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  1. Offer valid until Dec 12th 1987
  2. I like this one https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/hornet-multicomp-plus-mk2/ but even with this price it`s more than people used to pay for HorNet plugins.
  3. If I remember correctly first preorder price was $15.
  4. I thought that they opened just Analog Effects for other DAW-s but there are also Ampire, Pedalboard and Fat Channel.
  5. https://www.nembriniaudio.com/products/live-rig-plugin-host
  6. GaleOm

    Siraudio Sale

    StandardCLIP is magnificent tool, it have great visual representation of what it's doing.
  7. Another similar plugin to Soothe is DSEQ https://www.tb-software.com/TBProAudio/dseq.html I never tried Soothe so I cant comment anything about it but DSEQ is one of most amazing plugins that I have.
  8. They should be in your SendOwl account https://kazrog.com/pages/my-account-log-in
  9. https://www.nembriniaudio.com/products/808-overdrive-pro
  10. One more question. Lets say that prices are as they are now AT5 €150 and AT5 MAX €300. If I buy AT5 what will be my upgrade price to MAX, 150 or 300 again?
  11. I wonder how licenses from AT4 MAX transfer to AT5. If I install, for example, AT5 CS or AT5 SE will all amps that I got in AT4 MAX be present in AT5.
  12. I would love this to be anything guitar related but I can`t hear any guitar in trailer.
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