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  1. KKeys88

    Time Ruler green thing

    Some green and white thing on the time ruler magically appeared and I can't get rid of it. I am trying to separate out the drums in a MIDI fill and every time I select a track, kick drum, for example, and then select a snare, it jumps to my snare track and I can't delete the snare from my kick drum track. I think it has something to do with the green thing, whatever it is. Hope all this makes some sense. Thank you in advance
  2. I have downloaded a slough of MIDI files that I wish to paste into the Studio Instruments Drum instrument. I can drag and drop individual files, but would like to put folders into the panel. How do I get these folders of MIDI files into the SI-drum kit?
  3. Thank you. I had already done the associations which is what I meant by making all the connections, but I was looking in the wrong place for the patches. Silly me, I thought I could click on the "browse patches" button and find them. Thanks again. Been to Scotland twice. Played with some of the Proclaimers on a little tour of the Island
  4. Anybody having any luck installing the "instrument definitions", .ins files, into the Bandlab Cakewalk. I went thru the process and they show up with all the connections, but when I browse the patches, it just shows GM instruments. Instrument_Definitions_Installed_with_SONAR.zip Instrument_Definitions_User_Collection.zip
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