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  1. The new features look great! Thank you Bandlab! Is it possible to change all tracks colors within a folder, as well as the folder itself at the same time by clicking on the folder and holding the CTRL key while selecting a color? Thanks!
  2. Thanks. I wasn't aware of the multiple levels of sustain. It's always been off-on when using a pedal on my synths and controllers.
  3. Hello! In-app update Installation worked perfectly and quickly. Really liking the updated automation envelopes, nodes, and node snapping. Tempo track is a huge improvement! Question about MIDI CC 64 Pedal sustain in the controller lane. I'm curious as to why the MIDI data isn't either at 0 or 127? When using the draw tool to manually add or change data in the lane it can be drawn at any value from 0 to 127. See attached example. I used the line tool to draw the diagonal line. Do you think it would make more sense if the data in the lane was either on or off? I know it's been this way for years. Just curious if there was any plans to update that, as well? Thank you! JON
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