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  1. Same error that I have seen for the last 24 hours when I have tried to get into JRRshop. BestService has SO v5 upgrade for $128.08 as previously stated.
  2. Oops! JRRshop appears to be off-line at this critical point in my purchase of the Studio ONE 5 upgrade! I tried a couple of different browsers, and I get the same error when approaching their home page. Suspense city this one might be. I will check back in tomorrow!
  3. I see JRRshop has this for $149, but no coupons. Any better deals for this out there?
  4. The mac version took about 10minutes to download, which is actually moderately good for the connection I have. The Windows version took over 1 hour, and I had to keep hitting the pause/refresh sequence to keep it going. Finally it finished, even after one 'network failure.' Which I assume was a failure on their end, as my other unnameable network activities continued with out interuption. Giving Scalerites an option to skip the 'extra sounds' during this stage of the Scaler 2 show would perhaps be helpful. Now on to testing.
  5. Thanks for this report. I will hold on downloading anything additional till at least this next of next version comes out!
  6. Drop down originally says 2.04. when I click that, it adds 2.05 New!. I waited a few seconds as an indicator rotated, then the drop down permanently went to 2.05. Now the download says Scaler-2.05.zip. So I will download that.
  7. I have Melodyne 4 Studio, and knew my happiness depended on upping to M5 studio. Purchased it on JRRShop, but mistakenly purchased the upgrade from M3 studio. New serial didn’t work at Celemony, saying I didn’t have M3 studio, which was correct. Eric at JRRShop sent me an email in a couple of hours voiding the previous new serial number to a new one indicating an upgrade from M4. All works now! so even though the pricing is similar, the upgrade path is specific!
  8. There have only always been issues with Cubase releases. But waiting a week seems good for me as well. 😷
  9. Will this warn me if I am falling under the spell of GAS? Perhaps a loud, annoying fog horn sound if I spend too long looking at a certain ad or review?
  10. It may come back, depending on the whim of a Win10 update. For awhile, Win10 would reset my settings, and start turning off USB ports with every update. That behavior seems to have calmed, but I still occasionally find USB ports reset to power down once again!
  11. Yes, agree . I have one acoustic Córdoba guitar with a Fishman preamp ( sadly, I have been disappointed with Fishman products), and Re-Guitar does add a pleasing enhancement of this guitar’s overall recorded sound. I have another custom made nylon guitar that doesn’t need this at all.
  12. Tonal Balance Control 2.2.0 is now up in my Product Portal. However, the download doesn't want to seem to start. Yet. Usually the next day after a release, the product portal downloads it just fine. Cheers! I should have waited about 20 seconds before posting this! The portal started the download, and TBC2.2.0 is now installed. Let's see what this is all about!
  13. What setup do you have, and how is your keyboard connected to your computer.if it is Win10, it almost sounds like Win is turning off your USB port.
  14. Yes. He does have 1. Thanks much! I will relay this to him. My friend's cousin, that is.
  15. Anyone have any Insight into the cheapest way to get INSIGHT2? I know this friend who has a cousin who has just about everything else from Izotope except for Insight2, and he would like to consider purchasing it. Thanks much! Cheers!
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