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  1. I must have done a good job optimizing mine. For an older computer it really handles MixCraft 8 Pro very well. I’ll download Cakewalk to it tomorrow, I have a feeling it’ll run fine. SMD
  2. I only do VST recording. It’s shocking how many instances I can run of Xpand2 on it, and numerous effects. MixCraft 8 Pro runs rock solid on it. I don’t use it as my main computer, just pulled it out of storage and thought, hmmmm back up computer with Cakewalk. SMD
  3. I have an older Gateway All in One computer I used to use, and was curious if Cakewalk will run on it. It’s Windows 7 (64 bit), Pentium g620 - 2.6 ghz, and 4 gigs RAM. On this computer it’s already running MixCraft 8 Pro, with several 3rd party VST’s without any issues. I optimized it a long time ago for DAW usage, and it’s very surprising how much it can handle, even though the RAM is only 4 gigs. SMD
  4. If you’re going with a laptop, also consider screen size and ventilation. Laptops notoriously run hot (restricted by design). I’d recommend getting a cooling tray for it. They’re not expensive, and run off USB power. It makes a huge difference with my laptop. In terms of screen size, I say that because you may find the need to add a second screen depending on the size laptop you buy. Mine isn’t very large, so I have a 22” monitor hooked up to it. SMD
  5. It’s a shame really, MAudio’s customer service is pretty poor. I never updated any of my MAudio controllers over the years unless it was necessary. A customer should be able to return to a previous firmware without shipping the keyboard to them. When my MAudio Hammer 88 goes, it’ll be replaced with something better. What are you replacing it with? SMD
  6. I’d look at the MAudio first. Unfortunately MAudio controllers are notorious for developing issues with the pitchbend and modulation wheels. I have an MAudio Hammer 88, and I know it’s just a matter of time before it starts acting up. Again, a common MAudio problem. SMD
  7. I looked at the event list, and the controller data is being recorded for sustain off. When I recorded a piano track using SampleTank, the notes continued to sustain (even though Zero Controllers is selected, and the midi data for sustain off is also recorded). However, when I keep the midi track and just change the VST to SoniVox 88 Ensemble, the sustained notes stop like they should when I stop or pause playback. The same sustain issue happens with Xpand2 which would lead one to think that it’s an issue specific to the VST, but when I use Xpand2 in another DAW, it works properly. It’s a head scratcher 🤔
  8. Sorry haven’t replied to the post in a while. Been busy (6 kids, life in general, blah, blah, blah). Anyways, I do have that box checked for Zero controllers. I’ll do some testing this evening and look into the Event List. If it’s not recording the pedal off data, it’s strange as other programs and software I use this controller for do receive the off message. SMD
  9. I just record a piano track playing normally using a sustain pedal. When I play the track back, all is fine, but stopping the track results in sustained notes hanging. It really becomes an issue when you’ve got multiple tracks, and you’re doing simple mixer edits. Cant remember who it was, but another member used several different VST’s to confirm it. I just got SampleTank 4 and it’s doing it with this VST (along with others I have). Its like the sustain off message isn’t getting processed when you press stop. SMD
  10. Simeon Amburgey just posted a vid about this on YouTube. I asked him a question about t and he posted a how to vid just a few minutes ago. Thanks for your response. SMD
  11. Thank you! Yes, SampleTank was a nightmare for me too. I still can’t get one of my DAW’s to open it without crashing.
  12. I’m wondering if there is a possible sustain pedal bug in Cakewalk. We’ve discussed the topic of hanging notes in the past regarding notes hanging on sustained midi tracks. After reinstalling Cakewalk, and having the most current OS, the sustain issue is still there. I noticed it with several VST’s and now the latest one I downloaded (SampleTank 4). SMD
  13. Anyone know how the download goes with the AIR Structure 2 Workstation? Does it download as one single program like their XPand2 or does it download like IK’s SampleTank where the player and sound files are all separate? SMD
  14. The interesting thing is that I ran a Windows update as well prior to trying it again without ads-one. My computer for music production isn’t used for anything else. I only go online with it for updates to music software, and when I’m installing new VST’s. Perhaps it was a Windows 10 issue prior to the update I did. SMD
  15. How do I set up Cakewalk for Multitimbral use? I want to just run instance of the program and utilize its 16 parts. My other DAW utilizes “lanes”. Does Cakewalk do something similar? Thx! SMD
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