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  1. I have - and I wish I could remember which plug-ins. SynthEdit ones perhaps (since they "unzip" SEM modules into subfolders on first run)?
  2. I'd also strongly advise your 32 bit VST2 folder to be outside Program Files (x86) - say C:\VST (x86) - so you don't run into UAC/permissions issues for "bad" old plug-ins.
  3. However, updating 4 to 5 trashes the 32 bit install of 4 if that is important to you.
  4. +1. Bites me all the time (I position lock clips as a matter of course after recording to avoid accidents - I wish there was an option for this to happen automatically).
  5. Add a new bus, select that bus for browser output and adjust volume of the bus to taste.
  6. Try setting the below in aud.ini: [Video] VideoEngine=0 Or change to 1 if already at 0.
  7. You too then? 🙂 Actually, I do notice some difference, but usually very little (especially between IRs just differing in distance from cone, for example).
  8. I wonder if it's down to Windows 10 no longer supporting mpeg2 (vs Windows 7) due to licensing costs?
  9. Isn't it free anyway so this is just for amp models etc, right?
  10. Changing the latency for ASIO drivers using the slider is a relatively new development and doesn't work with all ASIO drivers. Click on the ASIO Panel button instead and change the latency there (it'll be reflected on the preferences page and with the slider).
  11. There's a setting that disables IM except when recording - try that? UPDATE: "Disable Input Monitoring During Playback"
  12. It looks like you've got a more fundamental problem if none of these install for you. How are you trying to install them?
  13. Those plugins do run on 64 bit Windows within 32 bit SONAR (you'll just need to install a 32 bit version). It's a pity CbB doesn't include a DirectX BitBridge as there are still some good 32 bit DX effects (like these) which would be nice to access, plus it would make migration easier.
  14. Ignite do a good one (I forget the name offhand).
  15. AMD's implementation is essentially the same. My 6 core Ryzen can run 12 threads (and appears as 12 in Windows task manager). From Windows' perspective, AMD' and Intel's CPUs are in this respect indistinguishable.
  16. Yes, but it still does some funky stuff.
  17. Both AMD and Intel (as do other CPU vendors like IBM) now use a form of Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT). Hyperthreading is just an Intel trademark, hence why AMD couldn't use it explicitly. The silicon implementation will be different, but from the OS' point of view, they are essentially identical. That article is somewhat confused (the comments are much more accurate!).
  18. Press scroll lock key. Does this do what you want (disables scrolling and then re-enables)?
  19. +1 I don't hate it quite that much but see it as pointless and getting in the way when you have a decent multi-monitor setup. Now docking Melodyne into it every single time Melodyne opens *is* something I loathe 🙂
  20. I've noticed deletion does have its own mind for selecting shape sometimes! There's probably logic (first segment's type, last segment's type...) but I've never put my mind to working it out. You can at least change the shape with a single click!
  21. Interesting idea... Interim suggestion: Right-click drag over the nodes you want to lose Press delete Right-click on the remaining envelope segment and select the curve type you want to use
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