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  1. Yes, John V--I did say I had tried the "Zero Controllers When Play stops" option. I think I'll just go with the MIDI reset in the controller bar. That's quick and easy. Thank you all. LNovik (OP)
  2. When I am working on a song and have to stop in the middle, I often get a continuation of a note from one of my hardware synths--in this case, a Roland Integra. I did go to the Preferences tabs and made sure that I clicked on the box next to "zero controllers when play stops." That was already clicked on. However, I do realize that perhaps it's not just the sustain that continues when I stop mid song, but prob just a note-in this case, strings-that is being played for a few measures. So perhaps, if I stop in between those measures, the note keeps playing. So perhaps I'm looking for a "note off" type of message to be sent when I hit the stop button. Just wondering if there is any work around for this. It's VERY irritating to be trying to work on something with a loud note playing. It's not as easy as just lowering the fader for that instrument, since I have several instruments playing thru that synth. Thanks. LNovik
  3. Wow, that's simple. Thank you very much. LNovik
  4. LNovik@aol.com

    Finding wav files

    Having viewed the excellent video about mastering in CBL for beginners, I realize that one of the earlier steps he suggests is to import a Wav file similar to the one I would be working on to use as a reference. While I do have some Wav files that I have made myself, I can't seem to be able to download commercial wav files from CD's. I guess I would even buy one if needed, though I would think many of the downloadable songs are MP3. Is there a way to download a wav file from a CD right onto my hard drive, as opposed to "ripping" it into some music playing software. Now, when I try to copy it from the CD and paste it to a folder in my hard drive, I get a 1 kb file. Thanks. LNovik
  5. Very sorry. I meant to say it's a Dell Desktop. Would you say the same problem occurs with Dell Desktops? Thanks for your patience. LNovik
  6. My computer is a Dell laptop with a 256GB SSD (and a standard bigger hard drive.) It is currently less than 1/2 full. It has16 GB RAM. So, perhaps the slowing and stuttering that I' m currently experiencing is NOT due to the computer's capabilities? LNovik
  7. LNovik@aol.com

    Computer overload

    I have a 1 year old, pretty good PC, with decent RAM. However, it seems that whenever I do a project, I invariably reach that threshold where things seems to block up. For instance, I tried recording some simple keyboard chords yesterday onto a MIDI track, and even that was causing a disjointed sound on the rest of my tracks. My question: what types of things can lighten the load for my computer, esp when recording, so that I'm not taxing it as much. I tried disabling some of the effects, though I'm not sure when I simply turn them off, rather than deleting them, if it really DOES free up space. I guess on the couple of tracks which I have an effect on ( as opposed to the 3 that I have on the BUS), I could try to just record the song with the effects and then delete the effects. NOt even sure, for the latter, if I could just hit the "bounce to clips" item on my audio track to effect this change, or if I would have to re-record it onto a fresh audio track before I was able to get rid of that one FX. Lastly, what if I were to "archive" certain tracks for the time being. Would that make things less taxing? Thanks for your time and attention. LNovik
  8. I don't go into Melodyne every day, but now that I've checked in again, it does not look like the reason Melodyne stops scrolling is because I've highlighted (chosen) a particular blob. WHen I made sure to un-highlight any, the scrolling of the Melodyne screen still does not move as the song progresses. Or, to put it more exactly, when the cursor on Melodyne got to the end, or right side of the screen, the Melodyne screen did not scroll or shift so that I could still see the cursor moving on the current time on the Melodyne screen. However, during this time, the scrolling DID continue on the Cakewalk Tracks view above the Melodyne view. Hope that's clear and that someone has the solution. I'm pretty sure that the screen MUST be able to scroll along with the song. Thanks. LNovik
  9. When I went back in, Melodyne DID in fact look like it WAS scrolling--that is, moving with the song. I had not yet selected a blob, so I think you are correct. Thank you, ProMIDI IF you find any switch, RBH, I'd like to know. I had looked several times, but could not find anything. I even found something like "turn on automatic scrolling," but when I did this, it still didn't scroll with the song. Perhaps it was because I had a blob selected, as ProMIDI mentioned. Thanks again. LNovik
  10. I was doing some pitch editing today. Usually when I listen to 10-20 bars of music while Melodyne is docked on the lower part of my screen, the Melodyne view scrolls or moves along with the track view marker on my regular Cakewalk screen. I tried to find out what I could hit in order to get Melodyne to automatically scroll, and since I'm here,,asking this question, you can imagine that I was unsuccessful. Thanks. LNovik
  11. LNovik@aol.com

    fatal error

    OK. I know there's an abbreviation for the "original asked of the current thread's question," but I seem to have forgotten it. I am that person. I DID try PROMIDI's suggestion. While holding down the shift key, it took me to a new field which asked me if I wanted to open up each of the multiple effects that I had been including in my current project. When I only chose a few of them, the song file has now opened. Thanks PROMIDI. I guess I'll now try to get by with fewer effects. Is there any way I can tell when I'm nearing this limit, other than getting the dreaded, "Fatal error, you may never enter here ever, ever again" message? Thanks. LNovik
  12. LNovik@aol.com

    fatal error

    After getting shutdowns all the time until I replaced by SSD about a year ago, I haven't had a problem since. I do have a new-ish computer with 16 GH RAM, and an i7-8700 CPU @ 3.2 GHz I've been working on a song for a couple of months and can't think of losing it. However, suddenly when I open ed the file today, I got the following message: The only think I can think of is that I have recently purchased some Waves effects. I HAVE heard they use up a lot of memory, but I figured that if things got sluggish, I would get rid of some of them. I would be happy to delete some of these, but, as I said, I can't even get into the song to delete some of them. ANy ideas? Thanks. LNovik
  13. Yes, but what about reverb? Just joking; what a wonderful array of suggestions to think of. Thank you all. To clarify just 2 abbreviations, which I can't seem to find completely: "IR," used by Sidney Earl Goodroe, when he said: Since you work with Perfect Space you are probably at ease working with IRs. I guess, after looking it up, IR, simply put, means: an impulse response is an audio file that contains a capture of the inherent sonic characteristics of a piece of gear, acoustic environment, or playback system. I was going to ask what other types of plug in reverb are out there, but I really don't need to know that. I just wanted to know if an IR reverb means anything practical for my needs, though I would guess not. Secondly, Starship Krupa says, To the OP, my favorite reverb for anything is....Can't seem to find what "OP" means. Thanks again for all of the feedback. LNovik
  14. Hi, I used to use PerfectSpace for Vocals, but when I was recently getting clicking on my tracks, it was pointed out to me that this program is for 32 bit, and I have a 64 bit pc. I have tried some of the other reverbs that I had from purchasing Producer X3 in the past. While they are fine, at least the presets don't wow me. I realize it might be because I'm not tweaking enough, but it would be nice to have some good 64 bit compatible preset reverbs I could choose from. Can anyone recommend some excellent reverbs for vocals, either included with some Cakewalk programs or 3rd party plug ins that are reasonably priced. Thanks. LNovik
  15. I guess I am the only one "replying" to this thread. I realize it had seemed finish, but there's more. Seems like making sure that only 1 track in my project had the same MIDI assignments did NOT work as I thought it finally had. However, if anyone is interested, I have at least synthesized--so to speak-the exact nature of the problem, or so I think. When I recently make one of the current tracks I'm working with the only track with those MIDI assignments, this process only worked in 1 but not both of the following. I had made a dummy track, where I just played random notes for about 1-2 minutes. WHen I then inserted a program/bank change at the beginning of that track, I would be able to have it played back with the correct sound all the way thru. However, when I did the same for the MIDI track I had previously recorded, laying down only one to two phrases a a time, the sound would only play for that phrase, but then go silent when the timeline got to the next phrase. Thus, something in this program--but not, I believe, anything I see on the Event view, keeps resetting my track to another setting, thereby resulting in no sound being played. Again, this is just on the track recorded in small chunks. I'd be interested, and it might be instructional to others, to know how I could cancel out these signals. I guess on the SysEx View, but, if so, I guess it would be too complicated. For now, I'll just have to try to record the whole track in 1 take. LNovik
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