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  1. superdan54


    In honor of another movie coming out for my favorite webslinger, here's a bluegrassy/Americana cover of the original 1967 theme song.
  2. superdan54

    Spectral Layers Pro6 and ARA2 integration

    I've got RX7 so I guess I'm trying to see what SL Pro can offer aside from seamless Cubase & ARA integration. With Cubase though, RX Connect works basically like ARA so not sure if that would be enough of a selling point.
  3. superdan54

    Spectral Layers Pro6 and ARA2 integration

    This seems interesting...what would the purpose of such an integration be? Aren't they basically doing the same thing?
  4. superdan54

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    Yeah, I was never asked for proof of ownership either. You should be good to go!
  5. superdan54

    New Izotope Neutron 3 SALE

    So is Neutron 3 the only difference between MPS 2 & 2.1?
  6. Whoa, didn't realize that even the standard Komplete 12 comes with a preloaded HDD now. Anyone know the specs on it? I see it's USB 3.0 but wasn't sure if it was SSD and what size it is.
  7. superdan54

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    Yeah shipping was $10. I had to pay around $3 for foreign transfer fee but didn't see anything specifically about a VAT on the invoice.
  8. superdan54

    Groove 3 Free 30-Day Trial

    Haven't heard of this site before, but I went ahead and gave it a shot and got a legitimate 30-day free trial to Groove 3! No credit card info was required either so risk was pretty minimal. https://pluginfox.co/products/groove3-all-access-pass-30-day-free-trial
  9. superdan54

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    Got my boxed copy of the Pro 10 Crossgrade yesterday!! Shipped from the UK in 4 days...how 'bout that? I can confirm it did come with an e-licenser so this was definitely the route to go for me. I'm loving the feel of Cubase so far. Seems to merge the best of Sonar & S1 together.
  10. superdan54

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    I picked up a copy from the link below. Looks like it's the boxed version as it's actually shipping out, so even with shipping costs it may be the cheapest way to go if you (like me) are also needing an e-licenser. https://www.gear4music.com/us/en/Recording-and-Computers/Steinberg-Cubase-Pro-10-Competitive-Crossgrade/2R1C I'm actually getting pretty stoked about Cubase from the vids/tutorials I've watched. The workflow seems extremely similar to what I was used to in SONAR. I just never got the hang of the S1 workflow, even though it was supposedly designed to be more fluid and responsive.
  11. superdan54

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    Speaking specifically about this thread, which was the most viewed and active feature request on the Presonus site: https://answers.presonus.com/20921/will-there-be-integration-for-komplete-kontrol-mk2 But I also use RX quite a bit and S1's inability to interface with external audio editors makes it extremely cumbersome doing those edits.
  12. superdan54

    Cubase 30 Year Anniversary Sale

    Just curious....is the Crossgrade license transferable? Currently using S1, but after the latest 4.5 update yet again blew off third party support (Native Instruments, iZotope RX, etc...), I'm wanting to give Cubase a shot but want a fallback in case it ends up being too bloated for my liking (or if their eventual ARA integration turns out to be a bust).
  13. superdan54

    Presonus Announcement on May 21st

    Can someone post a direct link to the stream when it goes live? I'm unable to browse youtube at work and have to embed a direct link 🙄 nm...it's here!!!
  14. superdan54

    Presonus Announcement on May 21st

    Interesting...nothing about Nektar support in that list...
  15. superdan54

    Presonus Announcement on May 21st

    I think it will be some sort of announcement regarding hardware integration. But I sincerely hope it's more than just Nektar. The headline stated "you asked for it" and is based on most popular feedback. If that's true, then they will also **hopefully** be announcing Komplete Kontrol integration as well, which is vastly more requested: