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  1. Just in case anyone is still checking this thread: An odd thing happened. As the software was still semi-functional, I decided to export the stems for use in another DAW. I was about half way through this slow process and suddenly Cakewalk came back to life. It was being the slow DAW I had gotten used to over the last couple of days and POW! I was literally in the middle of exporting WAV files and it just started working normally again. Needless to say I am both grateful and wary about trusting it going forward, but for now... Noel, if you are still interested in following up on this, please let me know. I am very happy it's working now, but like I said, I'm not exactly confident in it's performance going forward. Thanks to all who responded previously, I do appreciate it. Ryan
  2. One other small detail, I've no idea if it's relevant. I mentioned that while the song is playing if I hit the space bar, to stop playback, it takes nearly 5 full seconds to reset (playback stops immediately). If, on the other hand, I simply use the cursor and select a previous spot in the song and click on it while the song is playing, it jumps back to whatever spot I've selected and begins playing back seamlessly. Like I said, not sure if that matters. I really am very grateful for all of the support I've received. You guys are great. Ryan
  3. scook and sealesb, Thank you for the tip on Melodyne. That's going to be useful going forward regardless. Noel Borthwick, I agree with you that Melodyne is probably not the cause of my woes. The issue remains persistent after numerous restarts, setting changes and even a reinstallation. Unfortunately, this is literally the first project I've created using Cakewalk. I've been working on it for about a month and a half. I'd be happy to share anything I can with you, provided you don't tell me I'm a shit songwriter; I know. Just tell me what I need to do. Ryan
  4. sealesb, One other quick question: you can just bounce to clip a track with Melodyne in it and then delete the Melodyne plugin from that track? That sounds ideal, I just didn't know you could do that. I basically never mess with the Melodyne once I have it set the way I want. Is it that simple, or do I need to freeze the track as well. Sorry, I know this is a basic question but I only started using Melodyne with Cakewalk so I really don't know much about it. Ryan
  5. OK, there's a lot here to go over and, again, thanks for your responses. Real quick: sealesb, I'm a little wary about permanently removing devices that I don't completely understand. Is there a way to test what the impact will be? That's why I started with simply disabling them. And, I'll be trying the FX thing, I hadn't thought of that. mettelus, I actually did go through the advanced menu for the USB Suspend, etc. You're completely right, those changes are important and actually solved an issue I was having when I initially installed Cakewalk. msmcleod, I didn't realize you could do that through command line. Is that a faster way to do it or is it more thorough? Ryan
  6. Thank you for the responses. I appreciate you guys taking the time. sealesb, I checked in my Device Manager and under Sound, Video and Game Controllers were two Focusrite drivers, one named Focusrite USB Audio and the other Focusrite USB Midi. Both listed Driver Provider as Focusrite. Under Audio Inputs and Outputs, there were two entries labels, identically, Focusrite USB (Focusrite USB Audio). Those listed their driver provider as Microsoft; my heart leapt! Could this be the answer? I disabled both of those drivers and restarted. No dice. Were these the right things to check? Is there another place to look? When that issue popped up for you, you said it was a result of a Windows update. Did it occur right after the update? That is one of the things I'm so frustrated by, I hadn't updated anything or changed any settings prior to this issue. (By the way, Chuck E Baby, in an effort to make my system as stable as possible, I have my computer set to never go to sleep, I even went so far as to turn off all of Window's system noises (dings, beeps, et al.)) I've also messed around with different ASIO settings, so I'm getting the right dialog box but those changes don't seem to have any effect. msmcleod, I went through to make sure there weren't any mixing plugins active and didn't find any. I did have several instances of Melodyne running, but in my initial attempts to solve the problem, I archived all of those tracks. I'm going to continue struggling with this today, so if any of you can recommend another place to look for the driver issue, I'm all ears. Or if you have any other ideas at all. Thank you again for taking the time to respond, it was very kind of all of you. Thanks, Ryan
  7. I've been using Cakewalk for about two months now. I've got a Focusrite 6i6 interface and my computer has an i7 with 24G of RAM with a solid state hard drive. Things were going ok (I mean, I was having a fair amount of crashes, but for a free DAW; it made me diligent about saving) until today. I was recording a guitar part, stepped away, and when I came back everything was SLOW. This is NOT a latency issue. For stability reasons I have my buffer set to 512 and just monitor directly through the interface. No, now what happens is when I hit the space bar to stop play, for example, it takes a full 4 or 5 seconds for the cursor to reset to the start spot. During this time the DAW is frozen. Then is goes back to playing like usual. The whole program just seems to have gone into slow motion. I tried reinstalling, to no avail. I am at the verge of tears. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. Also, if I didn't provide enough details, please ask. I'm so frustrated right now I'm probably not being very eloquent. thanks, Ryan
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