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  1. I have a question: I had X3 Producer with all the bells and whistles. As that iteration of the product was dying, I downloaded all of the software that I had paid for. However, my list of registration codes has disappeared, and I can no longer seem to get into that old account. I still want to be able to use the programs, but I need the access codes, and all of the emails to customer support have gone unanswered. So is there any way to get my list of registration codes from back in the day?
  2. Nevermind. Found the problem. It does not share the ASIO with Melodyne like it says it will. I did not realize it was still active in the background. Ignore this section of post. Carry on.
  3. My issue is simple: Since updating to 2019.11, I have no audio going to my soundcard. Is this a common issue? The engine runs, the meters move, but nothing is going thru the ASIO to the soundcard.
  4. I've changed over to CbB and that's fine, but I want to use the synths that came with Platinum. Something happened during the changeover, and now Dimension and Rapture don't work, and while I have the software packages all downloaded from my old account, I can't find my list of registration codes to make them all work again. Customer service doesn't respond when I ask about this, so does anyone else know of a way I can get my list of registration numbers back?
  5. I love using Melodyne (I have M4 Studio) in the Region FX (RFX) of the tracks. However, lately Cakewalk has been forgetting everything I do in the RFX. So I will pull a song back up, and the track will have "<Melodyne> Track 1" on it, showing that it has been edited in RFX, but if I attempt to open the editing window, it's gone. It just says "Create Region FX." Why is CbB suddenly getting RFX amnesia? Should I go back to the old way of opening Melodyne as an effect on the channel? And is this a common issue, or is it only my system that's doing this? Edit: This is a hit-and-miss problem. Sometimes if the RFX didn't work, I can close the song and reopen it, then all of my edits are there. There have been times where this didn't work, and it all had to get rebuilt, but ab out 70% of the time it does. That being said, it's massively nerve-wracking when it happens on someone's session, and looks madly unprofessional when you say "oops. I have to reload it because it didn't load correctly..." That doesn't instill faith in clients. So is there any way this can be addressed?
  6. Hello! I don't know how many people actually use this feature, but I really like the "Clean Audio Folder" option (I try to use it every couple years to clean out the trash), but could a "Remove to Recycle Bin" option be added? Currently, when it deletes, it DELETES. So if it accidentally finds tracks that you really do need for some reason, if it throws them away, they're gone. It would be great to have the option to pull them back in those situations. Would that be possible? Thanks.
  7. Been out for a minute. 1. That should fix the resizing issue. Apologies. Didn't know the forum automatically resized things. 2. Even if I resave the project, it goes through the same "can't find the plug-ins" dialogs every time I re-open CbB. HOWEVER, if I open one project, click "Ok" half a dozen times, then close that project, if I open that or any other project - without closing out of CbB - then it doesn't have me jump through those hoops again. It's only the first time you open a project in Cakewalk that it makes you do that. But if you close Cakewalk and re-open it, then you will have to click "Ok" again the first time you open a project. 3. I have reset and re-scanned the VST folders numerous times, and it never seems to fix the problem. 4. I have not yet done the dump for the other problem because I completed that project and have gotten away from the studio for a bit. But I will endeavor to re-create the problem tonight and get a dump created.
  8. So I switched from Sonar Platinum (SP) to the new CbB. However, I my system still defaults to using all the extra plugins that came with SP (PC76 compressor, Gloss EQ, Tube Saturation, etc.). Every time I open CbB, and open any project - existing or new - I immediately get "the following VST plug-in CLSID could not be matched" error (see attached photo). However, the correct plug-in is RIGHT THERE. So I have to hit "Ok" about 6 times before any project will open. If I close the project or open a new one inside the same CbB session, it doesn't give me the error, but if I close CbB and re-open it, then I get the same errors and have to jump through all the hoops again. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. Could I get a little assistance on the string I should use?
  10. Ok. Now, not only is Melodyine being hit-and-miss with having blobs when the project opens, but I just opened a project and the entire Melodyne Region edit is gone. The audio track still says "Melodyne" on it, like it has a region track, but I double-click it, or go through the menus to open it, and it only give me "Create Region FX". It's still pitch-correcting like the Region FX is still there, but I have absolutely no way to go in and edit it any longer. This is a serious problem!
  11. Ok, I'm the first to admit I'm not a programmer, but I understand how to fire off this program. However, there are a million options. Could you tell me what type of dump, exactly, you're looking for? Because I'm not sure what codes to use since the program itself will usually close, but it won't clear out of memory. An example line or the codes you'd like me to use would be very helpful. Thanks.
  12. It doesn't really matter. Half the time, if I just close the project - without closing Sonar - it still locks up. It's like it never finishes saving or something, and I sit there with a non-responsive blank Sonar page. And it seems like it doesn't matter how long I let it sit there, it never finishes flushing out the system. The frustrating part is, while the program is non-responsive, it isn't "bricked." I mean that if I tell the computer to shut down, it all closes out immediately. It's not like it's locked up in the system and I have to force it to shut down. But if I'm not restarting, it will sit there forever unless I either force it to close in Task Manager (and hope it actually closes), or restart the computer. And this is between EVERY PROJECT now. It's insanely unproductive. Side note: it might have to do with the plug-ins not shutting down. I don't seem to have a problem with opening/closing dry projects with little-to-no processing attached. But when I have something with a dozen or more plug-ins going, it won't close out willingly. It's actually frozen now: I closed a project (without closing Sonar), and it's completely unresponsive. And forcing the application to close doesn't mean much: the process thread won't close. So it's time for another reboot. Seriously, I'm glad I don't have an artist looking over my shoulder while I'm working on their music. They wouldn't trust me with their files. Please, Sonar, this needs to get fixed.
  13. Hi. Been using Cakewalk for about 15 years, and this problem seems to have come up in the last year or so: So when I close Cakewalk, it takes a LONG time for it to release files it's been using and actually close. Many times, I have to open Task Manager and force it to shut down. Say I'm working on a song and I hear there's some odd background noise in a track. So I save the file I'm working on, close Sonar, then open another piece of software to clean the track. However, when I go to save the track I've just cleaned, it says it can't save because the file is still being used by another program (Sonar). I can force the program to close, but that takes about 3-5 minutes to force Sonar to let go. Or I just restart the computer and that flushes the system. I use Windows 7 in the studio and have not had this problem before the last couple years. Does anyone else have a problem with Sonar either not closing voluntarily, or not releasing what you've been working on? Or doing it very, very slowly?
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