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  1. Hi all, I need this synth for my song but it's crashing Cakewalk every time I start up, even when I start as admin. The error is crash code: c0000005
  2. Here is a pic, if I select midi and press down some keys with my mouse on the little keyboard display of the plugin, I can get it to work with the audio, but I want to control Morphoder's midi track with my own keyboard. Where am I going wrong? https://imgur.com/9VAXnK8
  3. Hi, I'm trying to get this vocoder to work. I set the output of my audio track to the instrument track where the vocoder is set as an effect. I have the input set as side chain in the vocoder, however when I play anything on my keyboard, nothing happens. The vocoder isn't responding to my keyboard so the audio track doesn't get triggered. How do I fix this? I was following this tutorial but I noticed the SC button at the top is missing in my version, I've copied the time stamp https://youtu.be/lFM7utP2yR8?t=98
  4. Hi, Sonar stops through playback and reports internal error messages because of a track where I have some split clips overlapping each other. When I remove the track with these clips the problem disappears, however I want this track in the song and don't want to re-record the clips (which I've duplicated and have overlapped). Is there any fix for this? It won't even bounce them internally to one clip.
  5. Hi, I'm going into a recording studio and have a synth in Absynth called Green Chameleon which is kind of essential to the song but it pops and clicks and I can't get it to stop doing that. I was wondering is there any way to save the midi data and import it into whatever DAW they use there? If anyone has Absynth would it be possible if you could just check that Green Chameleon synth and press a key to hear it and see if there's any pops and clicks? I'm not sure whether it's meant to be part of the actual sound itself as it's got a slightly randomised quality so maybe it's part of the effect.
  6. Hi, just have a bit of a problem with this synth which I need for my song. It's popping and clicking all over the place when I play any note. I have the audio latency set at maximum so not sure if it's to do with my interface or whether it's a problem with the particular synth itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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