problem here and how do I get past this issue. I just formated my computer again and haven't installed any version of Autotune. Please is there a fix for this kinda thing?
  4. dePUNDIT

    Rewire Issues

    Problem solved. I just u installed and reinstalled CbB and everything works properly now.
  5. dePUNDIT

    Rewire Issues

    The Rewire devices are showing up and working properly in every other daw except for CbB.
  6. dePUNDIT

    Rewire Issues

    Please I need help urgently. I have a lot of rewire devices on my computer which include Reaper, Reason, FL Studio, Hypersonic and even Waves Rewire. Currently my Cakewalk by Bandlab installation isn't showing any rewire devices in the Rewire tab of the browser. How do I make CbB find all my rewire devices?
  7. I have an issue with hypersonic 2 x32 bridged with Jbridge in CbB. It crashes immediately and doesn't open. Meanwhile it works fine in Reaper, Cubase, Studio One and Live. Any solution to getting Hypersonic 2 to run with Jbridge in CbB?
  8. @Scook I downloaded your tool but it doesn't display the entire page on my screen. The lower parts are cut off and I can't scroll. How do I fix this issue?
  9. dePUNDIT

    Rewiring Reason to CbB

    Rewiring Reason with CbB only the main outputs 1-2 come in as a stereo mix. All other outputs 3-4, 5-6 etc all come in as individual mono tracks. Even when the stereo is supposedly selected for other output pairs, only one channel comes out as a forced stereo signal. Is there something I'm not doing?
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