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  1. One more thought: try turning off your anti virus software and also wifi . They can mess your audio stream if not compatible with your sound drivers etc.
  2. Maybe you could rule out plugins by freezing the tracks with vst on them. And then try the usb port as it's easy and quick test. And then inspect the usual culprits: wifi and antivirus.
  3. Looks good to me. One benefit of having a fatter waveform is the visual cue you get in the track view (you can see where accents are etc). But as said above you can adjust the scale to your liking. Good luck with your recordings!
  4. This is very nice! It's hard to judge the mix because I enjoy the music and playing so much. I get a lot of Mezzoforte vibe here A couple of things you could try to improve this further: - everything sounds nice open wide stereo but drums are very narrow, maybe a wider reverb on the snare wouldn't hurt - the kick is very snappy in this context and quite hard rock, you could try soften the hit/attack (with a Cakewalk percussion strip if you have it) or try another sample, or just cut between 2-4kHz - are you sure you want to have the sax and guitar unison such a uniform sound? Why not separate them a bit: other brighter than the other and/or pan them a bit apart Anyway, I could listen to this all day and forget about lockdowns and place myself somewhere warm and a drink in my hand and and... Well done!!
  5. lmu2002


    Thanks David! It's about disappointment and regret.
  6. lmu2002


    Thanks Douglas and Wookiee! Vocalsynth is a godsend for crap singers like me. From unusable to bearable is a major jump in my books. You can play the vocals with your midi keyboard once you have recorded something that has words and decent rhythm. Obviously better singing gives better results. And I'm not insisting it will work for everybody and all styles of music. Worth trying at least!
  7. lmu2002


    Thanks Barry! I might be encouraged carefully using my voice in future songs. The key being 'works here' so not gonna push it too far. I wanted imagery to support the audio and searched hours for suitable stuff with such a retrospect view. Couldn't possibly produce something like that myself. Beats a static photo doesn't it!
  8. lmu2002


    Thanks DeeringAmps! Happy to see someone liking it!
  9. lmu2002


    A new song I wrote. As I waited forever finding a vocalist to contribute my one man band, I eventually gave up and did the vocals myself with the help of newly purchased Vocalsynth2. Guitars and bass go through BiasFx2 in case anyone is interested. The rest is quite basic vsti stuff. I hope you like it! https://youtu.be/ZXVmwUCkDHg
  10. I have several pairs. But lately I have only used Beyerdynamic Custom Studio. They are great for anything really, and nicely priced.
  11. I've been using BiasFx VST a couple of years now and never had any issues. Are you using the same preset in both standalone and VST? Same gain? Recorded clip also sounding bad? Track interleave set to stereo? Do you have 'direct out' selected in BiasFx output settings? I can't think of much else. Maybe you could describe further what you mean by weak.
  12. Maybe a bit far fetched but could this be a pci lanes thing? If you have two m.2 drives, (presumably) a graphics card and this UAD all sharing the available 24 pci lanes, some settings might need attention in bios. I'm not an expert but I would try removing the other m.2 drive and see what happens. Unless you have all the daw stuff on that drive. Just a thought.
  13. Looks very good! You surely didn't cut any corners! A great ticket to the future 👍 I start to feel intimidated with just 16Gb of ram. But as I don't use huge sample libraries I rarely see usage above 8Gb. So far so good. I chose a Noctua D15 for cpu cooling. Maybe a bit of overkill but it's running perfectly quiet once the temps curves are set.
  14. As far as I know the motherboards for higher than 3700x cpu requires stronger power output and cooling regarding the vrm. Maybe you can tell about your motherboard and experiences with it? E.g. the MSI 450 series motherboards were great but MSI 570 series have a problematic reputation so far. Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE, Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS and Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER all look like solid choices for 3900x. And what ever the motherboard, efficient cooling is essential for a reliable daw. I recently replaced the stock fans of my case (Fractal R5) and both the noise and temperature improved significantly. Three fans 7€ each so well worth the trouble. The stock cpu coolers are also noisy and offer the bare minimum for cooling, so better change it for something bigger/cooler.
  15. Here's good reading: https://www.scanproaudio.info/2019/07/12/amd-ryzen-3600-3700x-3900x-dawbench-tested-3-is-it-the-magic-number/ According to this, if you are running extreme number of Kontakt instances with small buffer size Intel has the edge. But for normal use I wouldn't worry about it. Ryzen 3900x is a very strong cpu for daw use. I hope someone can give you a more detailed view.
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