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  1. Looks like this second issue was temporary, it got fixed automatically when I changed my output from earphones to speakers to back to earphones.
  2. Hey, Thanks a lot for a quick reply. Doing VST reset did the trick. I have been looking for a solution of this last 4 hours :(. Now I have a new problem (not related to this): when I use the SI Drum kit, I hear a loud ring associated to playing any of the tom and bass drum. I can hear this same ring while using SSD5 drums instrument. Only plugin where I do not get this ringing noise is in mt drum kit 2. Any idea why?
  3. Hi, I recently installed the cakewalk software using the Bandlab assistant. While installing I chose the Studio instrument suite add on. When I load cakewalk, I see that the studio instruments plugins are getting categorized as FX making it impossible for me to use as instruments. Any idea what I can do to correct this? Here is how it looks like:
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