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  1. If you have loyalty voucher it`s $20 https://kazrog.com/products/ampcraft-1992
  2. I am curious how will this affect AmpliTube development.
  3. GaleOm

    smart:comp 2

  4. GaleOm

    Where is Larry?

    It`s 29 dollars question.
  5. With new versions be so close I assume that demand for waves plugins reach saturation point so they try to extract as much money as they can with WUP.
  6. Almost same price at PB https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/53-Multi-Effect-/8897-Bassment but with Virtual Cash can be lower.
  7. GaleOm


    Only thing that missing is Pattern Editor, I guess we have to wait for MB3 for that.
  8. I tried earlier manually download and there were no Instruments folder, but now when I checked they added third rar file with Instruments.
  9. GaleOm

    IK MAX Deals!

    I saw on IK`s site upgrade to Total Studio 3.5 MAX for €99.99. Version 3.5 adds SampleTron 2, all 4 virtual X-GEAR pedals for AmpliTube, 8 new SampleTank libraries and 6 new T-RackS modules to keep your collection maxed out!
  10. Offer valid until Dec 12th 1987
  11. I like this one https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/hornet-multicomp-plus-mk2/ but even with this price it`s more than people used to pay for HorNet plugins.
  12. If I remember correctly first preorder price was $15.
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