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  1. That is true, I could do that. I should clarify: I would like to see this option added to the "start screen" menu. I have gotten used to using the 'start screen' for opening and creating new projects. That's what I was referring to. Sorry I wasn't clearer.
  2. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, and now it works fine. Maybe it was a Windows update that threw something out of whack, but reinstalling the Steinberg software seemed to solve it.
  3. I'd like to request that Cakewalk can have a "ask every time" option for sample rates when creating new projects. When I do music work, I work at 96k, but I also work with a lot of podcasters, and they send me tracks at 44.1 or 48k. I'd like to have the option to choose my sample rate when I'm creating a new project rather than going into the preferences every time and changing the default prior to creating a new project. Thank you.
  4. Something I've been confused by for a while, and it's the reason I don't use the Ripple Edit feature very often, is because when I do a cut, I can have it do automatic crossfades, which generally work quite well. However, if I turn Ripple edit on, and make a modification (like delete a section), the automatic crossfades go away. then I have to go enter things manually, defeating the purpose of having it do them automatically. Could the Ripple edit be changed so that if the Automatic Crossfades button is on, it will keep the crossfades? (ed. note: I put this in the general section before I found the 'feedback' area. Is it possible to delete the other post?)
  5. Quick update: I connected the UR44C to my studio tower and it tracks just fine at 24/96. So there's something with the laptop that is causing the issue.
  6. I turned off power management, set the USB suspend to disabled, and do have the latest drivers from Steinberg. No change. Still won't stay at anything over 48k. I now seem to be able to assign an input to a track, but shortly after I arm it to record, it disappears again.
  7. Hi. So I just picked up a Steinberg UR44C interface and I'm having a problem: Every time I open Cakewalk, everything is fine. Drivers are there, channels are there. Everything is ready to go. But as soon as I attempt to assign a channel to a track, everything disappears. I get a "The... device was disconnected from your system. But it's still connected. It still shows up in Windows as being there, but it's just gone from Cakewalk. So I close Cakewalk and re-open it (or if I change driver types and then switch back to ASIO), then it's back and everything is where it's supposed to be. Sometimes I can even get the input assigned to a track, but the instant I hit the record arm button, it all disappears again. Here are my specifics: - Windows 10 - HP Laptop (AMD A12-9720P processor) - Latest Cakewalk by Bandlab - Firmware is 1.01 in the UR44C, latest drivers Now, here's where the glitch might lie: I am running the system in 24/96. If I drop it down to 44.1 or 48, then this isn't a problem. I can assign and record without worries. However, Now I know this interface is rated at 32-float/192, so I'm not worried about the box. But when I open Cakewalk at anything over 48k, the interface "disappears" from Cakewalk. Extremely frustrating. Any suggestions on how to make this work above 48k?
  8. I have a question: I had X3 Producer with all the bells and whistles. As that iteration of the product was dying, I downloaded all of the software that I had paid for. However, my list of registration codes has disappeared, and I can no longer seem to get into that old account. I still want to be able to use the programs, but I need the access codes, and all of the emails to customer support have gone unanswered. So is there any way to get my list of registration codes from back in the day?
  9. Nevermind. Found the problem. It does not share the ASIO with Melodyne like it says it will. I did not realize it was still active in the background. Ignore this section of post. Carry on.
  10. My issue is simple: Since updating to 2019.11, I have no audio going to my soundcard. Is this a common issue? The engine runs, the meters move, but nothing is going thru the ASIO to the soundcard.
  11. I've changed over to CbB and that's fine, but I want to use the synths that came with Platinum. Something happened during the changeover, and now Dimension and Rapture don't work, and while I have the software packages all downloaded from my old account, I can't find my list of registration codes to make them all work again. Customer service doesn't respond when I ask about this, so does anyone else know of a way I can get my list of registration numbers back?
  12. I love using Melodyne (I have M4 Studio) in the Region FX (RFX) of the tracks. However, lately Cakewalk has been forgetting everything I do in the RFX. So I will pull a song back up, and the track will have "<Melodyne> Track 1" on it, showing that it has been edited in RFX, but if I attempt to open the editing window, it's gone. It just says "Create Region FX." Why is CbB suddenly getting RFX amnesia? Should I go back to the old way of opening Melodyne as an effect on the channel? And is this a common issue, or is it only my system that's doing this? Edit: This is a hit-and-miss problem. Sometimes if the RFX didn't work, I can close the song and reopen it, then all of my edits are there. There have been times where this didn't work, and it all had to get rebuilt, but ab out 70% of the time it does. That being said, it's massively nerve-wracking when it happens on someone's session, and looks madly unprofessional when you say "oops. I have to reload it because it didn't load correctly..." That doesn't instill faith in clients. So is there any way this can be addressed?
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