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  1. Hopefully the update they just gave to Kontakt (6.3.1) will solve this. I have had weird behavior this week using Kontakt in CbB. Normally I use Studio One but decided to write a song in CbB and use Kontakt. Can't seem to get multi-instruments to respond properly. Have to use single instances of Kontakt for each VSTi.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Matthew. I have been having some VERY WEIRD, I mean very weird problems with Kontakt misbehaving in CbB. Praying that this takes care of it. Main problem is I've been unable to use Kontakt in multichannel mode, i.e. load several instruments. For some bizarre reason mo matter how I set the MIDI channels, the first instrument is the only one that responds to the input. Never had this before.
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