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  1. Spacebar. Press it to play, press it to stop. Used to go back to original position.
  2. In the past, when starting the transport at, say, measure 30 of a piece, then stopping it some arbitrary time later, say measure 32, the transport position has returned to the original position—back to measure 30, in this case. Now, however, when at start at 30 and stop at 32, the transport remains at 32. Starting the transport again starts from 32. I do not wish this to be the case. Is there some keyboard shortcut I accidentally pressed that I'm unaware of? Or has this changed since the most recent update? Basically, is this my fault or something else's?
  3. Just noticed this happened to me as well. The SI resources folders are still in the application folder, but the DLLs seem to be gone from everywhere.
  4. Added the LP-64 (from the X2 package) to a bus, and adjusted the input level to ~2 and the output to ~3. Sounds good. Hit CTRL-S and played the track. Seemed quieter. Opened up the plugin: input and output have reset to 0.0. Again set to ~2/~3. Hit CTRL-S with the plugin window open this time, and instantly the levels reset to 0.0. I've been using this plugin for years, and never has this happened. Something to do with the latest 05/2019 release? Anybody have an idea what's happening?
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