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  1. Ah of course - I didn't actually try running the installer without clicking Run as Admin. Thanks.
  2. I just had a thought - I ran the update .exe manually as Administrator. Bingo! Updated no problem in about 2 minutes. Weird because I thought I had admin rights but maybe something got changed when I upgraded to W10 from 7 earlier this year. Maybe all these other people have been having a similar issue? {edit} Just checked I do have admin rights so not sure what is going on here??
  3. Hi, First a thank you for keeping this product going, I've been a Sonar user since 1.0 and it's great that you've rescued it and keep developing it. I'm trying to upgrade to 2020.08 and like a few others I am getting a hang at the 'Installing' stage. I left it for an hour and when I couldn't see any activity in Task Manager I rebooted and tried again, same result. I've read the posts above and tried looking in the Bandlab download folder to make sure I have the right file, and I think I do (Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_26.08.0.100.r1.exe). I checked I have the latest version of the assistant, and as far as I can see I do (there is no option to update on the Apps tab). I'm on W10 Home 1909, build 18363.1016 and Cakewalk 2020.05. In the past I have never managed to get the Assistant to upgrade itself, I always have to uninstall and download the latest, but Cakewalk has always updated fine before this. I would rather not have to reinstall Cakewalk from scratch to get this update, anyone have any ideas?
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