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  1. You might be on to something. I did a test with 4 different VST’s. SoniVox EightyEight Ensemble AIR Xpand!2 Acoustica Pianissimo Philharmonik 2 CE I recorded a piano passage with EightyEight Ensemble, then just copied the midi data to the other tracks (all piano patches). I then went track by track (muting) to test each VST. SoniVox 88 Ensemble is the only one that doesn’t hang. All others did. So if SoniVox is getting the proper messages, I wonder what’s happening with the others. I ran this test in another DAW, and none of them hung (with the exception of Philharmonik 2 that crashes that DAW, and can’t be used for the test). SMD
  2. This has to be a sustain bug. It’s only hanging if stop is pressed while a note is being sustained. If I stop the project at points where sustain CC data isn’t present, it’s fine. Any time stop is pressed while sustain is active, notes hang. Blogosherianman, have you updated to the latest version of Cakewalk, if so are you still experiencing it? SMD
  3. My issue is during playback only. When mixing my project, the notes on some tracks hang when I press stop. I think another poster may be on to something, as it seems to be related to notes that have been sustained via a pedal. I have Xpand2 hang up constantly, and that’s without using any effects outside the VST. SMD
  4. It’s not the same notes every time. It’s also not overlapping notes either. I can’t remember what Cakewalk defaulted to upon downloading, but I moved it up to 750, and it seemed to help a little, but I’m up to 850, and still having the issue. SMD
  5. Under Audio Driver Mode: WASAPI Exclusive (So I can set my latency under 20 msec). Under Midi Playback and Recording: Record: Number of Buffers 64 Playback: Prepare Using 850 (Millisecond Buffers). The only CC’s I’m using is the sustain pedal. No pitch/mod wheel, no knob movements ect. SMD
  6. I’ve got my buffer set to 850, and still getting hung midi notes. How high should I go? Some have said 750 works fine for them, but at 850 I still have the issue. Running Cakewalk on Fujitsu T901 laptop, 64 bit, i5, 8 gigs ram, and SSD. Thx.., SMD
  7. Well I ended up buying Philharmonik 2 CE, and wow! It was on sale for $79, and I got an additional $5 off (jam points or something) just for registering on the site. IK even threw in a few other freebies. The VST sounds amazing, and the switchable articulations open up so much control for playing. Even though it’s not the full version, you still get one hell of a nice sample set to use. Everything I need for my music in regards to orchestral instruments is covered by the CE version. This one will keep me busy for sure. SMD
  8. I’ve looked into the full version. It’s a good deal, but for what I want to do with my music, the CE version will cover my needs. From what I can tell S2-CE is essentially IK’s version of GPO-5. Thanks for the info! SMD
  9. Thx for the reply. How’s the install? Is it pretty straightforward or kinda finicky? SMD
  10. I was about to buy GOP-5 from Sweetwater, and I saw IK Philharmonik 2CE with a $70 price drop! Just under $80 for it. Anyone using it, and does it get along well with Cakewalk. Is there a trial version? SMD
  11. Ugh.., what the crap! I went to purchase GOP-5 today from PluginBotique, the original sale time ended July 31’st. Well, apparently someone there decided to end the sale early. Back up to $129, Sweetwater has it for $119, so probably heading over there to get it. SMD
  12. Thanks! If I get it I’ll certainly take you up on your offer. The violins not having velocity is interesting. It does make sense though using the mod wheel, as that will allow for more expressive playing. At $95 I will probably pick it up. That’s a really good deal. SMD
  13. Thanks for the reply! Maybe I’ll hold off to see what happens with the software development. Interesting..., there are price drops starting for their products now. You can get GPO-5 at PluginBotique for $95 and just a few bucks more at Sweetwater. SMD
  14. Anyone using Garritan products with Cakewalk? I’m really interested in the Garritan Personal Orchestra, but unless I’m not seeing it.., does Garritan not offer trial versions for potential customers? SMD
  15. I’m using VST’s. I don’t have any of my hardware synths set up to midi record in Cakewalk. I initially thought it just might be a conflict with Xpand!2 and Cakewalk, but I get the problem with other VST’s too. SMD
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