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  1. One more question. Lets say that prices are as they are now AT5 €150 and AT5 MAX €300. If I buy AT5 what will be my upgrade price to MAX, 150 or 300 again?
  2. I wonder how licenses from AT4 MAX transfer to AT5. If I install, for example, AT5 CS or AT5 SE will all amps that I got in AT4 MAX be present in AT5.
  3. I would love this to be anything guitar related but I can`t hear any guitar in trailer.
  4. In celebration of this moment in time, now through midnight on October 31st, insert the following code into the Coupon Code box during checkout on the OwnHammer website to redeem 30% off of any order placed (can be used multiple times): 101010 https://www.ownhammer.com/store/
  5. I am far from expert, but as far as I can say V2 have lesser mids and better defined highs.
  6. GaleOm

    I have returned!!!

    This is second coming we were waiting.
  7. GaleOm

    Soundtoys Coupon

    It drops, before purchase mine upgrade price was $255 and now is $100. Also each module have its own presets.
  8. GaleOm

    2 New Amps from PA

    How old are these plugins? I looked at UA site and found same product with user coments from 2017. https://www.uaudio.com/uad-plugins/guitar-bass/fuchs-overdrive-amp-plug-in.html Maybe this is why its different from current Nembrini amps.
  9. If installer makes problem try to manually replace file( if you didn`t already).
  10. Intro price $29 https://www.nembriniaudio.com/products/cali-reverb-guitar-amplifier
  11. GaleOm

    Izotope March Sale

    Christian there is sale on Izotope`s site, log in to your account and check what upgrade offers they giving you.
  12. I may not be here to respond on pm, so here are my codes : FEB-29-A-BCGRVN9Q FEB-29-B-YTHPJY3Y and monthly $25 2020-02-25-YVX4Q88
  13. GaleOm

    Nembrini Flash Sale

    Analog Rack Bundle have some pedal emulations. It`s pretty good deal for current price. https://www.nembriniaudio.com/products/analog-rack-bundle
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