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  1. Unbounced timestretch clips are not exported in Entire Project. If I select a range, it will be exported. version 2021.11
  2. I had a lot of trouble with this problem, but I found a way around it. When V-Vocal crashes, it is when a plug-in with high latency is inserted. Try enabling the Bypass All FX button and then creating a V-Vocal clip.
  3. I would like to choice REX or ACIDIZE when I convert audio clip to groove clip. Because, They have different sound feel.
  4. Hi, When playback Rex file on audio track, the slice playback timing changes from RXP or other Rex players. I noticed that the groove was different. If bounce and compare them, you can see the timing of each slices will go back and forth around 10ms. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm cakewalk and sonar user in Tokyo. I want a Global shuffle(swing) function.(same function in Propellerhead Reason) It can adjust the grooves of selected tracks in realtime. but it not changes the data of MIDI clips. (and except for clips of step sequencers,because step sequencer has own swing parameter) Because I want to adjust the grooves while playing. I'm using MIDI plugin to do it. but it need to adjust at each tracks. Thanks
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