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  1. Ah sorry. And no offence. I thought you were choosing a motherboard for him and asked for an opinion. But anyway, a $300 motherboard will be great, in audio or any other use. Good luck installing everything!
  2. That Rog Maximus is a huge overkill just for audio. Motherboards do all the same thing with marginal difference in performance. With just one SSD and one HDD you won't gain much by investing in top of the line mb. Obviously it doesn't hurt anything other than wallet, but I have had great results with simple basic boards (prime/pro etc) for 1/8 the price. Just my thoughts of course. If I was spending my friends money, I would use all the info I could get so I wouldn't get crucified later for burning too much cash.
  3. Or alternatively you could adjust the 'mix' knob on your m-audio to find a suitable balance between the playback tracks and your mic input in the headphones.
  4. Is there a way to avoid my display name getting reseted every time I clean my internet cache?
  5. 4k will give you a huge work space compared to 1k. And just by simple maths, a 10cm item on your screen will become 6,25cm thing unless it's scaled to something else in size. As far as I know, Cakewalk doesn't scale unless whole Windows is scaled. It hard to comment on the text size but obviously the difference will be very noticeable.
  6. Very good! There's never too much info regarding troubleshooting in our esoteric niche 👍 A few tips I have discovered recently: - go through Win10 power schemes details and make sure cpu usage is 100% minimum and maximum and make sure your cpu cooling is sufficient - disable any power saver schemes in usb ports, not only in power settings details but also in device manager list (must be done manually, no power scheme changes them for you) - choose UEFI in bios boot details (CSM is apparently often the default), preferably prior installing win10 - if you encounter issues with low latency in CW, try unchecking the plug-in load balancing and see if it helps (yes it will punish the first core but you might be able to record with a decent latency late in a project when you have already tons of plug-ins running) Maybe a sticky collection would be in order? I sure there's so much useful info we could all collect here regarding CW and DAWs in general. To save time and headache when troubleshooting.
  7. I think you'd better use the console view to see clearly what send goes to which bus. The track view +inspector can be tricky if you are not familiar with CW. Maybe better add an effect on a bus first and name it accordingly, and only then apply the send.
  8. I don't see any other way if the purpose really is fading the 'whole song' as requested by the OP.
  9. Exactly my thoughts! I think I will now leave it off completely and just adjust buffer size as required. I believe lighter powered cpus/systems benefits more of this function. Or very heavy projects.
  10. I started looking into this plug-in load balancing and discovered that I can run my soundcard with much lower buffer size (=lower latency) when it's turned off. I run some tests with a full 32 track mix with lots of plugins/vstis. When the balancing is on, I eventually get buzz/peep audio engine errors when going below 128 buffer size. When off, it runs smoothly with 64 but obviously taxing the first cpu core heavily. 32 buffer starts producing audible cracks but it runs anyhow (not printing the cracks on exporting though). With 32 buffer size the export takes 5-6 times longer than with a 512 buffer size but still utilizes the cpu much harder (core #6 running clearly hottest on my cpu). So no gains there for exporting. As my work flow is such that I mix while still recording and writing, I find unchecking the balance load option very useful at a later stage when the project is heavily laden with plugins already, and I can happily record stuff with a low latency with bells and whistles running. I have always had the plug-in load balancing on and never payed a thought for it. However, I'm not sure how much sound card specific this issue might be. But I think it's worth experimenting and see if you can benefit from this like I do.
  11. Like stated, there's no correct way in this. It's worth experimenting what the order does to the signal, time permitting. Sky is the limit in daw environment. However, as far as eq and comp, I tend to 'compress the corrected' signal, especially if the signal needs heavy eq:ing (like a high pass filter), so the compressor doesn't react to frequencies which will be cut off anyway or cause unwanted or weird gain reduction.
  12. Great video Gswitz! It feels crazy one track or even plugin can throttle the whole process. Thinking of a 5min song where cpu shows 10% when playing it back, but it takes the same 5mins to render . Maybe this gets a proper remedy in the future.
  13. I was wondering this my self too. Why doesn't Cakewalk rendering utilize cpu usage to the max (vs video rendering). It does use all the cores and threads when rendering a full mix (when monitoring with HWmonitor). But only around 50% average usage.
  14. Windows or Cakewalk update? There was a recent update on the both. Do you mean there really is no pan? Or pan has no effect? Does your master/output bus look also mono with both channels dancing in unison regardless of track panning ? That would be weird indeed.
  15. Got it! It was a devious win10 update which changed the power scheme for hard drives. Not sure if SSDs ever sleep but I still have a hdd in my system for storage which apparently took a while to wake up. Now all is well 👍
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