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  1. Ok. Makes sense. But where does one find musical/absolute time adjustments for a track other than the mentioned 'automation time base'. I couldn't find any. I hardly ever change tempo mid-song, especially after recordings are done. But it's good to know how the clips behave if I did.
  2. Ok. Thanks! I changed the tracks 'automation time base' to absolute and it solved the issue. There is no tempo changes in the project but some automation. What's the difference between musical and absolute in general?
  3. I just noticed an annoying bug. I have a project with two similar (L/R) guitar tracks which I have freezed to free cpu muscle. Now, when I unfreeze them the other track is two bars ahead. All clips on that track. I then need to slide the clips forward. Anyone else having this behaviour?
  4. lmu2002

    Audio take lane behaviour

    If it's in the manual I certainly couldn't find it. It would make more sense if the standard editing mode was the default. Especially for new users.
  5. lmu2002

    Audio take lane behaviour

    Thanks scook! Excellent! That's it! Now, why would anybody want this function behind shift? Should be vice versa. Especially if it (the toggle key) is only mentioned in a random release note. Anyway, great to have this sorted!
  6. lmu2002

    Audio take lane behaviour

    Thanks Colin! But it didn't solve the issue. If the lanes are recorded starting from the same time the undesired 'group' editing/cropping happens. If the lanes (clips) are not aligned like that the editing works normally. Choosing different check boxes didn't change this behaviour. There's two types of cursors, the other works as intended, the other not. The first image shows the cursor mode which allows normal editing, the second shows the problematic one. The mid cropping doesn't work either, what ever I try to do. I couldn't include the cursor when screen capturing, hence the blurry photos.
  7. lmu2002

    Audio take lane behaviour

    When I have multiple takes on take lanes (starting at the same time), adjusting the lenght of one clip (=grabbing the clip from the left edge) all clips on take lanes follow the manouvre. Is there an option which allows only one take to be modified? Also, when I split a clip, it won't crop from the split point. It just moves the split point left or right and I have to split at two points and remove the center bit to achieve a whole in the clip. Was there an update which changed the behaviour? I have tolerated this for some time but now I must ask if there's a way to make these things work like they used to. I couldn't find a solution myself.
  8. Thanks Kevro! I did make the deal and looking/sounding good so far. Analog lab works nicely with the onboard controllers. Not sure how to make the controls working outside Analog lab though, transport buttons etc. But I will look deeper into that later on.
  9. I'm selling a guitar and was offered this Arturia keyboard as part exchange. I'm sure it will work just fine as a generic keyboard and controller but how do the arturia software intruments work in Cakewalk? Just like any other VST? I'm currently using M-Audio keystation 61 so the Arturia keyboard is not really an upgrade except for the faders and knobs. But I'm interested in the bundled intruments. How do users like them in Cakewalk? Is it easy to connect the controller with the Arturia synth parameters in Cakewalk?
  10. You will need a new motherboard and memory because the new cpus won't be compatible with your old stuff. I would build a new system around a ryzen 5000 series cpu but the availabilities are a mystery right now. The 5000 series cpus give a very tight latency and a lot of muscle. Just what you want for a daw computer.
  11. Towards the final stages of mixing I usually place a basic Ozone preset to the master out bus so I can hear what compression/limiter will do to the mix. I also play with that Ozone a little bit to discover anything that needs to be improved in the mix. Jumping between presets can reveal issues as well. A good mix will sound great with almost any preset (like when playing through different speakers in different environments). I often find myself adjusting the low end tracks after hearing what Ozone is doing. Vocal tracks levels usually needs checking too. Surely this all depends on genre. I make mostly (loud) pop and rock. With smoother music a good mix is propably closer to the desired end product if done carefully and loudness is less an issue.
  12. Great! My hopes were up when I read about the improved gaming performance. Now I just have to wait for the bios support for my B450 board.
  13. I'm using Biasfx2 with no issues. Just make sure the path to the .dll (e.g. BIAS FX 2_x64.dll) is listed in Cakewalk VST settings scan paths. You need to locate the .dll, not the executable program. If this doesn't fix the issue then a reinstall could help.
  14. I reinstalled audio driver (the third time) and it fixed the problem. There's been several win10 updates lately which could have something to do with it. Or planets aligning in an ideal constellation. Whatever it was, I'm relieved.
  15. I started thinking this a little bit further. If I had a new computer with storage options open I would buy the biggest m.2 drive I can afford and leave the other slot(s) free for future additions. As computers have a limited number of m.2 slots (1-3) it would not make sense filling the slots with smaller drives. The price of the drives are also getting cheaper every year. The new pcie 4.0 offers even faster max read/write speeds (3GB-5GB per second), twice the speed of pcie 3.0. However, the full speed in both cases is available only on the bigger drives (1TB and over). And also, most likely only the first m.2 slot runs at the maximum speed (via cpu instead of chipset) which also favours the idea of just one disc. To give a perspective regarding DAW environment, if you have a 5min song with 50 full length audio tracks in 192KHz/24bit, your project is less than 10GB in size. So yes, one drive is fully capable of handling unpacked audio of any sized project, even if all of your software is on the same disc. In real life you obviously don't reach the benchmarked maximum speeds but I hope this gives you a good picture of the current m.2 SSD speeds.
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