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  1. balinas

    Spectralayers 8 out

    I do like this program. I will be checking out the SP8 forum over the next several weeks to make sure no major incompatibility changes were added!
  2. I had a very minor update to Halion6 which I may have missed before. When I find my pants, I will muster up enough presence to edit this post with the number. Ok, no pants but as long as my camera is off, everyone is safe. The changes were from Halion 6.4.20 to 6.4.30 HALion 6.4.30 / HALion Sonic (SE) 3.4.30 The following lists all new features and improvements in HALion 6.4.30 and HALion Sonic (SE) 3.4.30 ID # Area Issue HAL-8539 General Fixed crash during AU validation at Apple Logic startup HAL-8550 General Fixed possible crash in Ableton Live HAL-8605 General Fixed text glitch which occurred when renaming programs in the slot rack HALLY-8590 Flexphraser Fixed issue where the Flexphraser did not work for a specific combination of settings HALLY-8598, 8650 Scripting Improved lua script execution
  3. Stark does look interesting. Right now it is only part of the ‘everything bundle’ which is a bit much for me. And they aren’t offering any deals on Stark outside of that bundle. Had anyone ever seen this on sale, or at a discount?
  4. balinas

    FabFilter incoming

    Same here! FabFilter Timeless 3 - Vintage tape delay plug-in (Upgrade) 65% off of $129.00 You save $83.85! Total price: $45.15
  5. I am just glad this update was to 'fix a regression' and not the usual "a fixed effects regression" which is an estimation technique employed in a panel data setting that allows one to control for time-invariant unobserved individual characteristics that can be correlated with the observed independent variables. Besides me the parrot, who writes this kind of stuff?
  6. The download for Pigments 3 went smoothly this morning. Let us see how this baby handles turning on the nitro!
  7. Downloading the new version of Pigments keeps giving me an error. I tried through the ASC, and then I went directly to the Arturia site to download the installation program for Pigments. Doesn't work there either. So, try, try again, all for another day of trying. Is it really 'trying' to keep trying to download this today? Or am I just looking for something from which I can justify these irritation dreams!?
  8. balinas

    PSP Xenon

    I agree with Bajan! This is a very usable tool for me.
  9. Yes, it is. And the report I have read on the Presonus forum is that the side chain compensation issue that cropped up recently has been fixed. I will try it out later!
  10. No problem here!! Just thought I might get some insider tip to my next super hit recording! Actually, I find it quite humerus now that I know just a tiny bit of how your humor works. Cheers!!
  11. Just wondering what you mean by this, and exactly how would one do it? Thanks much!!
  12. Funny, I just threw one of these out. I had it about 4-5 years, and finally decided to try it. The mount worked ok, but the connections on the mic were totally dodgy. A half mm one way or another and the connection was lost. I didn’t feel at all up for taking it apart, so out it went. we just be happening to watch reruns of ‘only fools and horses’, and this is exactly the type of thing Del-boy would be selling in the market!
  13. New update: Brusfri v1.2.0 Hi, You're receiving this e-mail because you own a product that has just been updated. Updating to a later version is totally free – simply log in to your Klevgrand account. Brusfri v1.2.0 UI changes New gain control(!) Possible to load/save states to file. macOS binaries supports ARM (M1) CPU natively New minimum macOS version is now macOS 10.10 Updated development framework from JUCE5 to JUCE6 Note: If you’re using macOS Yosemite 10.10 or macOS El Capitan 10.11, you’ll need to download the alternate installer. This is only available at the resources section on the product page. Cheers! /Klevgrand
  14. NatLife Ambient&Chill Vol.1 for SynthMaster One released SynthMaster Expansions Bundle released Dear newsletter subscribers, Welcome to our March 2021 newsletter. We just released a new preset expansion bank for SynthMaster One this month: NatLife Ambient & Chill Volume 1. This bank comes with 60 fresh new presets for Ambient and Chillout genres. This new expansion is available for purchase for $12 on our website with coupon code YMLP20OFF (20% OFF coupon valid for all products on our web store) We also released a new bundle this month: SynthMaster Expansions Bundle. The bundle includes all current SynthMaster expansions (33 so far with 2060 presets). It is 65% cheaper ($199) compared to sum of individual preset bank prices ($575). Licensed users of SynthMaster 2.9 can purchase this bundle for $159 using coupon code YMLP20OFF FYI: All our new expansions are FREE for our Everything Bundle Users, Here's how our SynthMaster One users can download them inside SynthMaster One: Click on the 'Browse' button to switch to the Preset Browser page Click on the 'KV331Audio Shop' button to switch to the KV331 Audio Shop page Right click on the products list, select "Refresh my licenses" menu. Right click on the products list, select "Restore my expansions" menu, SynthMaster One will start downloading the bank(s)
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