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  1. Thanks also to scook, I've now had a chance to look at the MFreeFXBundle and MUtility has a channel swap function. Also there's a lot of free stuff in the Bundle so plenty to play with.
  2. Thanks for prompt response with ideas. Having a recent version of Cakewalk I don't have the ChannelTools VST so could not try that. I tried the 'bounce to track' option but it seems it is only available for recorded signals which is not what I'm after as I want a realtime solution. I managed to achieve what I wanted using the Stereo Control plugin (see link below) on 1 of the tone generator tracks and using the swap channels facility. I then combined the 2 tone generators in an Aux track and then routed that to the scope track. However, not perfect results as I can't get a stable trigger on both channels with the scope VST that I have (J-Scope V1.1). Perhaps someone can recommend an alternative? http://www.alexhilton.net/A1AUDIO/index.php/a1stereocontrol I must admit I was a bit surprised at having to use a 3rd party plugin to achieve what I thought was a very basic function. The old days analogue equivalent would be a jack patch panel where you would just plug 1 mono signal jack from 1 tone generator into one stereo channel and the other one generator mono jack into the other stereo channel. I'm sure such a basic routing functionality exists in Cakewalk but I've yet to find it. Thank you all once again for your help.
  3. I'm new to Cakewalk and DAWs in general so this may be a very basic question. I have a tone generator VSTi that produces a mono signal (frequency 1) on the left hand channel, nothing on the righthand channel. I wish to move this signal to the right hand channel. Then using another instance of the tone generator producing frequency 2 on the lefthand channel combine this with frequency 1 on the right hand channel to produce a stereo signal. Can this be done? Many thanks
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