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  1. A lot of interesting options here. And while they all have their place, I just want a "What you hear is what you get" option, where I don't have to worry about "did I leave a track highlighted accidentally?" or anything like that. While there are plenty of uses and situations where you could want ONLY that section run thru the meat grinder, for me, those times are much fewer and farther between than just "mix is done. squash it out."
  2. That's really good to know. Thank you. I would still like to see it integrated into the "Save As..." menu. Just have a checkbox that says "Save workspace with template" or something like that. Or a side list similar to the Export page: A list of check boxes. It can be "Save with template: Workspace, Bit rate," etc. That's all.
  3. This is an issue I've had with Cakewalk forever. Might as well work it out. Why, when you go to "File>Export>Audio" and even though you have "Entire Mix" selected as your audio source, if you happen to accidently have a clip selected, THAT is the only thing that gets mixed down? I would really like to see this get changed. Because I don't know how many times I've worked on a song, exported it, and closed out to polish the song in another piece of software, only to find out that only clip three of the trumpet sample actually got exported. So I have to re-open Cakewalk, then re-open the project, then re-export the song, making sure I haven't clicked on a track before doing it. It's just a frustrating and unnecessary waste of time. I would like it so when you export via the File menu, and it says "Entire Mix," then you should get the entire mix, REGARDLESS of if a clip is selected or not. If I wanted ONLY that clip, then I would select "Tracks" as my source. I really like the fact that the Export module in the control panel will give you everything, regardless of if something is highlighted or not, but then you get none of the advanced options, like dither, fast bounce/real time, etc. So can this issue be fixed please? Just make it so "Entire Mix" gives you everything, regardless of if a clip happens to be selected. Maybe add a "Selected Clip(s) Only" source option for when you only want a specific clip or clips to be exported. And/or add all of the advanced bouncedown features to the Export module of the control panel. I would actually love it if the Export module had all the Export pane features anyway. But either way.
  4. That's interesting. How do you get it to save the control panel in the template? I can't seem to get mine to do that.
  5. I've mentioned something like this before, but I'm taking it a step further: What if there was an option to record EVERYTHING in a template: tracks, plugins, bit & sample rates, control panel layout, and things like tempo grid display. I work on a lot of different kinds of projects with a lot of different settings: 44.1k podcasts, 48k recording projects sent to me, and 96k recording projects I do myself. It would be GREAT to be able to store all the necessary layout info for each type of project in a template. So for podcasts, I have a reduced control panel, no visible tempo grid on the tracks, and it sets the sample rate to 44.1k. Then for my music recording projects, I can have a 48k and a 96k template that automatically changes the sample rate, displays the tempo grid, and gives me my talored control panel. This would also be very helpful for people who use Cakewalk for video work as well. To set up with video on, turn off the tempo grid, and a modified control panel for their purposes. I think this would help a lot of people who work on diverse kinds of projects.
  6. That's very interesting. I didn't think of trying the VST version. I only used VST3. However, after trying them both, I still get the same result. No mix groups. Thanks for the information though.
  7. I have the same issue with SEQ 3. I've been chatting with Sonible for a while, as they have a few issues. For example, I keep my studio computer off-line, so I don't need to worry about anti-virus software, etc. That disables mix groups for me, even though it shouldn't. They say you don't need to be online for it to work, but that isn't the case (with my Cakewalk, anyway.) They admit they haven't been testing with Cakewalk, so they were unaware of how things were working. But I did tell them about it not showing up in the 'recently used' apps. has anyone else here transitioned from Smart EQ 2 to Smart EQ 3? While there are things about 3 that are great (like the dynamic equalization), I don't think the automated EQs are as good as they were in 2. I think 2 came up with more usable plots. Am I the only one who thinks that?
  8. Also, I'm noticing that when I put SmartEQ 3 on a channel, it does not appear in the recently added plugin list when I go to add another channel. This is the only plugin I've ever used that does this. It's like Cakewalk isn't acknowledging that the plugin even exists. Has anyone else run into that?
  9. I would agree: Smart EQ 2 did give SUBSTANTIALLY better results. I'm curious how it all changed so drastically. Also: Have you had any issues creating the SEQ3 mix groups? For some reason, my copy won't make them. I'm working with Sonible on it, but was curious if anyone else was having problems with this.
  10. Here are a few things I'd like to suggest, none of which are "make or break," but maybe some people would find helpful (?) 1. For people who use Cakewalk for things like podcasts (and I suppose audio for video as well, although I don't do that, so I might be talking out of my butt on that), one thing that is of no use is the tempo and the tempo grid. What would you think of having the option to disable that when creating a new project? So it turns off the tempo and removes the tempo grid. I know this is a SUPER MINOR thing and many people would say "why bother," and you're not wrong. I'm just thinking for when I go back and forth between doing podcast work and doing songs, it would be nice to create a new file specific to what I'm working on, without unnecessary things cluttering my view. 2. What about having the ability to embed the desired sample rate into a template, so it would open at the rate you want, not the "default" that is in Preferences. I bring that up because I work in 96k when I'm doing music projects, but I have a bunch of podcasters I do work for, and all those projects are in 44.1k (that's what the files are that get sent to me). So when I throw those into the podcast template, it would be nice for the template to open at 44.1, rather than me having to go into Preferences and change the resolution before I open the template. Again, not a huge thing, but it would be very convenient to have that option. That way I can leave my default at 96k, but the template would know to open that new project at 44.1k. 3. I really appreciate the new "Export" drop down menu that has been added to the Modules. Currently it has the output options to set sample and bit rate. If you're going to have those, could you add a 'Dither' option there as well? I think that would be super helpful for the best output. The options are there if you do the old "File>Export>Audio". I don't think ALL of those features necessarily need to be in the quick Export menu (although would it be bad if they were?), but I think if you can set the bit rate, you should be able to set a dither level as well, in my opinion. Thanks.
  11. This is just a question. There are a couple reasons for it: 1. They don't recommend combining VST2 and VST3 plugins on the same channels, so if you're combining plugins (95% of what I run is VST3), and I have had some glitchy situations with combining 2 and 3. 2. VST3 plugins are more efficient. There are a lot of things that make VST3 a better all-around platform to work in. For a little more info, check out https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/vst-2-4-vs-vst-3-0-who-cares-you-do/ 2. VST3 is the standard and VST2 will eventually be phased out. Might as well keep things usable for a while. This conversation has been going on for a while. I found other threads about it on the old Cakewalk forum. http://forum.cakewalk.com/VST-vs-VST3-Plugins-m3363634.aspx. Since it doesn't appear to be a gigantic leap, programming-wise, from 2 to 3 (they seem to be built on the same base coding), so I thought I'd ask.
  12. I'm not a programmer and fully admit I have no idea what would be involved with this process, but I was wondering if Cakewalk by Bandlab has ever considered upgrading the plugins that used to come with Cakewalk (like the Tube Leveler, Boost11, Percussion Strip, Vocal Strip, etc.) to VST3? I think some tweaks to these and getting them up to today's standards would be an excellent addition to the modern Cakewalk. Thoughts?
  13. I just upgraded from my very old Intel i7 2600k to a Ryzen 5900x, and the speed difference is night and day, and the number of plugins/virtual instruments I can run is basically unbridaled. However, one issue I'm having is that Cakewalk (CbB) crashes a LOT more often than it used to. While it is by no means a debilitating situation, it is frustrating to know that I can expect something to take down Cakewalk a few times a day when I'm mixing. I'm not blaming Cakewalk or the new processor/motherboard/memory combo, I'm just saying that I have logged MANY crash dumps since upgrading. I still think it was a very good decision to make, but I'm letting you know. Maybe your situation will be different.
  14. That worked. I had no idea that was in there. Thank you.
  15. Scook, thank you for showing me the select thru end and delete. I had no idea that was in there. I can finally clean up several songs now!
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