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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone is successfully using any of the Kontakt S Series (49,61,88) keyboards with CbB. I am particularly keen to know if this keyboard will run CbBs transport and be able to control functions within the DAW, as well as whether it can change VST parameters ... all that nice stuff. If anyone is using it successfully, are you using the Mackie compatibility protocols to utilise the Kontakt integration features? Thanks for any help or info. Cheers Dave
  2. That's a bit strange. Does it show up in the PRV as 5/4?
  3. Hi, Go to Views - meter/key (Alt-Shift 6), click the plus sign in the top left hand corner and enter the bar number and the new time signature. Cheers Dave
  4. Thanks @Noel Borthwick Is that fix coming out in the next update?
  5. Hi @Noel Borthwick This is the same issue that I had (and still have) upon opening Sonar. I have the latest version. Am I correct in assuming that this problem is corrected in the next update. Cheers Dave
  6. Sounds like you might have Auto Track Zoom on. Try Shift-Z to toggle it off or on.
  7. It's worked in all versions since then for me. I currently have the latest CbB version.
  8. I have noticed that if you have a number of clips in one track that haven't been bounced into 1 clip, it affects how the painter 'paints' the pattern, particularly with drum notes.
  9. I have had this problem with IK MODO bass since the update. Noel is aware of it and working on it.
  10. Hi @Noel Borthwick, Thanks for the file, however mixed and not totally successful results. First time fast bouncing MODO bass resulted in the file (picture attached) where it failed to render the first part of the audio, but did the rest okay. Top clip is the midi data, and the bottom clip is the resulting audio. Second try resulted in a fatal error notice and Sonar crashed. Third time, the result was the same as the first. I tried MODO bass on three different songs. Should also mention, the Start Screen doesn't pop up automatically either. When I'd rolled the pc back earlier this morning to finish my project, Start Screen worked again, so there's definitely correlation to the update. Cheers Dave
  11. Win 10, 6 month old Core i7 pc with 16Gb RAM.
  12. Hi @Noel Borthwick and @siordanescu Thanks for your reply. I have restored my pc back a couple of weeks pre the new release and MODO bass is now working as normal as is the start menu and the EQ. When I start Sonar, I get the little "Update Available" notification, so I know Sonar hasn't been updated again. I'm working on a very time critical project atm and don't want to update again just yet, but will tomorrow when it's done. I will let you know if the problems occur again. As far as the MODO bass problem is concerned, when I selected the midi data and and the synth track to render to audio, instead of taking, say 3 or 4 seconds and resulting in the rendered audio track, the progress bar would whizz through and give me an audio track with no audio, just a straight line. Doing it as a real time bounce worked. At that stage, no other VST had this problem, and when I tried MODO bass in 3 other projects, I got the same result - no audio. Re the Quadcurve EQ, it always was on when I previously opened it. I didn't realise the default was to off, as I've never had to turn it on. I just open the channel track, double click the EQ to open the fly out EQ, and it works. I will update Sonar as soon as I finish this project, and let you know the results. Regards Dave
  13. Hi, Since the update this morning, I have had numerous problems and I wonder if anyone else has. Previous to this morning, CbB has worked beautifully. Since the update, the start menu won't start automatically (have checked and turned off and on the setting), Modo Bass won't fast bounce - it will do realtime bounce, but not fast. Tried it on multiple projects, and the flyout Qudcurve EQ defaults to off rather than on which it always has. AD2 has no problems, it will fast bounce, I have turned PC off and on - no difference. Just wondering whether the gremlins have beset my computer, or it's something to do with the update, which is the only change the machine has seen. Regards Dave
  14. This happened to me a few weeks ago - same error message. It turned out my keyboard controller (Edirol PCR-500) was messing with CbB. I did a factory reset of the keyboard and it's been fine since. Can't guarantee it is your answer, but it may help.
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