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  1. Just to end this story. I bought a (barely) used kit (2*16) for 100€ and sold the old kit for 50€. Now Cakewalk is running smoothly again.
  2. Thanks! I was thinking about this. I install RAM very rarely so maybe better safe than sorry. I will need to remove the gpu to get the cooling tower off, to access the RAM etc. Maybe time to renew also the cooling paste while visiting the CPU. So, new RAM it is then. I will probably get some € when selling the old kit which will ease the damage. The CL16 @3200MHz is reasonably priced, fortunately.
  3. So system RAM speed has no effect on DAW? That's good news for my wallet 😀
  4. I just noticed that in my recent project the 'system memory usage' shows 18.2Gb (88%) which is a bit odd because I have only 16Gb installed. I'm experiencing some issues when playing back the project so I believe I'm reaching a ceiling. Anyway, I started thinking about buying more RAM . When buying another 2x8 kit it seems uncertain whether it's going to work ok even when choosing the same spec sticks, even from the same manufacturer because the actual memory units can be different (Samsung, Hynix etc.) It is still an option if I can return a kit which doesn't work as wished. The other option is to buy a new 2x16 kit. I was advised to buy the lowest cas latency kit I can afford. The RAM speed is limited to 3466MHz by my motherboard so a 3200MHz kit is probably fine. But the price difference between low spec ones and high spec ones is huge (150€-400€ for 32Gb). Just adding another 2x8 to my current setup would cost only about 80€. So, the wormcan question is, how much an impact does that have on actual ASIO latency and DAW performace? CPU: Ryzen 5900X MB: MSI B450-Pro RAM Patriot Viper 3200MHz 2x8 kit
  5. Yes there's a ton of very low frequency content when I looked into it. Much louder than the audible signal. HPF solved the issue. But if this kind of waveform doesn't produce any problems, when should one be cautious of such phenomena? Surely the 'remove dc offset' function is there for a reason, both in Cakewalk and Sound Forge.
  6. Thanks bitflipper! I tracked the source of this and it's a synth plugin (Dimension Pro, a preset called 'FM pad' if anyone wants to investigate). When this is muted the waveform of the mix looks normal. Weird but I'm happy it's now sorted. I froze the track and tried using the onboard DC offset removal tool but it didn't work as wished so I exported the track and performed the removal in Sound Forge. All good now 👍 Here's the soloed track exported:
  7. Could somebody explain the DC offset in general. I exported a project as usual and it looks off. It's a combination of recorded audio and plugins (ones that I use constantly). But when comparing the two parts of the song it's obvious that the first half is badly offset. I can easily correct it in Sound Forge but this is new territory for me. What causes it and why haven't I seen it earlier during 20+ years of using Cakewalk (+Sonar). Surely the hardware has changed during the years but not much recently. And the song has been played with the same gear through the both parts.
  8. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    Good observation. I never thought that the timing needed improving. Must pay more attention next time. I agree on the vocal levels. I think that in harder rock the vocalist should compete with the rest of the band if it's loud. This should start from the songwriting level. In this case I wanted the vocalist feel comfortable with the mix, and be the center of attention. So it's a bit elevated but I can live with that.
  9. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    I'm not sure what rock it is. So at least Adams favour the mix. Great.
  10. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    Thanks! Very good. Is your ear bud sound also generally thin? The guitar sound is the hardest thing to get right in metal. Too much distortion makes it soft and loose attack and articulation, and less distortion can result in hardness. The hi/low balance of the guitars also needs a good ear when mixing. And good monitoring, which I don't have, so I try listening with many speakers and headphones to make sure nothing is off. But that doesn't really replace a reliable, good quality monitoring. Anyway, thanks for the food for thought!
  11. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    Thanks guys! But surely somebody can point me some weakness in the track? I like to think every project as a learning experience also, not only as a 'job done'.
  12. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    Hi everybody! I just got a new song ready and polished, this time adventuring in a different wonderland with a great vocalist. Superior drummer 3, BiasFx2 and some synths (my usual recipe). Would be nice to hear observations and comments from fellow music makers
  13. lmu2002


    Thanks everybody! To clarify, I wrote and produced the song for Melanie. Haunting progressive rock I like that definition! You can find the lyrics in the info.
  14. lmu2002


    I just finished a song. Cakewalk, BiasFx2 and Superior drummer 3. And a few synths. I'm not sure what genre this is, poprock probably. I enjoyed the project very much
  15. The op didn't mention which ryzen 7 the laptop is running. There's a huge differencce difference between the oldest 1700 and the latest 5800. But any of them will work just great with Cakewalk and won't crash your computer alone. Like said above, don't use the internal soundchip for recording, it's not build for that at all and gets you nowhere. For playback it's fine.
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