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  1. Hi all, I come back to ask if this problem can be solved. Setting ttseq.ini to read only is not very helpful. It makes Cakewalk sets the ports in the correct order, but only helps when I turn on all the synths, because as soon as I have one turned off the MIDI routing becomes a mess... (as I explained in the first post). I know this can be solved because I have several other MIDI software that works properly and remembers the MIDI port assignments. I don't know if it is a more direct way to make a feature request (or should I call it bug report?) to Cakewalk/Bandlab.
  2. Thank you Kevin, I will try that. If it works it will do my life a lot easier
  3. Hi: I'm a long time Cakewalk user. In the past I used to have a multi port MIDI interface (now obsolete) and connect all my synths there. Now I don't have that MIDI interface anymore and, as most modern synths have USB MIDI, I connect all my synths directly to the computer. The problem is that not always want to use all my synth, sometimes I just turn on a single one and Cakewalk just mess all MIDI port selection on the MIDI tracks. The MIDI data (notes, etc) is sent to the wrong synths. I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track every time. Even if I turn on all my synths, sometimes Cakewalk change the order of MIDI ports and again I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track. Same happens when sending MIDI clock to my drum machine, after opening a saved project the MIDI ports are in a different order and the MIDI clock is sent to a different port so my drum machine doesn't start. Also if I have set an instrument definition for a MIDI port, I lost that assignment... So, please make Cakewalk remember the MIDI port settings. If I have a MIDI track and the MIDI port output is set to a MIDI port named SynthX (all my MIDI ports have the name of the synth), next time I open the project that track should be assigned to the MIDI port SynthX, and if that MIDI port is not available (not connected), should be routed to a dummy MIDI port, not to other MIDI port, if I want to route that MIDI data to another MIDI port I will do it myself manually (letting Cakewalk choose a random MIDI port doesn't help). Thank you!
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