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  1. Ok. That gives me some more insight. Thanks scook. So at any point after my setup of CbB with Platinum left installed, would CbB be able to be stand alone with all the bundled Platinum content and Platinum could be deleted? Or at this point, must keep both installed to reap benefits of Platinum bundle with CbB?
  2. Hi everyone! I've waited quite a while to have the time, I'm sure is needed, to dedicate to making the switch from Sonar Platinum to Cakewalk by Bandlab freebie. I've been hesitating for this long because I just can't wrap my mind around how we can go from a Platinum full version to whatever the free version by Bandlab contains? A user since the 1st of the ProAudio days, I'm just not finding discussion of how this can be a good thing and what all I might be losing or gaining from the transfer over. Any of you with insight on your switch over, good or bad, or re-direct me to where I might find discussion on this would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to move this discussion if there is a more appropriate place too. Thanks everyone! flop
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