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  1. Scook, Thank you so much. Have a great day and be safe and healthy. Craig
  2. I have an audio input for my guitar and added to the FX Audio Track Strip, TH-U from OverLoud. I need to use my MIDI pedal to control the software, so I loaded up a MIDI track and selected the correct channels for my pedal board (FCB1010 with EurekaPROM 3.12). In the MIDI track, shouldn't I see in the I/O dropdowns a option to choose the TH-U to link it to my Audio Track? Thank you and please keep safe, Craig Wojo
  3. Thank you msmcleod. I have the 2nd Gen in which does not have the MixControl... it has the Focusrite Control. I will watch the video and maybe it will enlighten my knowledge with somethings (many) I don't understand as of yet. I will look at this one also from Mark Warren... Thank you and God Bless, Craig
  4. Thanks, Cactus Music. Could you link me to the videos that you recommend for learning the 6i6?
  5. Since I downloaded and installed CW by BandLab, should I delete Cakewalk Sonar Platinum that I have installed also?
  6. Thank you all. Wow, this forum has the best members.
  7. Just wondering if I should keep my Sonar Platinum (yes... I bought it. Should have waited a year or so) or should I download the free DAW from BandLab and use that? What are the differences? Thank you and God bless, Craig
  8. Hi everyone, Happy Memorial Day. Remember all that served and gave their all. God bless all. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 and would like to monitor certain tracks only to my headset (left side) then my vocals on the right while recording. The studio monitors would play all the tracks that the surface controller or Sonar has selected (for the other band members who are in the control room). Is this something that the Sound Interface (Focusrite Scarlett 6i6) control. Thank you and God bless, Craig
  9. Really... you all are the best. Thank you.
  10. Being a newbie... I'm lost. Can't expect to just jump right on in. Going to the tutorials and start 101 and learn the right way. There's just too much much for me to learn and stop hunting and searching for the answers to my questions. I appreciate all your answers and will be back with knowledge and ready to answer others (and ask when I don't have the answers.) Thank you everyone,
  11. It's controlling the motor fader on the control surface (XTouch) but it's not adjusting the main volume out of the speakers. Any advice?
  12. Hi everyone, Another newbie question. In the console view, I would like to add a Main Strip to control the whole project volume. I have a XTouch control surface for my controller. Thank you and God bless, Craig
  13. Hi everyone, Is there a way to have the Console View open up with all new projects or existing projects as default? Also, is there a way to have the default settings to have the inputs and outputs already set for (my) setup? Instead of me going through each track and setting up my MIDI Express 128 and my Focusrite. Thank you and God bless, Craig
  14. Thank you Scook. When adding a MIDI track Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and God bless, Craig
  15. Hello everyone, I hope this makes sense. I want to control (CC) commands thru my audio channel (guitar) to my footpedal Behringer FB1010 (EurekaProm) which is controlling my Amplitube 4 FX. I use a MOTU MIDI Express 128 midi interface. The Behringer FB1010 is connected into (also out) port 3. Now in standalone (Amplitube 4) I can set the MIDI input to the Express 128. But using it (Amplitube 4) as an FX in an audio channel there is no Audio MIDI Setup on the vst. How do I setup Sonar (Bandlab) so I can use the footpedal to control the Amplitube vst. Thank you and God bless, Craig
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