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  1. On 4/25/2020 at 1:12 PM, Johnny Penk said:

    Thank you for the update, but there is a big issue with saving my current setup.

     I did workspace and I run it in custom, but what’s strange is when I switch it to custom, set all my windows and how I like it then save it, close out then reopen, it goes back to workspace and all the views goes back to default. Let me explain further. Open Bandlab, undock the console, drag it to my right monitor, in the left monitor I have track view. The previous versions there was no issue and it remembered the next time I brought up a project. Simply click on my project and console view would be on my right monitor and track view on the left monitor. This version doesn’t save this and defaults to one window on the left monitor. Then I need to undock the console again, drag it to the right monitor and so on. The save function is not working when it comes to how I have my setup for my projects. 
    Is there something I’m missing of how I can get it to save my current setup? 
    Is there a way to rollback to the previous version? 
    Thank you 

    Hi, I too have this issue.  I run two screens with the Left one showing a Track View and the Right one displaying the Console View, etc.  If I save a project and then open it at a later time/date the view defaults to just my main screen and I have to undock the console view and reposition it every time.   Most annoying and time wasting.  Regards and TIA for any solutions.

  2. Hi,

    I've discovered a problem in Cakewalk that occurs when using a rewire device, in my case it's Reason and specifically the NN-XT sampler.

    I have Cakewalk set up to record some vocals to a stereo audio track, the vocals are sung to a midi track being sent to the NN-XT sampler loaded with the default B GrandPiano.  I have a 1 bar count in set up in Preferences->Metronome.

    When I hit the spacebar to just playback the song the piano plays fine but when I arm an audio track and hit R to record the piano does not play.  The recording is working but I cant hear the piano that I'm singing along to which makes things a bit difficult. (Apologies if this has been reported before, despite searching I cant fine an answer).

    If I turn off the 1 bar count in and hit R to record the piano plays back fine and, as before, I can record ok.

    Turning the 1 bar count in back on disables the rewire piano again so the issue is repeatable.

    I'm assuming this is a bug in the implementation of the rewire protocol. Is anyone else able to duplicate this and how can I report it to Bandlab for a fix?

    Thanks in advance.

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