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    Thanks for these replies. They were helpful. The first biggest help was realizing that .ins files are located under Master.ini. Using this info, I was able to at least find most of these .ins files. I at least now know--or have a better idea--how to find them. I played around with Skook's reply for awhile, but could not find those other files. I did search for them in my drives, but, as I said, I couldn't find them. I stopped looking when I was able to find the info I needed. As far as Canopus's reply, I am not computer literate enough to find this utility; ie, I searched for it without success. However, now as I review your note, i see you gave me the very link I had needed! Who knew!? Thanks. I'll save this info. LNovik
  2. Hi, I recently started a song on Cakewalk by Bandlab. I couldn’t find any of the instrument definitions for my hardware synths. I did somewhat recently switch to Bandlab, so perhaps that could be a problem. I'm also now running Bandlab on an SSD, so perhaps I’m not seeing the definitions that I had previously had. However, when I try to import them under the Preferences\MIDI tab, I do instruct it to look at both of my drives. I DO then find some definitions, but not the Korg Kronos. Thus, does anyone know how I can find Korg Kronos IDF’s within Cakewalk, and, if not, where I can find them? I even went to KorgUSA, with no luck. Thanks. LNovik
  3. LNovik@aol.com


    Hi, I recently started a song on Cakewalk by Bandlab. I couldn’t find any of the instrument definitions for my hardware synths. I did somewhat recently switch to Bandlab, so perhaps that could be a problem. I'm also now running Bandlab on an SSD, so perhaps I’m not seeing the definitions that I had previously had. However, when I try to import them under the Preferences\MIDI tab, I do instruct it to look at both of my drives. I DO then find some definitions, but not the Korg Kronos. Thus, does anyone know how I can find Korg Kronos IDF’s within Cakewalk, and, if not, where can I find them? I even went to KorgUSA, but could not find them, though I guess I could spend even more time looking. Thanks. LNovik
  4. SOLUTION: Following the suggestion of one of the contributors, I did go to my Task Manager, just to see what is running. Apps: 3 (just cakewalk application, MS word-which I am using now to take notes, and, of course, Task Manager Windows processes: 89 Background processes: 52 I started to “print screen” and copy this all, but it was pretty difficult to read. After reading what Bob Wood said, I did not try to get rid of all of this---fortunately, since I wouldn’t have known where to start. I did see there were several things on my Taskbar, such as “Microsoft store.” I took that opportunity to unpin it from my taskbar, though I’m not sure if that removes it from my background processes. HOWEVER, I DO HAVE GOOD NEWS. After Bob Wood and others before him had mentioned that perhaps my problem was 32 bit effects. I didn’t think that was the problem, since it was happening with EACH of my effects. But then Bob added that both of the 2 effects I was using were 32 bit effects. Cakewalk even indicates, on the pull down menu, that they are 32 bit effects, though I hadn't realized the implications of that. When I disabled them and brought in 2 other similar effects, such as Breverb and Sonitus Compressor, the whole popping problem immediately resolved. Perhaps on future updates, when one is using a 64 bit OS and chooses one of these 32 bit effects, there can be an error message, such as: “Are you out of your f cking mind?” or “click on this choice if you want to throw away 50 hours of your life!” So, thank you for all your suggestions. I still would appreciate what others suggest as their reverb of choice, since I’m not sure I loved at least the first preset I chose on Breverb. Same for compressor/limitors, though I would think these might be more be more similar. I guess even if the reverb is 3rd party, it would be good to get some feedback. Thank you all again. LNovik
  5. re using Melodyne in my project, Bob Bone: it is true I used Melodyne for pitch correction in my project. However, after I do each edit, I close Melodyne. I then go that the musical part the I had just edited, highlight it, and then R click on something like, "Bounce to Clips." I would think that this last step gets rid of Melodyne in my project. Perhaps I'm wrong. I think if I would go into my pull down menu and look for Melodyne, it would indicate starting a new process, rather than editing my currently enabled Melodyne session. LNovik
  6. I'll continue to study these Emails within 24 hr, but for now: any suggestions out there for 64 bit plug-ins (included with Sonar x3 or CBL)that you like for reverb and compression. I'm not even sure the latter is called compression, since I have heard it referred to in other ways. Basically, making the whole sound louder with less distorting peaks. Sorry for the lack of nomenclature. I am good with medical terminology. Thanks
  7. I did go to Windows optimization for audio. I followed the first ½ of suggestions, such as changing my computer to highest performance mode, etc. I didn’t disable the graphics drivers, since a brief search on how to do this was not fruitful. I also didn’t download and try the Latency Monitor that they suggested, since that doesn’t seem to be my current problem. MarkRounds: did you follow any specific instructions when you optimized your audio? Perhaps I am missing something. I have said that even though I did increase my buffers to the highest mode available—1024, this does not make a difference. I could make changes to the sample rate, which is 44.1, but I have not tried that. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as turning 1 effect off, and then another…to find out which effect is causing me the problem. I am using only 2 effects in my project, Perfect Space and VC-64. When I turn them both off, the stuttering ceases. However, when I enable either one of these 2 effects, or both simultaneously, it recurs. I should say that as I listen to the sound more and more, rather than just a sudden loss of volume, it’s more of a periodic pop which takes the sound away for a split second. However, it’s not like the pops and crackles I had heard prior to inc’ing my buffers. This is more of an every 1-1.5 second pop that occurs repeatedly during the singing. When there is a pause in the singing, the popping sound stops. And, Robert E Bone, thanks for the info that Pefect Space is a convolutional reverb. Perhaps, I'll just try another reverb. But again, the popping even occurs when Perfect SPace is disabled, with just the VC-64 enabled. Again, I have downloaded and installed CBL on my new SSD and have 8 Gb of RAM, as well as a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2. I do have an older I5 Intel computer, though, as I’ve said, I’ve never heard this problem before. LNovik
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. To clarify definitions, I am assuming that “tracking” a project refers to recording new material, and “mixing” means listening to the project and adjusting volume/moving phrases around, etc. So, I never use plugins when I am recording, or, if they have already been chosen in my project, I make sure to disable them for the time being (by clicking on their small rectangular box and noticing that the color fades.) Also, if you reread my first long-winded message, I believe I said I am only talking about the mixing phase of my project. So, to repeat, since I had heard all these extraneous noise (cracks and pops), I looked up and found this info about inc’ing my buffer size. As I said, this did get rid of this noise, but has introduced this cyclical complete loss of sound every approx. 1.5 seconds. The sound loss is usually preceded by a pop or clicking sound, though this popping sound is not as apparent as the crackling I was getting prior to inc’ing my buffer size. To answer another question, after I discovered this periodic loss of sounds, I did scale back the buffers to my original of, I believe, 256. That didn’t get rid of this volume loss. However, I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if perhaps I had the sound loss problem when I was having the popping and crackling. Perhaps the volume problem was present then, but with all the crackles, I wasn’t aware of it. I can’t increase my buffer size past 1028. That’s the highest value listed—I guess bc of my audio interface (Focusrite, Scarlet 2i2.) I don’t think I have any unauthorized plugin’s. I’m not that sophisticated. Only what came with Sonar in the past. And certainly, I know I only have 2 in my present project, as I’ve said: a compressor type and a reverb. I don’t think it’s a convolution reverb. One (the Reverb) is from Perfect space, though when I search on that under “included effects with Sonar x3,” it says (32 bit only.) I have a 64 bit computer setup. And, even when I disable this reverb with the other effect still on, I still get the problem. I’ll get the name of the other effects soon. Viewing some Youtube Windows optimization for audio sounds like a good idea. I’ll do that soon. One last thing: I had said in the short note after my initial note to start off this thread that I moved my plugin files to my new SSD, where I am, of course, running CBL. Perhaps there are other parts of Cakewalk files that are still on my old disc that need to come to my SSD in order for it to run more smoothly? Thanks again. LNovik
  9. I should add to what I just wrote above. After writing the note, I had what I thought was a great idea: perhaps, since my plugin's were located under Program files on my original hard drive, and I am now running CBL on my new SSD, this program was having difficulty accessing the effects plugins while playing thru a song. I therefore copied all my plug in's to the Program files folder that is located on my SSD. Brilliant, yes! Except it made no difference. I should add that when the voice shuts off, it's prob for more like 0.2 seconds, but again recurs every approx 1-1.5 seconds, so it's very noticeable. LNovik
  10. Hi, I had been hearing the sounds of "Rice Crispies" in my project.--that is, crackles and pops. I do NOT remember hearing it previously (at least in this project), though in the middle of this project, I did update to an SSD and a little more RAM (because of frequent crashes. I must add that as soon as I disable my reverb and a compressor type effect, the extra sounds go away. I did search this out on the Forum. I found an excellent thread, with many submissions, including a few by Robert E Bone. Thus, I anxiously went into the Preferences\Audio devices and clicked on the Asio Panel box. The setting was 256, so I inc'ed it to 1024, my highest setting. That immediately got rid of my crackles and pops, but it left me with something that I can't name. It sounds like, every 1-2 seconds, someone is completely turning off the volume of the audio track that I am soloing--that is, just for a split second, and then it goes back to the original volume. So, in essence, since the track is of my singing, my voice goes in and out. When I listen to the track without effects, this recurrent sudden loss of audio does not occur. Again, as I listened again tonite, it's not like the sound of the voice is suddenly getting softer, it's that it completely cuts out. I would say it lasts 1/3 of a second every 1.5 seconds, approx. Almost like some other wave is cyclically cancelling it out. I also tried to disable my Windows defender as well as another antivirus software I have, but that did not help. Those were other suggestions in that whole thread. I even tried what another person said: namely, going to "Audio\sync and caching," and trying different Playback I/O buffers. Mine was 256, and changing this setting did not help this problem. At least, I haven't had any crashes in the past few days. I guess I could just copy the voice and effects Bus, and forward it if anyone wants to hear what I am describing--or at least 8 measures or so. Thanks. LNovik
  11. I of course copied what you very clearly wrote. I then went to WE and pasted it in the long box on the right, since it said "search" there. I did it for my C drive, which is my new SSD and for my E drive, which is the drive I was using until a few days ago. Nothing came up on either. I think I may just wait to see if I continue to get crashes with my added RAM and new SSD. THanks for your suggestions. LNovik
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