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  1. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    Good observation. I never thought that the timing needed improving. Must pay more attention next time. I agree on the vocal levels. I think that in harder rock the vocalist should compete with the rest of the band if it's loud. This should start from the songwriting level. In this case I wanted the vocalist feel comfortable with the mix, and be the center of attention. So it's a bit elevated but I can live with that.
  2. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    I'm not sure what rock it is. So at least Adams favour the mix. Great.
  3. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    Thanks! Very good. Is your ear bud sound also generally thin? The guitar sound is the hardest thing to get right in metal. Too much distortion makes it soft and loose attack and articulation, and less distortion can result in hardness. The hi/low balance of the guitars also needs a good ear when mixing. And good monitoring, which I don't have, so I try listening with many speakers and headphones to make sure nothing is off. But that doesn't really replace a reliable, good quality monitoring. Anyway, thanks for the food for thought!
  4. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    Thanks guys! But surely somebody can point me some weakness in the track? I like to think every project as a learning experience also, not only as a 'job done'.
  5. lmu2002

    New Dawn

    Hi everybody! I just got a new song ready and polished, this time adventuring in a different wonderland with a great vocalist. Superior drummer 3, BiasFx2 and some synths (my usual recipe). Would be nice to hear observations and comments from fellow music makers
  6. lmu2002


    Thanks everybody! To clarify, I wrote and produced the song for Melanie. Haunting progressive rock I like that definition! You can find the lyrics in the info.
  7. lmu2002


    I just finished a song. Cakewalk, BiasFx2 and Superior drummer 3. And a few synths. I'm not sure what genre this is, poprock probably. I enjoyed the project very much
  8. The op didn't mention which ryzen 7 the laptop is running. There's a huge differencce difference between the oldest 1700 and the latest 5800. But any of them will work just great with Cakewalk and won't crash your computer alone. Like said above, don't use the internal soundchip for recording, it's not build for that at all and gets you nowhere. For playback it's fine.
  9. I was just looking at this lufs stuff. It's easy to test it in youtube. And youtube has apparently the same level of normalisation as spotify, tidal etc. Make a simple video of your song and upload it to youtube. Then right click and you see (the bottom line takes you to the control panel) how much it's been levelled. For example, if it shows 'content loudness 4dB' youtube then allows playback only at 60% of full volume. If the reading is negative like -4dB youtube won't touch the level. So the normalising only works downwards. The recommended lufs are -14 but it depends what the peaks really are. I didn't notice any added compression, just volume change. If your master is very loud but sounds good, don't worry, youtube makes the level correct for you. But if you want to look for the sweetspot between limited/compressed sound and a dynamic one, it's worth having a look before you make the final master for upload/streaming. I think this is great. No need to bulldoze a mix to keep it sounding as loud as the next song in youtube. So now you can just focus on the actual sound quality.
  10. I was advised to run the stand alone version a few times. Which helped. Now I run it before I open projects in Cakewalk and seems to work ok. So far so good.
  11. I have no idea where to start looking for cure. When opening a project Cakewalk crashes when trying to run Superioir drummer. Oddly, doesn't happen to all projects but I can't now open two of my recent projects. There's not much in the projects, only a few tracks of audio and soft synths. Superior drummer is up to date. I'm scared this will soon happen to older projects as well. So please, any thoughts?
  12. Hi Mark, I tried to pm you but the message won't move: 'msmcleod cannot receive messages.'
  13. I sent a message to Jonathan Sasor. I'm still waiting for reply. I have the bundle file in google drive for sharing.
  14. Thanks. I think the availability for these cpus will stay bad for a while. But I got mine within a week from ordering so you just have to browse shops and keep fingers crossed. I wish someone could develope a reliable benchmark test for DAWs. But maybe there are just too many variables involved. If you consider buying a 900 dollar cpu it would be great to know how much more actual DAW power you get when comparing with the old cpu.
  15. I couldn't find any reviews regarding recent CPUs and DAWs so I decided to contribute:
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