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  1. I'd really like it if I could have different project windows moved off the of cakewalk screen an onto other monitors. I have three monitors and it's always a little crammed to try to edit and paste between two project on one screen. Thanks for a great program
  2. All i can say is "I"m So Happy" The plugin problem has been bugin me for months and I've realized it was causing problems for me going back a long time and I have been checking twice a day for the update now I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I don't have to double check my plugins all the time. Thanks again for tracking this down
  3. Any ETA on the new release with the Plugin Bug fix. I'm so excited I keep checking obsessively to see if it is up! 🙂
  4. I am often told that I shouldn't start will all instruments in a track but often should add them in as song progresses. I have a song: where I have two guitars playing one left and right and I think I want to try starting off with just one playing (and probably keep the centered drums and bass) but am worried that it will make the track sound unbalanced with it just coming out of one side. Is it standard practice to more center an instrument at first and then move it to one side when the 2nd one comes in. Anyone know of any good tutorials on bringing in one instrument at time?
  5. This is considered by many to be my finest song, and one of my most popular on the internet, written with Freebo. THE WIDER VIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U804DJStm_I&list=PLNE-zflPjn9DLUgHkFVv6fnKSAZUy481n My process is that I used Band In A Box REALTRACKS for most instruments. In this song I played double tracked guitar and my stand up bass player played stand up bass. I have Ozone and Maserati Waves plugins on many tracks. I also Melodyne my vocals. Am open to ANY constructive feedback on how to tweak the track to make it better. I am trying to get up the courage to use ADDICTIVE DRUMS for drum tracks. Band In A Box has pretty good drums and they are easy and actual recording of people playing. But you can't edit the instruments and they come up on one stereo track rather than a seperate track for each drum
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I understand MIDI and cakewalk well enough I'm just struggling on how to get going when starting a song from scratch, IE how to make a guitar part to chords I already have etc. Probably will start out with DRUMS since there are built in patterns
  7. I've used Cakewalk for 20 years (with huge breaks of time in there!) I've used it mainly for audio recording and editing, including integrating it with BAND IN A BOX which I use to easily make audio tracks for my songs (I'm a singer/songwriter/guitar player mainly) This has worked out great and I understand the program fairly well. However I have never really done anything with MIDI. I've been a bit spoiled by Band In A Box (and occasionally recording actual musicians) generating really good audio tracks for me that I haven't sat down and really learned to make tracks from midi. I find the idea a bit daunting. Don't get me wrong I basically understand how midi editing works and how the functions of cakewalk work and I surely could edit a pre-made midi track if need be. But the idea of taking a song I've written and going from chords/melody to a complete track seems a bit overwhelming and I'm not sure how to start to approach that. I'm used to simply typing in chords and having band in a box doing the heavy lifting, but then you have to take what it gives yo./ Are there really good videos people can recommend and/or libraries of midi tracks. I occasionally see programs for sale, but they aren't cakewalk specific. i'm mainly singer/songwriter type stuff. I'm considering starting with learning drums. Any thoughts appreciated
  8. Great I haven't experienced this bug since the latest update, but maybe I have just been lucky. Thanks for taking care of this! And if I may add.. WOOOOOO HOOOOO !
  9. OOOPS that's it! Forget the above post, how embarrasing! I
  10. oops forgot to select "notify me of replys"
  11. Glad for the changes, but I've finding something really basic has changed for me and it sounds simular to what is mentioned above: What I’m used to is pre-slicing the phrases of the takes I’m comping. Then during playback I’m selecting each take one at a time till I decide what’s best. Then clicking and listening to the next phrase and so forth. Previously, while comping, selecting a take during playback would play everything from the start of that clip. So now to do this I’m having to hold Shift then select. Now I don't mind holding down the shift key all that much but I find that when I do it zooms in onto the clip changing from this: to THIS: Where i can only see the small section that I'm working on. This really changes things for me, i suppose I could get used to it, but I'm used to having the wider view of things. Is there a way to change it so it doesn't zoom when I click on it before? Thanks again for a great program and all your work
  12. Interesting. I have tons of old plugins and I think just nuking them all and re-installing might fix the problem.
  13. Really happy with the new ARA2 integration makes Melodyne and cakewalk working together better, this was one issue why people I know left Cakewalk when it went bust. Now if cakewalk could only solve the "not saving settings for plugins" bug I'll be singing it's praises .
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