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  1. Does that mean I'd get 2 one year all access passes to Groove 3? 😃
  2. Will likely wait for Music Production Suite 4 as that will cover my Ozone/Neutron & RX upgrades (hopefully!)
  3. Sorry about that typo...you are correct!
  4. iZotope has cut the upgrade price to MPS3 in half. Now $149 when upgrading from MPS 2.1 and $199 from MPS 1-2 Looks like standard reseller coupons are working (i.e. jrrShop "group" etc..), bringing the total to ~$125 & $167 respectively. I think this is probably the lowest we'll probably see for these!
  5. I have a Steinberg e-licenser, will that work?
  6. This one's still live...all this for $40 including a year pass to Groove3!!!!! https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/xchange-producer-collection-with-presonus-cakewalk-ik-multimedia-image-line-loop-loft-ohm-force-and-sonnox/j15044000000000 PreSonus Studio One Producer 2.0 Cakewalk CA-2A Eisenberg Einklang IK AmpliTube 2 Metal IK T-RackS 3 Deluxe Image Line Deckadance 2 Image Line Groove Machine Loop Loft The Producer Pack V1 Ohm Force OhmBoyz Ohm Force Symptohm PSPaudioware BussPressor SmithsonMartin Emulator Pro Sonnox TransMod Native Groove3 1-Year Pass
  7. superdan54


    In honor of another movie coming out for my favorite webslinger, here's a bluegrassy/Americana cover of the original 1967 theme song.
  8. I've got RX7 so I guess I'm trying to see what SL Pro can offer aside from seamless Cubase & ARA integration. With Cubase though, RX Connect works basically like ARA so not sure if that would be enough of a selling point.
  9. This seems interesting...what would the purpose of such an integration be? Aren't they basically doing the same thing?
  10. Yeah, I was never asked for proof of ownership either. You should be good to go!
  11. So is Neutron 3 the only difference between MPS 2 & 2.1?
  12. Whoa, didn't realize that even the standard Komplete 12 comes with a preloaded HDD now. Anyone know the specs on it? I see it's USB 3.0 but wasn't sure if it was SSD and what size it is.
  13. Yeah shipping was $10. I had to pay around $3 for foreign transfer fee but didn't see anything specifically about a VAT on the invoice.
  14. Haven't heard of this site before, but I went ahead and gave it a shot and got a legitimate 30-day free trial to Groove 3! No credit card info was required either so risk was pretty minimal. https://pluginfox.co/products/groove3-all-access-pass-30-day-free-trial
  15. Got my boxed copy of the Pro 10 Crossgrade yesterday!! Shipped from the UK in 4 days...how 'bout that? I can confirm it did come with an e-licenser so this was definitely the route to go for me. I'm loving the feel of Cubase so far. Seems to merge the best of Sonar & S1 together.
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