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  1. Hi Scook, Base 57, thanks for the grat job!! where can I find the bug tracker to see when it's solved?
  2. verified, if you set to mono you receive a merged L and R signal to mono even if input is L or R (mono). verify yourself putting on a stereo track two different sounds in L and R, e.g guitar pan L and Key pan R then get out to a patch point. you expeted that patch point input L (mono) send the guitar and the patch point R (mono) send a keyboard. but you'll find both L - R send both guit - key, merged in mono. not shure if this is a bug introduced with new update. i worked with november update till last week, apparently without issue. tested in another computer, same version 2020.01, same issue.
  3. I usually record a stereo track, then output to a patch point. I separate L and R channel by opening 2 empty tracks named "Left" and "Right", assigning patch point L (mono) to "Left" and patch pont R (mono) to "Right". but both Left and Right tracks receive a stereo input patch even if mono input (left or right) is selected. pretty simple bug.
  4. with version 2019.03 build 20 Sonar seems to not open sonitus eq anymore. the default eq is pro-channel and sonitus eq settings are lost!! anyone have a solution to correcly load old project with sonitus EQ into new Bandlab?
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