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  1. For some months now, I've found that every plugin is being loaded with jbridge. This wasn't always the case. jbridge used to do what was expected: wrap 32-bit plugs. I'm sorry I don't remember exactly when this started, but now every plug I install or update has jbridge active. I haven't touched jbridge since I first installed it, so I don't believe the problem is with jbridge; it seems more likely a CBB update bore this issue, at least for me. Anyone know anything about this?
  2. @Robert Bone I'm glad you got that worked out. I'm completely familiar with "old eye syndrome"; I have two pair of glasses that I swap furiously multiple times a day: one to read my cell phone; one to see my computer screen. At least there's still the music...
  3. @Robert Bone Turns out if you have the Browser open and you're on the Media or the Notes tabs, pressing that bound key will move to the Plugins tab, that's all. But the Browser has to already be open. This is as explained by @Kevin Perry
  4. @Kevin Perry You're right; thank you. @scook Thanks, I got it now.
  5. In Preferences|Keyboard shortcuts, in the Function panel, there's an entry "View the plugins". I've tried to bind this to a character to see what it does, but nothing happens. Does anyone know what this function is supposed to be and how to get to it? I was looking to assign a key to call up the Plugin Manager, as I end up using it a lot, but I don't see an option for it in the Function panel and thought perhaps "View the plugins" might be it.
  6. As Noel said, that doesn't matter at all. I forgot to note that I was not able to get any output when I assigned the BFD snare to a mono internal output, no matter how I tried to pick it up. I had to send the snare to a stereo output in BFD, then CbB would pick it up. I changed the interleave on the CbB console track to mono. In the shot below, the snare is soloed in BFD so I could make sure I was only seeing the snare activity: I think Chernobyl is on to something with those sends...
  7. I'm sure this doesn't help you, but I followed your routing and it's working fine here. Audio out at every step. If you could collapse the ProChannels and show the Channel Inputs and Outputs (and maybe make all console strips narrow), we might get a better picture of what you've got going on.
  8. I don't think you need a tutorial; I just tried to replicate the problem and it did what you said, except my paste was off by 90 ticks, whether I used Paste or Paste Special and specified exactly where I wanted paste to occur. This seems like a bug. (I know this is not the place for bug reports, but context matters...)
  9. That was from a demo project that came with Sonar 7 that I just happened to be looking over. Nothing of mine uses AudioSnap. My addled brain couldn't work AS out, not that Melodyne is tremendously easier, but I've had more frequent and better success with it.
  10. OK, thanks. Have only very rarely ever used AudioSnap. It and I didn't get along very well, though a friend swore by it. I basically stick to Melodyne Thanks again.
  11. No idea. I'm completely baffled by this, never having run across it before.
  12. I was looking at an old Sonar 7 demo project, Room for Clarity, and saw something I've never seen before: Does anyone know what those white dots mean?
  13. I'll try that. BTW, the four bass drum notes in question are at marker Sax Solo.
  14. No, I hadn't frozen the track; it's live. I've attached a small clip of the drum track. Forgive that I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the first measure or make the end of the piece register at the last Midi measure. I tried... Srchon Drum Clip [MM5, CBB].cwp
  15. I'm trying to modify the velocities of four bass drum notes in a measure of one of my pieces. The first capture shows the first edit. Clearly there's an incremental increase in the velocity. I played it. Didn't hear a change, so I made the velocities ramp up even more, as you'll see in the second capture. Nada. Much time lost on this. How is it that velocities aren't being recognized? I edited those values in both the piano roll and staff view. I also assigned the drum part to HALion Sonic and SI-Drums. I edited the part separately in CBB and SPlat. No change. Anyone have any ideas?
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