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  1. Yes, it did occur to me that perhaps everything else was just too low, as Dickens has suggested. But, I guess, I didn't try enough to just make everything else louder. I will try this today. Also, I will look at those tutorials that John Vere has offered. Thanks for these replies. LNovik
  2. I recorded my voice in a project. I then duplicated the track twice. In the 2nd and 3rd tracks, I nudged one to the right and the other to the left. I did lower the volume of these extra tracks. However, my volume is much higher than the instruments. What is the best plug-in (hopefully one that comes with Cakewalk, but not necessarily) to lower in amplitude the vocals. I HAVE tried lowering the gain of each track, but it only helps somewhat. I even tried to lower gains in the Nectar plugin, but it's still too loud. I know I could just keep lowering gain and volume everywhere, but I wonder if there is a good plug in that will lower and compress it so I don't loss the quieter volume parts completely. Thanks. LNovik
  3. I DID recheck my computer desktop setup. When I push the computer keyboard inward on the sliders that it sits on, some of the keys on this computer keyboard do graze against the top of the structure that it's being pushed into. However, it does NOT appear to be enough to cause any timeline stuttering to occur. In other words, if I see there is NO stuttering when I hit the Play button and I then push the computer keyboard in all the way, hitting the tops of the keys and so being compressed slightly, it does NOT cause the timeline to start stuttering. In other words, I do not think that this is the cause of my timeline cursor stutter, and I'd like to appeal to others for any fresh ideas. Thanks. LNovik
  4. Thanks for asking for that confirmation. I must say that the only time I ever press the Pause key is when the timeline cursor is not moving smoothly (or "stuttering") from left to right. In that case, I then hit the Pause key and the timeline motion smooths out. I guess if I ever hit the Pause button when the timeline was moving smoothly, it might cause it to start jumping, but I wouldn't know for sure. My point is that my timeline cursor seems to stutter at least every few minutes when I am involved in a song project. As I reread this, I will see if hitting my Pause button causes the stuttering. I say this because my keyboard on my NON-laptop computer is on a slider type of platform, so that when I'm not hitting any computer keyboard keys, I push it forward underneath my work surface. Perhaps that right upper Pause key is getting pushed against something during this process, enough to cause the stuttering? LNovik
  5. LNovik@aol.com

    Jumping cursor

    I’m again writing about my “jumping cursor.” I recently reviewed some old notes and deleted some files, which someone had rec’ed. That did not help. I DO know how to hit the Pause button on the upper right corner of my computer keyboard, but it seems I have to do this at least every 5 minutes on my retracted keyboard. Are there any other new suggestions of how to combat this problem? Thanks. LNovik Dell, i7 8700 CPU 3.2 GHz RAM: 16 GB Samsung SSD 860, EVO 500GB Hard drive is ST2000DM001-1ER164. Windows 10 OS, and 64 bit OS
  6. I had found this thread when I was looking for a solution to hanging notes. After I just now solved this very frequent and annoying problem, I was looking for where this thread was. Luckily I had copied some of the things that I believe Mark McLeod had said, so I was finally able to find it when I searched on that whole paragraph. I hadn't realized it was a Cakewalk thread, which is the DAW I use. I too had a MIDISport 4x4. I realized that even though I had thought I had updated the drivers in the past year or two, I went back to their site after reading this thread. The only Driver choice on their site that came close to my model was the MIDISport 4x4 Anniversary edition. I had been reluctant to get another MIDI interface for fear it would not solve the problem. However, when I realized that my hanging notes would even occur in a new project, with no other MIDI information challenging the device, I finally made my move. I bought an 8x8 MOTU Express 128. Though it's only been a couple of days, I've had no hanging whatsoever, and I used to hear it at least every few minutes. Thanks for helping me with this. LNovik
  7. I DO believe my hanging notes problem is solved. I had been using a MIDISport 4x4 MIDI interface, bought many years ago. I had tried to update my drivers a year or two ago. While the M-Audio site did not list the MIDISport 4x4 as a supported device, it did list the MIDISport 4x4 Anniversary edition. I guess I hoped that the updated driver for that device would be similar enough for my interface. The problem is that this was a while ago, so I had forgotten that I had downloaded this possibly ineffective driver. On another site, I recently saw someone's post about hanging notes and outdated drivers on the MIDISport, which was solved by him buying a new interface. I had not wanted to do this for fear that it might not solve the problem. However, I just bought a MOTU MIDI express 128 8x8. I no longer hear any hanging, though it had just been a day. It used to happen every few minutes. So, I guess an outdated driver is another reason for note hanging. LNovik
  8. LNovik@aol.com

    change vst path

    Thanks billp. I was having a similar problem when I tried to free up my SSD, C drive and put as many files as I could onto my D drive. They had simply been automatically installed on my C drive when I first downloaded them. When I opened a Cakewalk project, a message popped up and said it couldn't find the files that I had already used in that same song. I now know what to do. LNovik
  9. I've been working for awhile on a project/song. I recently moved some audio data over (to the left or right); perhaps I "stretched" it instead of moving it. Now when I try to save the file as a Bundle file, I get this error message: Projects containing AudioSnap markers or time stretched data cannot be saved in the bundle file format. For archival purposes you may save as a per-project audio file. Alternatively, please "bounce to clip" all relevant AudioSnap clips before saving as a bundle. SO..., for the past hour, I've been bouncing (to clips) everything in site. I've even expanded the clip to see if I've missed anything, but I can't find anything---not that I really completely know what the hell I'm looking for. Can anyone tell me how I can find and then bounce the problem that's blocking me from saving this. The file does have MIDI and AUDIO. I'd be happy to save in another format, if I won't lose any data. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'd be happy to copy perhaps just the audio data and post it if someone might be able to examine it more intelligently than I can do myself. LNovik
  10. Yes, John V--I did say I had tried the "Zero Controllers When Play stops" option. I think I'll just go with the MIDI reset in the controller bar. That's quick and easy. Thank you all. LNovik (OP)
  11. When I am working on a song and have to stop in the middle, I often get a continuation of a note from one of my hardware synths--in this case, a Roland Integra. I did go to the Preferences tabs and made sure that I clicked on the box next to "zero controllers when play stops." That was already clicked on. However, I do realize that perhaps it's not just the sustain that continues when I stop mid song, but prob just a note-in this case, strings-that is being played for a few measures. So perhaps, if I stop in between those measures, the note keeps playing. So perhaps I'm looking for a "note off" type of message to be sent when I hit the stop button. Just wondering if there is any work around for this. It's VERY irritating to be trying to work on something with a loud note playing. It's not as easy as just lowering the fader for that instrument, since I have several instruments playing thru that synth. Thanks. LNovik
  12. Wow, that's simple. Thank you very much. LNovik
  13. LNovik@aol.com

    Finding wav files

    Having viewed the excellent video about mastering in CBL for beginners, I realize that one of the earlier steps he suggests is to import a Wav file similar to the one I would be working on to use as a reference. While I do have some Wav files that I have made myself, I can't seem to be able to download commercial wav files from CD's. I guess I would even buy one if needed, though I would think many of the downloadable songs are MP3. Is there a way to download a wav file from a CD right onto my hard drive, as opposed to "ripping" it into some music playing software. Now, when I try to copy it from the CD and paste it to a folder in my hard drive, I get a 1 kb file. Thanks. LNovik
  14. Very sorry. I meant to say it's a Dell Desktop. Would you say the same problem occurs with Dell Desktops? Thanks for your patience. LNovik
  15. My computer is a Dell laptop with a 256GB SSD (and a standard bigger hard drive.) It is currently less than 1/2 full. It has16 GB RAM. So, perhaps the slowing and stuttering that I' m currently experiencing is NOT due to the computer's capabilities? LNovik
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