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  1. I don't hear count in, I don't hear anything. The metronome is always routed to my Master bus.
  2. On some projects the metronome works fine, but on others, nada. Does't matter whether I choose audio or MIDI metronome, recording or playback, I hear nothing. I can see the count-in in the now time module.
  3. Thanks but track inspector is not part of my work flow. Most DAW's use a track inspector to access controls for the selected track. I've never liked that paradigm. One of my favorite features of Cakewalk has always been having everything right there in the track header.
  4. I also am very happy to have the new support for multi-timbral instruments. I logged a FR for this a long time ago. It was always a pain to have to have two tracks (MIDI and audio) for every output pair. This is great, thank you! I would like to see Gain control and MIDI FX bin added to the soft synth track type. Without these, it's still necessary to have separate MIDI and audio tracks.
  5. Thank you! Heh, it was a bit tricky to find that, had to trundle through a lot of German settings to find that page.
  6. D Chance Gold

    CbB is German today

    I fired up CbB this morning and the menus and dialogs are in German! I thought I'd seen everything. Just brilliant. I refreshed the activation in Bandlab Asst, that did nothing. Does anyone know where the language is set? Is it a reg key? I really do not want to do a reinstall.
  7. Which folder is redundant? The one at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\Metronome ?
  8. Thanks Scott, that worked. I see the files are now in C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Metronome. Is that the folder they get copied to when you hold down SHIFT and start CbB?
  9. Running CbB 2019.09 In metronome settings, the dropdown box for choosing sounds for the audio metronome is empty. The sounds are installed at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\Metronome. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\ is the root of my Cakewalk content as selected in the Setup and reflected in Setup Folder Locations. Why isn't CbB finding the sounds?
  10. Looks like you're right. I couldn't install the Studio Mixing FX Suite on top of Bandlab. Grrrrr!
  11. Thank you Colin, you're a lifesaver!!!
  12. D Chance Gold

    BlueTube plugins

    OK so I just installed CbB on my new PC and apparently the BlueTube plugins are no longer bundled because they're gone. And like an idiot I hard deleted the VST folder on my old machine so I can't fetch them from there. Is there some way to get hold of these? This is a disaster.
  13. Excellent, thanks Scott!
  14. Thanks Scott. Are the keyboard shortcuts stored somewhere? CbB crashes on start on my old machine so I can't run it to export from Prefs.
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