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  1. Structure is definitely more CPU friendly. I ran 6 instances, and barely scratched my CPU. If I ever upgrade from SampleTank 4 SE, I’m getting the boxed version. SMD
  2. I agree.., they’ve not really been keeping up with updates for Windows. I’ve already got a workaround for the issue, and that’s just setting up Multitimbral templates with Structure in my DAW. Structure is actually pretty CPU friendly too. I have a feeling that I’ll be able to run multiple instances if necessary. I’ve got quite a few VST’s from AIR and SoniVox. No problems with abt of them. AIR: Mini Grand, Xpand2, DB-33, Velvet, Hybrid 3, and Structure 2. SoniVox: 88 Ensemble, Orchestral Companion Strings and Woodwinds, Big Bang Universal Drums, and the Singles Bundle. All of these run great for me with Windows 10 Pro and Home Edition. SMD
  3. Thx, I saw they review not too long ago. The only issue I have with it right now is that it seems the longer I browse the presets it then doesn’t seem to load them. I’ll select a preset, all is great, about 15 minutes later (after selecting another preset) the text in the loading bar with the sample info will randomly turn red. Then samples won’t load, and I have to restart my DAW. SMD
  4. Well got it working! Do you know off hand how many sound categories there are supposed to be? I keep worrying that I didn’t get them all (I don’t always have the best luck with sample players and sound content.., like SampleTank 4 SE., what a nightmare!) SMD
  5. For Pete’s sake. I just sat and waited for Part 1 to download.., all that time waiting and just at the end of extraction I get a message “insert disk to ect”. Cancelled that pop up and everything in red saying files corrupted. WTF! That was just Part 1...
  6. So would downloading all 5 parts first, then turning off Anti Virus prior to extracting the files be the best route, or are you saying download the parts without Anti Virus running in the background, then extract? SMD
  7. Anyone here have experience with downloading AIR Structure 2 Sampler/Player? I’m downloading it from PluginBotique, and I see it’s a 5 part download. I might be wrong, but I thought it used to be a single download. Has anyone here done that 5 part download, and how did it go? I know it’s over 30 gigs of content (which is why I’m connected directly via Ethernet). SMD
  8. Msmcleod.., I understand your points, but what would explain the VST specific sustain issues? I can record a piano track using one VST that isn’t affected by this (SoniVox 88 Ensemble for example), then record the same thing using a piano from SampleTank or Air Mini Grand, and the problem is present. All would be recorded identical. Controller data for all included VST’s would show “pedal off” information, but only one of those three actually responds to the pedal off when pressing start/stop. SMD
  9. That’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing, but only with a few VST’s. People have said in the past “just press the space bar on a non-sustained part of that track”.., and honestly I wonder how many of those people are actually pianists or keyboardists because that’s an unbelievably frustrating approach to it. Especially when mixing. Seriously, try mixing a 15-20 track composition, and keeping tabs on all the sustain locations on ALL of your tracks . SMD
  10. I’m willing to bet if you check the controller data for the track, you’ll see pedal off messages. It’s an odd bug. SMD
  11. I checked the settings and made adjustments to your suggestions, still hangs. I don’t think it’s my USB cable. I have quite a few, I tried 5 different cables and the same with all (they’re not cheap cables either). SMD
  12. Thx.., that helped getting the setting to save, but the sustain issue is still present. Not sure if you guys have Xpand2 or SampleTank to test with, but I’ve got both showing the issue, and Acoustica’s Pianissimo as well. Again not all of us are experiencing it either. I talked with Simeon over on YouTube, who did his SampleTank 4 videos using Cakewalk. He didn’t have the issue. I do remember a few others on the forum responding they had the issue. My workaround was usually just use another VST, but SampleTank and Xpand2 get used a lot in my work. SMD.
  13. Mine had KEY set to C-0, and CONTROLLER set to 64. I set the CONTROLLER to 0, and it automatically reverted back to 64 after a recording test. I also set it to what your screen shot was and it still reverted back to 64 for CONTROLLER, and that was even after clicking APPLY to keep the change. It’s not saving the change, even after I close and reopen CW. SMD
  14. Anyone else still having the sustain issue with Cakewalk? We’ve discussed it in the past, and still couldn’t really pin it down. I’ve had the issue on several computers from various makers. Out of my VST’s it seems to affect AIR VST’s, and I’m even seeing it with SampleTank. Sustained notes “via a pedal input” just continue on when you toggle start/stop. When you look at the controller data, the sustain off message is recorded, but for whatever reason the VST’s don’t respond to it. SMD
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