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  1. @Tez the only way those keys could get set is if your controller spuriously sent those notes. I suspect you have a flaky USB port or the controller itself is sending bad data under some conditions. The PRV UI is responding to MIDI input exclusively so the bad data couldn't come from CbB. I was able to replicate the problem artificially by holding down some keys on a MIDI controller and yanking the USB cable while the notes were held down. I've fixed it now so that pressing the Reset button (panic) will also reset the PRV notes so in the future if this happens you have a simple way to clear it.
  2. Besides it being free, more than 700 bug fixes and a ton of new features not a lot Read this for more information.
  3. How many plugins do you have installed? Some users had slowdowns loading the plugin inventory from the registry. It it happens when simply starting the program without a project this is definitely the issue. I've improved start time for loading plugins very significantly for the next release. This is obviously in Cakewalk by BandLab. SONAR is no longer a supported product.
  4. Thanks I'll take a look. I think at minimum it should be preloading the next project ahead of time irrespective of the wait for keypress option.
  5. If you send a link to a crash dump I can verify that the crash is actually in rapture. However we are not shipping rapture presently so I can't give you a timeline for plugin related fixes.
  6. Thanks we'll look into it. You shouldn't need to restart cbb however. What happens if you just press play the again? Do the notes not get reset?
  7. The default record mode is Comping. You can change it to Overwrite or Sound on Sound if you prefer the more classic record modes. By default in comping mode only the most recent take is audible and others are muted. There is no need to switch to the mute tool to unmute because everything can be done via the default smart tool by clicking or dragging in the bottom half of the clip to isolate the areas you want. Pay attention to the help module tips when you hover over clips and it will show you more information about the tools and zones. You can read more about Comping here.
  8. This has been resolved for the next release. There is a new read only mode for the playlist.
  9. @Chris Boshuizen This issue has been fixed for our next update. Its actually something that was broken in one of the SONAR releases itself. The next update has major improvements and optimizations for plugin time sync and looping so many old issues have been resolved.
  10. @marled I was able to repro the issue where if you had it set to "On stop rewind to now" multiple clicks during playback would jump to the begin of the loop or start of the project. There was some code that was added many years ago to try and detect multiple rewinds and jump back. I've taken it out since it seems unexpected and was behaving inconsistently which is why you thought it was a bug. However I cannot reproduce playback getting stuck like you describe. Did that only happen with "On stop rewind to now"? If you can repro even otherwise please see if you can get a recipe since I would like to fix that issue. I tried many times but do not see that problem.
  11. I heard about that Cortana bug. A big CPU spike from a background process like that could certainly cause dropouts. I'm not sure what you mean by grayed out PRV keys however. A dropout shouldn't cause keys to get grayed out. Is this reproducible and can you take a screenshot? Regarding the burst of sound after resuming a dropout, that can happen. If the engine has been stopped the synth still has unplayed buffers or tails that it will spit out once playback is resumed. VST doesn't provide a way to reset internal synth buffers.
  12. @Colin Nicholls No I was referring to the setting in CbB itself under Preferences | Playback and recording, to "Suspend audio engine when Cakewalk is not in focus" Please also try the DropoutMsec setting mentioned above.
  13. Nothing has changed of any significance in 07 that would impact this area. Though Echo made great products, you are running a discontinued 15 year old device that doesn't have officially supported Windows 10 drivers. It's not surprising that it might behave sub-optimally in Windows 10. I suspect something environmental in your system is affecting driver performance leading to the dropout rather than CbB. In ASIO mode all audio is driven by the ASIO driver's thread rather than managed by Cakewalk. If the ASIO thread is starved for some reason it will cause a dropout. Most modern ASIO drivers take extreme precautions to guarantee real time performance of the driver, setting their thread priorities to realtime and other kernel tricks. Regarding why your dropouts seem more likely to happen when idle, its hard to say since there are many variables. PCI devices especially legacy ones, are prone to interference from other devices on the system and can require tuning. Some things you can try: Do you have MMCSS enabled in preferences? If enabled Cakewalk will try and change the driver thread priority to the MMCSS pro audio priority. Check whether toggling that flag makes any difference. Try playing with the DropoutMsec variable in Aud.ini. This allows adjusting the tolerance for the drop out. Do you have share audio devices enabled? Try toggling that off to let CbB exclusively use the driver.
  14. You are using asio or wasapi? What latency are you running at by default? If you are getting dropouts that frequently when running at moderate latency something is interrupting your audio driver. Cakewalk has a fuse to detect if audio processing was unable to complete within the allocated timeslot and pops that message. Unless you have a synth or plugin in the streaming path that is costly normally your shouldn't see dropouts esp when playback is not happening. Does this also happen when playing your project or only when idle?
  15. The easiest way is to use Ripple Editing to accomplish this. Here is a video.
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