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  1. 28 minutes ago, scook said:

    So I tried all this. 

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit is up to date

    A newer version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is already installed to that installation failed properly.

    Rerunning the installation from the directory bypassing CCC resulted in the same error registering DLLs.


    Reboot, tried again, same.



  2. I download, extract, and install Sonar Platinum fine until I try to open it. Then I see this:

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=17p5SYkoRzrGZAErQmqAMUfSXtmFe-ZFJ  (Image also attached)

    If I retry it fails, if I skip it it goes to the next dll and every single one after that, and abort takes me back to the beginning. I can't get the install to finalize ever.

    Been using Cakewalk since version 6 and have 8.5 plat I can install from disc but this is just frustrating. What am I missing? (I ran Command Center as admin also - same deal)

    Thanks - I hope someone can help!





    Sonar Platinum install issue.PNG

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