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  1. lmu2002

    4 U

    Very cool! I'm also curious about the lead vocal sound. Would you mind sharing what's in the chain?
  2. lmu2002

    Cold Wind

    Thanks Nigel! Do you hear processing other than eq-comp-reverb? This got me curious.
  3. lmu2002

    Cold Wind

    Thanks Kevin, nice words! That's an interesting observation. I'm not sure what you mean by 'behind the lead vocal part' but surely the vocal channel is running pretty hot at times, so maybe you hear some harmonics caused by overdriven signal hitting the red. But if you mean the rest of the 'band' then it's a different guesswork. One of the synths is quite rich in the higher frequencies which is audible especially in the second chorus. Guitars are lo-passed around 6kHz so it's hardly them. Maybe someone with good monitoring setup and undamaged hearing can shed some more light on this. I'm more than willing to learn 😁
  4. lmu2002

    Cold Wind

    Another original track finally finished. Quite happy with the outcome although this took longer that I wished. - Vocals: Rode NT1 through SPL Crimson - SD3 drums - Bias Fx2 and Neural guitar amps - various synths
  5. I've come across several articles/videos where they've come to the conclusion that high (90C') temperatures doesn't have a major impact on performance on these top tier AMD and Intel cpus. E.g. the difference between a decent $30 cooler and a big liquid cooler is quite minimal in terms of performance, especially when the cooler prices are added to the picture . Just like the video above suggests. Is it wise to buy a top tier cpu and then compromise the performance even a little bit is another question. And very much so will be the cooling of the mid range cpus where the bang for the buck plays a much bigger role.
  6. I'm curious about the 7950x. What happens if you just let it run hot with a regular cooler? Does the performance suffer? Which temp is the highest until throttling? I've been reading some confusing results about this.
  7. It seems that the new Ryzen series is running hot by design. I read about tests where cpu performance stays the same, water or air cooled. So apparently the 95C' is nothing to worry about and doesn't produce throttling like older generations. If you want to keep it cooler, perhaps undervolting the cpu might give the most efficient results. Anyway, this all feels a bit odd but let's see how it actually turns out and especially how the new Ryzens perform with low latency audio.
  8. Very nice song and songwriting! It's hard to believe it's your first 👍 A few ideas: I'm not sure whether it's a genre thing but the drums sound very mp3/data compressed, hihat particularly. Maybe a more natural sounding kit wouldn't hurt? I would also try lower velocities on drum hits to align the energy with the rest of the instruments. there's two L/R guitars with very busy content. You could try how it works with just one, and add a second only where it's necessary and where they can play together with a solid timing I also encourage to turn up the vocals, they sound very cool and should be the at the very front and center of attention
  9. lmu2002


    Thanks again! I appreciate the associations instead of genre definitions. Pop is accurate enough for me 😀
  10. lmu2002


    Thanks! It was a rewarding project with simplicity in focus. Or at least where it mattered.
  11. lmu2002


    Hi everybody! I got a song production finished lately. Quite happy how it turned out.
  12. Just to end this story. I bought a (barely) used kit (2*16) for 100€ and sold the old kit for 50€. Now Cakewalk is running smoothly again.
  13. Thanks! I was thinking about this. I install RAM very rarely so maybe better safe than sorry. I will need to remove the gpu to get the cooling tower off, to access the RAM etc. Maybe time to renew also the cooling paste while visiting the CPU. So, new RAM it is then. I will probably get some € when selling the old kit which will ease the damage. The CL16 @3200MHz is reasonably priced, fortunately.
  14. So system RAM speed has no effect on DAW? That's good news for my wallet 😀
  15. I just noticed that in my recent project the 'system memory usage' shows 18.2Gb (88%) which is a bit odd because I have only 16Gb installed. I'm experiencing some issues when playing back the project so I believe I'm reaching a ceiling. Anyway, I started thinking about buying more RAM . When buying another 2x8 kit it seems uncertain whether it's going to work ok even when choosing the same spec sticks, even from the same manufacturer because the actual memory units can be different (Samsung, Hynix etc.) It is still an option if I can return a kit which doesn't work as wished. The other option is to buy a new 2x16 kit. I was advised to buy the lowest cas latency kit I can afford. The RAM speed is limited to 3466MHz by my motherboard so a 3200MHz kit is probably fine. But the price difference between low spec ones and high spec ones is huge (150€-400€ for 32Gb). Just adding another 2x8 to my current setup would cost only about 80€. So, the wormcan question is, how much an impact does that have on actual ASIO latency and DAW performace? CPU: Ryzen 5900X MB: MSI B450-Pro RAM Patriot Viper 3200MHz 2x8 kit
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