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  1. Scook, thank you for showing me the select thru end and delete. I had no idea that was in there. I can finally clean up several songs now!
  2. It appears it's crashing because of the Izotope de-reverb plugins I have on the channels. I don't know why that's causing this to crash, but I've seen it in other threads about crashing. My next request is the ability to delete your posts when you find they're no longer warranted.
  3. I just updated to the latest patch of Cakewalk (2011.4.0144), and I'm attempting to bounce down a podcast, and it apears to get about 25% finished and the program becomes unresponsive. This is a brand new issue. I have let the program run in the background now for about an hour, and it is still unresponsive. This used to be about a 20-30 minute export (my system is about 10 years old). Now it's completely freezing up. I'm not sure how to get a crash report for this, but I would be happy to post one here once I figure out how. The wav file it created is only 4k, so it's just a place holder apparently. I need help with this ASAP or I will have a massive backlog of podcasts piling up very quickly. HELP!!
  4. I've run into this on a few projects over the years and it's really kind of annoying. So I have a song as you can see in the image. When I do a CTRL+F, this is how it fills the screen. So there's something at the end that is extending the project WAY beyond the end of the music... AND I CANNOT FIND IT. It's not a floating piece of audio. It doesn't appear to be an envelope marker. I have no idea what it is. But it's there, and now exporting this track takes twice as long because it dumps this whole thing, and I have to go in and cut over a third of the track out. So my request is: would it be possible to have a button or something where, when you hit it, it will show you where the absolute end of your song is and/or what is the very last thing in your track? So if you have a loose envelope marker from a rearranging you did on a track and forgot about, or some piece of audio or whatever was left well beyond the end, it can show you what that is so you can delete it? - OR - maybe have it so you can put the Now Time marker at where you consider to be the end of the song, and have a menu feature that says "Delete everything beyond the Now Marker" or something like that, and it will just nuke everything beyond that point, so you no longer get invisible extended songs.
  5. Using the new update I'm discovering some glitches dragging audio clips to 0:00. I'm helping someone edit a podcast. When we cut off the dead space at the beginning, everything's fine. However, if I then take the file and drag it back to absolute zero (0:00:00), things go all kinds of crazy. I attached images so you can see what it's doing. It only happens with "Ripple All" engaged. In the images attached, the file is starting at around the six second mark. It's a 17 minute track and has two cuts in it There is only one track. When I drag the first section to 0:00, it breaks like this. In fact, if I drag it to almost anywhere below the one second mark causes this to happen. This did not happen prior to the 2021.4 update.
  6. I don't know how popular this request would be, but I would like to be able to customize the timeline at the top of the track view. I would like a timeline display that's just minutes and seconds. I don't do much that runs on into hours and I never have a need for milliseconds. I'm either doing single songs or podcast work, and just to have a rough timeline for keeping track of where things are would be great. Having hours and milliseconds up there, while practical for doing video work, only clutters up the timeline and makes it very hard to read. Side note: I would also like to be able to make the numbers in the timeline larger. I'm getting old, and on a high-resolution screen, the timeline numbers are really hard to see. If there was a way to either make them larger, or somehow de-clutter the lines, that would make having a timeline up there much more helpful, in my opinion. Thanks.
  7. That is true, I could do that. I should clarify: I would like to see this option added to the "start screen" menu. I have gotten used to using the 'start screen' for opening and creating new projects. That's what I was referring to. Sorry I wasn't clearer.
  8. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, and now it works fine. Maybe it was a Windows update that threw something out of whack, but reinstalling the Steinberg software seemed to solve it.
  9. I'd like to request that Cakewalk can have a "ask every time" option for sample rates when creating new projects. When I do music work, I work at 96k, but I also work with a lot of podcasters, and they send me tracks at 44.1 or 48k. I'd like to have the option to choose my sample rate when I'm creating a new project rather than going into the preferences every time and changing the default prior to creating a new project. Thank you.
  10. Something I've been confused by for a while, and it's the reason I don't use the Ripple Edit feature very often, is because when I do a cut, I can have it do automatic crossfades, which generally work quite well. However, if I turn Ripple edit on, and make a modification (like delete a section), the automatic crossfades go away. then I have to go enter things manually, defeating the purpose of having it do them automatically. Could the Ripple edit be changed so that if the Automatic Crossfades button is on, it will keep the crossfades? (ed. note: I put this in the general section before I found the 'feedback' area. Is it possible to delete the other post?)
  11. Quick update: I connected the UR44C to my studio tower and it tracks just fine at 24/96. So there's something with the laptop that is causing the issue.
  12. I turned off power management, set the USB suspend to disabled, and do have the latest drivers from Steinberg. No change. Still won't stay at anything over 48k. I now seem to be able to assign an input to a track, but shortly after I arm it to record, it disappears again.
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