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  1. I'm trying to use my Novation Impulse and Logidy UMI3 at the same time. When I select ACT 1 (Impulse) with the Logidy configured, I cannot find my previous Impulse file - the name is no longer on the list and I cannot configure things like Volume Sliders. Any ideas?
  2. Re-opening this can of worms. Normally, when I'm "upgrading" a track to a Dimension sound I like better, it's been as simple as changing the output from TTS-1 to Dimension. I have a case where, with the exception of the drum track, I can't use Dimension or any other plugin. Silence from the Bass, Guitar, etc. I'd like to upgrade my Dimension to 1.5, but have not been able to as it requires the 1.2 update first. I do not have access to my old Cakewalk account. So far I have been able to struggle along with Dim 1.0, but this situation has me stumped. Enclosed is the file "Cripple Creek" which is giving me the problems. CRIPPLE CREEK.cwp
  3. Having the same issue (snap shows set to 1/4 but will only snap to whole notes). Love to try your solution but I have no idea how to get to the options you show which might need changing.
  4. Thanks for the response. I'd still rather use the expression pedal to control the leslie. If someone could clarify the points in my first post, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Ok - I now have a controller event. Where do you change the volume to 7 and "the value" to 100, please? Also: is this viable for live performance? I'm trying to get the expression pedal to control leslie speed in a Hammond vst while I'm playing. Sometimes I just run out of hands!
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