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  1. Oh thanks, @Blogospherianman, Neither was I aware of the "Meter/Key" window's functionality nor its existence but your suggestion totally saved my project and day: I shrunk the first bar down to a signature of 1/32 to cover my anacrusis and the rest of my composition got a 2/8 signature assigned (because, well, to fit the results of Cakewalk's automatic tempo map. Just too lazy to transform it into 2/4 or something 😅) Anyways, I wanna thank you all for your nice support, had no idea this forum was filled with such a number positive people ^^
  2. Thanks a lot for telling me the specific term, @Byron Dickens ^^ Yet I still don't know how to place/change my anacrusis in Cakewalk. Tried to research that for more than half an hour now but neither reading the manual nor performing a Cakewalk site search with no results nor reading through all the forum entries that came up when I asked Google provided me with the information I require. And right now I really gotta head back to university. Do you, by any chance, also know how to perform the technique you suggested?
  3. So I've recorded a short MIDI melody where the beat and bar counting should start on the second note instead of the first one. I could easily pull that off in FL Studio by placing a time signature marker for 4/4 to where the second note starts to reset the beat counter. But how do I insert an upbeat in Cakewalk? Using the "Set Measure/Beat At Now" dialogue accessed by the drop-down menu from right-clicking the timeline gives me nothing but "Invalid measure and/or beat error messages stating that "The tempo required for that location is out of range" and that I should "Please remove some tempo entries in the tempo view around the desired time or enter a correct measure or beat", or saying that Cakewalk is "Unable to specify different measure or beat for the start of project". But, unfortunately, I have no idea what that actually means. The project I originally wanted to work on should be attached to this post in case one of you might look further into my issue. Simple suggestions are preferred though, especially if I have just overlooked a specific feature in Cakewalk. Thanks in advance, Thomas Fritz a.k.a. Xrenyn the Musicmage Auhert's Beacon.cwp
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