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  1. Thank you for your answers!! I always have exported with no specific selection. I have tried and it worked! It's very weird because I normally don't do the selection because I need the full scene. What is bouncing the track, Jeremy? Thanks again!
  2. Hi there! I have a very big issue after taking one of the latest updates. The song in which I am working on is not possible to be exported in wav anymore. It is possible in new projects, but in this one is impossible. The only format I can export is mp3, usingothers get frozen and the file get increasing the size infinitely, after almost on hour waiting for my wave file, it was not finalized and the file was several GB big. How could I solve this? It's essential to export in wave format! Thank you people.
  3. Hi guys! I would like to share with you the first single from an upcoming EP I am recording, of course with CbB, wich is fu**ing awesome! Hope you enjoy 🍻 YouTube - Bring Me The Light (Taken from the EP 'Behold The Messiah')
  4. Awesome! This Cakewalk is becoming soooo great, really. It is waaay more stable than at his first days. I really enjoy it now. THANKS
  5. Hi people, hope you started this 2020 so good. I am Metalhawk on Youtube and I have been Sonar user for quite long, and of course I had to land to CbB and see how it is improving step by step. So I would like to share my last creation: Dance Monkey Metal Cover. Hope you like it guys. 🙈 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGde9mdh2a4
  6. Man, I login to say YES. You defined perfectly what Sonar has become: RANDOM THINGS. I updated my production pc and I downloaded CbB with the hope the random behaviour was thing from the past...
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