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  1. It would appear that there may be some issue with your actual bandlab account. When you requested offline activation did you enter exactly the same user name as the one you used when you signed in from within product center? If you PM me your account details I may be able to see whats going on.
  2. Its always available as a download even if it has been installed. The green dot means its installed.
  3. It shouldnt matter whether its installed from Cbb or from product center.
  4. This is expected. It will only pick up products that have been installed using Product Center or one of the new installers since the old installers don't communicate with product center.
  5. @flangad I sent you a PM. Please respond and we can follow up. Also please try the latest build we posted yesterday since there is a change to some tokens.
  6. Did you try the solution to use Password based activation? What OS are you running? Set BLLoginFlow to 0 in the registry and retry sign in using your bandlab user id and password. If you are still stuck after trying that send me a message and I can try and troubleshoot it with you. If that doesn't work something more fundamental on your system is preventing sign in from working. Also try on a different PC if you have one since that may help you eliminate the problem.
  7. Its still EA but barring any issues it will likely get publicly released tomorrow. There are quite a few fixes to app startup, offline activation and product center so give it a try. Additionally the login screen now shows a confirmation instead of going into BandLab.
  8. @Ronny.G Was the offline activation process successful and are you actually running the latest EA version of Cbb on the offline machine? Please post a screenshot or video showing the issue. Edit: We think we know why you ran into this. Your version of Cbb has likely never been signed in ever. This was an unexpected workflow. Will look into it and see if we can handle this through product center. Offline use in apps like this takes a lot of extra handling to make it work properly.
  9. If you don't get a crash logged try capturing a dump from task manager while the app appears hung.
  10. We're working on a 3d visualization Craig Anderton version. When you are tired of mixing you can zone out watching your faders move in 3d on a virtual mixing board and your waveforms flying around the screen
  11. Yeah AFIK Ableton was vector from the get go. Most modern application use SVG vector graphics for art or a hybrid approach when bitmaps are really needed. In CbB all graphical elements are bitmaps including simple things like buttons. In such cases, the downside with bitmaps are they are much bigger than equivalent vectors leading to slower load time and memory bloat. Additionally applications that run at high DPI have to store multiple resolutions of the bitmaps to avoid leading to even more bloat. Otherwise you get major aliasing and fuzziness as seen in CbB when you run on high def displays. In Sonar almost all resouces are now vectors and very fast to draw since they are typically simple button graphics.
  12. Not at all. As stated we havent seen any performance downside. It was never implied that Cbb would be indefinitely made available only that it would be kept active during the transition period to Sonar. Its not going to be affected in the short term.
  13. I'm running sonar on a 10 year old pc with a very average graphics card and I don't see any performance degradation compared to cbb. The graphics look vastly cleaner rendered as svgs compared to bitmaps (no aliasing) and text looks much sharper too. This is especially evident if you are running at higher dpi resolutions like 2k or 4k. We have been paying attention to performance and have not seen any hit so far. In fact we've made other optimizations to rendering. Btw for those thinking they can’t upgrade without new hardware, my old almost 10 year old DAW PC is running with no issues on win 11 even though there's no TPM chip add the CPU is out of spec. There are ways to get windows 11 installed on older hardware
  14. You can send us dumps from any version within reason. We prefer dumps from the most recert version since it's thr easiest for us to access. Also issues from old builds may have already been fixed.
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