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  1. it would be nice to record automation for existing midi-track with few lanes, but without erasing notes. there is a button to record automation, but there's no button to disable notes recording and in record mode i d'like to merge notes with automation, but it needs to record input through another midi-track and then no way to split things. Also when i record knob automation it doesn't recognizes the vst\synth knob it just records CC-event and puts it in CC-events-change list, but there are automation lanes for that, so it should record into those lanes and this way it will be possible to record just lanes, not whole midi-track. So it needs to properly read vst-knobs and put them in automation list, then associate those CC-events made by device with vst-events and make it work.
  2. hi, maybe i did ask about it before, but i'd like to know the CPU cost of instruments. We got overall on top, but to freeze proper fx or synth it would be useful to have such meter for each track in console view on top of gain knob maybe
  3. ok, then maybe a new *intelligent-bounce mode? so if we know the start of notes and sustain pedal hard points - then we can render after note start with fast bounce and before the note start by taking realtime transport. maybe this can solve such a no-fast-bounce-synths. not sure if it is possible, but may be
  4. well, i'm not sure about month release, i don't see such fix for bouncing tracks, but you got something related, so it's easier to catch when you remember the code, because i think that it's something about reading automatization, maybe sync-related, but mostly bouncing. Syntronik and sampletank uses mostly the same engine, and most of the time i had sampletank with 1 instrument bounced norm. i've added fast-bounce and no-fast-bounce in attchment. What i can say that there is 2 instruments used in one for this track, there can be 4 for syntr and 16 for sampletank and maybe the problem is that some fast bounce engine code can't recognize that there is something else or work somehow different, so it's not sending some data or not taking the response (feedback problem ). or multithreading and multicore distribution support for different synths used in one vst. Yes. i can believe that they've made some errors in their code, but maybe there should be not-so-fast-bounce, but not real-time too that will render good, because i think that real-time rendering can cause some problems with high-cpu load, so it should be somewhat different.
  5. syntronik, maybe sampletank too as it is one company and maybe rapture session. i remember that i had such problem before, but not sure with instrument, maybe that was syntronik too.
  6. i had 512, set it to 1024 - yes there is difference, but not really, anyway there are same faults it's like it's not reading pedal automation and some keys plays with different velocity - it's a different sound. the footprint is more like equal, but you can listen - it's not what it must be. syntr-test-audible-bounce.mp3 syntr-test-fast-bounce.mp3
  7. the other problem i got with bounce/freeze particular track that is not playing some notes. it's a syntronik vst3/64 with 2 A+B synths enabled, but maybe with rapture session i had the same. the issue is in pretty easy chords with pedal , that should be played together, but they don't for freeze and for fast bounce track. it is working for live play and for audible bounce/fast_disabled, but you never know if something is wrong. on the second img you can see the wave is different - lower is audible, so it has full notes and instruments. maybe it is their problem, but i just wanted to have the same sound. Why the freeze\export settings are different? Because we know that there are troubles. just found again RMB freeze options audible\fast, but sometimes i'm just forgetting about some kind of such tricks and actually maybe it would be better to have some tweaks in preferences? so you can choose in pref overall options and with RMB - per track. While it is not solving the problem - some notes / maybe synths are not playing when bouncing. Also i heard that some man put two same midi devices and cakewalk cannot recognize they are two, seeing both as 1 device, while they are different (didn't ask on the version and hardware).
  8. SHIFT+Z is more like the issue, but thanks. i don't look on a keyboard usually when i need to UNDO/REDO ctrl+SHIFT+Z. maybe remove such hotkeys that can be easily pressed or can be used with other combinations, maybe it is a better way for menu? for example - disable advanced hotkeys in pref / leaving only usual hotkeys that cannot be mismatched
  9. can you check *lanes and *clip copy*. if you open one track to copy clip from one lane, then when you open another track lanes to paste - the copy source lanes will be collapsed, so you cannot just move one clip from one lane to another between different tracks. maybe it is fixed in some other *lane fixes
  10. Sometimes there's a need to convert whole project to a supported Sample Rate of a card and i can convert project bit depth in utilities, but i would also add there a sample rate change, so all audio files of a project should be converted (or rebounced) and actual sample rate should be changed. In fact i think that it should be done automatically if sample rate is not the same as it is set in current Cakewalk setup, so the dialog should appear with opening project.
  11. Well i know there's a "process effect" function to use fx on selected part and a way with using bus+FX that can be enabled\disabled\send_volume, but actually i think that enable\disable fx should be done with automation lane there's about a 50 automation parameters for TH3 and it's hard to find where is it, some other fxs doesn't have such function at all. i'd suggest write automation for on\off button in fx bin & || add dry\wet auto lane for each fx in fx bin it is resized pretty much, but it is amplitube4 - it has just some [param 1-16] for automation
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