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  1. Thanks for posting the video. Most people have no idea what a great piano player he was. Looks like that generation is fading quickly and I see few picking up that torch and moving into the future. Glad I was around for such wonderful American music!
  2. Hey Matthew, thanks for the light theme! I just got out of the hospital so it will be a couple of days before I can try it out. I'll let you know what I like/dislike about it.
  3. Nice stuff! I raided your theme for the fx on/off button color scheme....pretty easy Started on the pan etc buttons for the gradiated outer ring. Man, a lot of effort for that! I love the light Mercury style themes, so I created my own, but if you ever do a light theme it will be light years ahead of mine. Thanks for all the work.
  4. Miss Duckbar......thanks for reviving it!
  5. You can build rockwool panels pretty cheaply. The covering material is a lot of the expense. Maybe have your wife help in choosing fabric and color? Can't hurt to have her buy into the process. As a stopgap, people have hung blankets on stands forever.... To help with parallel walls I have a couple of office cubical dividers set at angles around my recording area. They were free but I bet you could find one or two for hardly any money. Please look at this as a long term proposition. Try to enjoy the process! Treating your room correctly will stop you from rebuying foam etc. You may find that some of your audio gear is fine after treating the room. Good luck
  6. Yep works fine. Fixed the sample rate switching when loading project templates from the start screen. Didn't seem to break anything else.
  7. Thanks Scook, I did click on the envelope but didn't see anything relating to PM. Yet another obscurity that leaves me scratching my head. Again, thanks for the info.
  8. Hi Noel, Sure, send it to me. I have no idea if you can PM on this forum, I can't seem to find any info in it. For some reason the forum is creating an extra line( i.e. double spacing) when I type. I discovered the problem because I purchased a RME Fireface UCX and connected my MR816 via ADAT. This required me to set up the the MR 816 via Firewire and then disconnect it. So, after that was set to 48k . Cakewalk reset the RME to 44.1 hence no syc with the MR816. A long winded story,sorry.
  9. Interesting, I can't understand why. it works fine if you load the template from the directory tree. Not a big deal, but it is good to know.
  10. If you choose a new project template such as Basic, Blank, 16 Channel etc. the sample frequency defaults to 44.1k. This is if it is loaded from the Start Screen. This happens in Platinum as well. Caused havoc with my system that needs to be at 48k. Curiously, if you load the file from the directory tree it starts Cakewalk, loads the project,and keeps the sample frequency unchanged ( in my case at the default of 48k. Really just a heads up.
  11. Yep, i was referring to the OP, Misha, not Twisted Fingers.....
  12. Maybe i am missing it but what interface and connection(usb,firewire etc) are you using? Also, what are your Asio settings? Perhaps you are expecting too much from the interface and drivers? I believe Noel has suggested unchecking unused inputs and oututs to help with crackles etc.
  13. As mentioned earlier, is it possible to try a different interface? Maybe you indicated that you tried this but i didn't see it. Even using the on board sound with WDM or Wasapi drivers might lead to drivers or interface as being the problem. Personally, reinstalling Windows 10 would be my last resort.
  14. Went back and read your original post. Maybe yank out the graphics card and try using only the onboard graphics to see if that helps? Another shot in the dark.........
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