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  1. Hello, Same for me! Cakewalk has some problem with audio engine thread priority what I've observed: Mixer UI now is a big slow. I observe late buffer in performance overview though all cores are busy.
  2. I think it's not a problem in you hardware. It is something wrong with Cakewalk. I also face to the problem. But I can give you some hint. Before drop-out you have late buffer. Late buffer appears first. Then you have drop-out. We definitely need some developer-level investigation. BTW I tried with Reaper - same interface, same content - no problem.... I have also MixBus and it does not work smooth. Moreover, I have problem when imported 19 tracks, and with FX off, WiFi disabled... buffer.pdf
  3. I also was searching for something like that... Looks like midi programming can be much easy with thing like it was
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